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Have you ever wondered why, after all the exercise and healthy eating you do, you still can't shift that last bit of fat? Insulin sensitivity will eventually replace the term "weight loss" and "fat loss" as the new hot topic. Few health and fitness professionals know or understand Insulin sensitivity (IS) which is why its no wonder that the every day man or woman is finding weight and fat so difficult to lose; it's incredibly hard to win against an obstacle you don't know is there!
Let me explain Insulin's role and how it's sensitivity changes depending upon how close you are to your weight and fat loss goals. You might remember the hormone Insulin from articles referring to muscle gains due to its anabolic properties.
A review of the research tells us that IS is actually increased when you lower your weight or body fat percentage2,3,11.
This means as a healthy exercising individual you simply can't eat the same amount of carbohydrate food that you did before and expect to keep getting better results. It's important to note that Insulin is sensitive to both carbohydrate and protein consumed, but not fat4.
Even though there are individual differences to IS levels depending upon your metabolic type, the evidence strongly suggests that the leaner and lighter you become the stronger your IS levels will be.
It seems the body has a way to protect the ever reducing mass of itself as it gets smaller and smaller by ramping up its IS. Imagine the scenario - a body that could just keep losing weight without any self checking system! If the body could be in a constant state of catabolism the body could break itself down into an unrecoverable state! There is more and more evidence to suggest the body already performs such processes as these as we see osteoporosis and varying degree's of vision in people as well as an array of bone and joint problems, to name but a few. The evidence is out there to suggest the body leeches nutrients from other parts of itself if it is not obtained from the diet6,7,12. The Body Will Leech Nutrients From Other Organs As Necessary Evidenced By Varying Degree's Of Vision. Insulin's role is protective of the whole so that body parts can rebuild and maintain integrity of internal systems as well as keep energy stores at an optimum and safe level. Insulin and IS is a very good protection system, but like all systems it can be manipulated, you just have to know how.
Everybody has a unique set IS level which is governed by many internal factors that can be measured by determining your metabolic type4. What this really means though, is not that our bodies have become stubborn fat burners, it's that even the healthiest of food available today is still a little too high in carbs for most of us. You can appreciate this a lot more when you realize that there are eight essential amino acids and eight essential fatty acids required for life. Compare this to carbs, which have a very limited role around the body, in fact it's only the brain that needs carbohydrates as a fuel source, most cellular processes are happy using fat. Carbs do provide us with fiber and minuscule but essential amounts of vitamins and minerals which are very difficult to store (unless they're fat soluble), and if they're not used at that time, they are passed through the body very quickly6. This means the main role of carbs is to top up the liver and muscles which are not as big a store as some people would realize. The exact amount of how much glycogen you can store is dependent upon how much muscle mass you have and how intense your training. It's a long conversion to find the muscle volume of a person and then work out 1-2% of that volume and finally convert that volume to mass. Add on the liver store of 80-100g and you are looking at total capacity of 177 - 250g of carbohydrates that the body can realistically store (Women should use the small figure as an accurate reflection of what glycogen stores they can hold.). I'm sure nobody really likes fat, but I have to say it's an incredibly powerful fuel source. Quite clearly we are built to run on fat and use carbs sparingly, otherwise our anatomy would be completely different and be built the other way around, meaning small fat deposits in our livers and muscles with plenty of carbs built around us.
A much more intelligent design would be to store the most potent fuel in an unlimited area and then add the idea of a turbo charger that could boost performance temporarily for stressful or strenuous circumstances for a perfectly designed machine.
I have to say I don't see their bodies change a lot, where as there are other people who eat cleaner food, they eat some raw vegetables, they cook most of their food at home and avoid heavily processed foods with added chemicals including - colorings, preservatives, artificial flavors etc and there bodies reflect this.
We all know it's much easier to take the calories in during a blow out, than it is to work them off in the gym. If you do not provide your body with adequate nutritional support, you'll start witnessing sickness and run down symptoms from poor recovery from your training sessions.
This leeching of nutrients from other body parts or other systems will only serve to weaken the whole - You!
Stress hormones from a stressed system use more glucose than fat and increase the need for stimulants and sugars that are not going to serve you well in the long run due to your higher sugar diet and your Insulin response.
Leeching of nutrients is another good reason to clean up your diet and stick to vegetable and some fruit based carbs. If the body is without certain nutrients it has to choose between switching off certain processes temporarily or leeching what's needed from somewhere else in the body.
Now it's easy to see why the body might prefer to go into a complex preservation mode and preferentially start storing more energy as fat and break down the muscles as it is trying to "save" itself rather than allowing constant catabolism. I also studied the research on how much depletion our livers receive overnight due to heavy brain activity during our sleep cycle. Unless strenuous exercise or long periods of mental focus are applied you are simply not built to consume too much carbohydrate.
These are the people who as soon as they stop exercising just balloon in size and weight as they can no longer store the carbs internally as we all know that once the liver and muscles reach full capacity the extra carbs are converted to fat.
Thus, avoiding these at all costs is a must if you're serious about getting the healthy body and lean definition you see in fitness magazines.
A study I read recently described an apple as having 10,000 to 15,000 nutrients contained within it versus virtually none in a doughnut11. Taking a metabolic type assessment will help you sensibly reduce your carb intake and accurately determine which nutrients you need the most from the various fruits and vegetables as well as the sources that best suit your genetics for the 8 essential amino acids and 8 essential fatty acids that are vital to healthy functioning. I have a great founding in elite sporting physiology including strength and conditioning as well as pulmonary physiology and biomechanics. The foods below have a tremendous amount of calories in them plus youa€™ll spend a whole lot more money if you buy them! 20) Worst Fast Food Chicken Meal - Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips from McDonald's (5 pieces) with creamy ranch sauce. Out of all the worst foods you can eat, this next one tops in as the #1 worst food in America! You may notice that there are several food chains that have more than one of the worst foods on the list! Clearing up Acne by Reducing Bromide Exposure May 05, 16 04:43 PMClearing up acne may be difficult if you dona€™t figure out whata€™s causing the symptoms.

When I started my Flat Tummy plan I found that addressing why I over-ate was just as important as looking at what I was eating when it came to creating a weight-loss plan to which I could stick.Starting today a€” and for the rest of the week a€” carry a small notebook around with you and jot down everything you eat and drink, as well as any exercise you do.
THE FLAT TUMMY CLUB DIET RULESIn addition to your diary findings, these simple, tried and tested diet rules are all you need to lose excess pounds easily, keep your appetite under control and eliminate a bloated tummy.
OATS: As well as being rich in filling complex carbohydrates and fibre, porridge oats are easy to digest (especially if you soak them overnight) a€” so they can help you eat less and reduce bloating. GET PLENTY OF R&RIta€™s really important to take time out to relax every day on the Flat Tummy programme.
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Cutting through the myriad of diet plans and faddish eating regimes, the human body needs a balanced, healthy eating plan to keep functioning properly.
Eating a variety of foods can also reduce the risk of getting conditions including heart disease, stroke, some cancers, diabetes and osteoporosis. The reason we need a diet drawn from all of the groups is that they all deliver different, but vital, nutritional benefits to our bodies. Fruit and vegetables are one of our main sources of vitamins and minerals, which the body needs to perform a variety of functions well.
Fruit and vegetables (eaten with the skin on) also contain high amounts of fibre which help to maintain a healthy gut and digestive system. Carbohydrates also contain fibre (especially wholegrain), and iron which we need to make red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Meat fish, eggs and pulses provide us with significant amounts of protein which is essentially a building block of the body.
Fortunately, the fatty and sugary group, the foods that we find the most irresistible, also have a role to play, in moderation.
Sugar is another food that gives us energy, whether it's the naturally occurring fructose sugars in fruit or sucrose in table sugar. Whilst a small amount of sugary foods each day is acceptable, she warns, "eating sugar too frequently may increase risk of tooth decay.
Fluids are also vital to help our bodies perform their functions effectively, and the best fluid of all is water. Learn why Insulin Sensitivity is your biggest obstacle and how to defeat it to see the results! You hit the gym four to five times a week or more, you even try to get a run in over the weekend and on top of this you're eating all the healthiest food you can find; despite this your still not super lean like you want to be. Insulin has a powerful ability to prevent fat breakdown by its anabolic (rebuilding) properties. Well further research into Insulin action shows that these same anabolic tendencies also affect the fat cells1. However, of all the food sources, it's the higher carbohydrate meals that elevate Insulin levels the most after a meal5. It also protects itself from too much exercise induced catabolism by making you more IS around your workouts.
Constant catabolism isn't just limited to energy sources either, being dangerously low on certain nutrients could mean you might leech them from an eye or a section of nerve tissue or other vital organs and body parts.
Without a rebuilding response from the body, it would be unable to get bigger and stronger or recover properly from exercise and stress.
IS is a pre-programmed mechanism responding to the amount and sweetness of the carbohydrates (carbs) that we eat.
Despite some people having a lower IS level and a slower Insulin response who are better adapted to eating carbs in their diet, there is still a vast majority of people out there struggling to get to their fat and weight loss goals from having high levels of IS and strong Insulin responses. Your IS is really highlighting that your current food is still a bit too refined and sweet for your needs. These same nutrients are used all over the body for normal and constant metabolic processes such as repair of hair, skin, bone, muscle, red blood cells.
A closer look at the anatomy of a person reveals that the human liver can hold approx 80-100g of carbohydrates and the muscles can only hold 1-2% of carbs by volume, known as glycogen. Individuals need more carbs if they train at higher levels of intensity as the main fuel used is glucose. This is not a lot of carb intake per day if you consider we are, or should be, using fat as a fuel source for most of the day for most of our bodily processes and never get to a point of complete depletion. This smaller reserve for high octane fuel would be the intake for carbs which are limited to storage in the liver and muscles as they are required in the least amount, with the main fuel of fat stored all over. I see evidence of this all the time with my own clients, not just in the research literature. They don't come in the gym and have to workout hard, they are workingout smart using tighter control of their food.
In fact its practically impossible to get really lean and stay there unless you're healthy first.
If you ignore this and continue, you will see problems with joints and bones or both and you may also start to see symptoms in the muscular and hormonal systems6,7,13.
This makes it harder and harder to have the energy to work out regularly and keep the body in a healthy state where all systems are working synergistically to utilize fat metabolism. Scavenging necessary ingredients from other body parts is not a long term survival method; we should be always aiming to eat foods that revitalize our bodies, rather than our mouths.
Most people are simply burning a hole in their liver and muscles when they exercise by going hard and then replace it with their diet afterward.
Unfortunately most carbohydrate foods we see are extremely low in nutrition, but their low cost and short preparation time make them very convenient to everyone. Some fruits and all vegetables are a much better source of carbohydrates as they contain 1000's of nutrients and phytochemicals compared to breads, cereals and pasta11.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Some people eat out at least once a day or simply buy frozen entrees they can throw in the oven and heat up quickly. Making home cooked meals might be a little more inconvenient but you will (hopefully) eat healthier and youa€™ll stay away from these worst foods which are high fat and calorie foods that make you gain weight. When you eat the right portions, you can divide your worst foods meals into smaller portions and eat them throughout the day. Get interesting facts and money saving tips to help conserve and improve your beauty and your health. Most people are at high risk for spontaneous breakouts because bromides have become part of everyday life.
Cortisol, the hormone that is released when we are stressed, directs your body to store fat centrally. For instance, vitamin A helps to strengthen our immune system, B vitamins help us process energy from food, vitamin D helps us maintain healthy teeth and bones, and vitamin C helps to keep cells and tissues healthy. Our bodies convert these foods into glucose which is used as energy either immediately or stored for later use. Everything from our hair, muscles, nerves, skin and nails needs protein to build and repair itself. The most common mineral in the body, calcium is needed for functions including helping blood to clot, and to build bones and teeth. Weight gain may also occur if sugar in the diet provides more energy than we are using up".

The overall balance of the diet is what really matters, and guides such as the Eatwell Plate can be helpful. What most people don't realize is, Insulin also targets the fat, liver, and muscle cells when it is released1. The catabolic effect of exercise increases IS during a work out and for about 30-45 minutes post workout3.
If your body was without any anabolic or rebuilding effect, critical tissues, such as connective ligaments and tendon absorption would occur, muscle wasting would be uncontrolled and shutting down of vital systems in the body would happen next.
This is why there is a greater storage effect after this type of training, called supercompensation7. It is reported that 3% body fat is enough energy for someone to run 2 consecutive marathons together8. I'm sure you have seen people who train all the time but don't control their diet very well, they try to think in terms of calories in versus calories out only, with little or no regard for the carbohydrate intake. Fitness will only work for so long before your body will be unable to maintain the exertion and catabolism induced.
This puts a lot of stress on the body by asking it to provide further breakdown in another area to sustain itself, which is just more stress added to the system. This is not a great deal of carbohydrate food when you consider what people regularly consume at the first meal of breakfast, never mind the rest of the day's intake. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. There are too many healthy, fast meals you can make at home, that will help you with your weight loss goals.
Add a large fries and regular soda and this seemingly innocent chicken meal tops out at 1,710 calories. Add a baked potato and Lonestar's Signature Lettuce Wedge, and this is a 2,700 calorie blowout for you tummy. Perhaps the most misleadingly named dish in America : A dozen regular tacos from Taco Bell will saddle you with fewer calories. Eating this 'personal' pizza is equal to eating 18 slices of Domino's Crunchy Thin Crust cheese pizza. Even if you split this with three friends, you'll have downed a dinner's worth of calories before you even start dinner. Their foods might taste really good, but if you're moving towards weight loss success, you must stay away from these worst foods and the restaurant chains that serve them! Be sure to include plenty of the recommended Flat Tummy foods and at least five portions of fruit and vegetables.Dona€™t go hungry.
I find the finer texture of the cheapest, supermarket brands makes them easier to digest and, frankly, more enjoyable to eat.
The steamed carrots and broccoli, pictured above, will maintain a higher proportion of vitamins than boiled or fried vegetables. Include a range of different fruit and vegetables in your diet and try to have at least one to two portions with every meal.
It's necessary to help our blood carry nutrients and waste around the body and to help the chemical reactions that occur in our cells. Effects of long-term calorie restriction and endurance exercise on glucose tolerance, insulin action, and adipokine production. Another way to avoid any fast food addiction, is to search online for healthy meals you can make in a snap. Our tummies are always the first place to betray any weight gain a€” and as every woman knows, shifting a spare tyre can be notoriously difficult. This may be hard to do a€” even painful a€” but it really is the only way to get a clear picture of where your weaknesses lie. Skipping meals has been shown to affect blood sugar levels a€” which, in turn, affects willpower.
Even if it satisfies your appetite, it's unlikely to fulfil all your nutritional needs. And neither can one meal - so the plate of food above might be one healthy option, but a good diet should include a wide range of foods from each of the different food groups. But according to Kate Adams, founder of the Flat Tummy Club, you can lose up to 7lb and knock inches off your midriff in just seven days by following the cunning diet and exercise programme that helped her lose more than two stone.
As well as keeping a diary, write down your weight, measurements (bust, waist, hips, upper thigh) and take a photograph of yourself as you are now. Choose from the list of healthy snacks and have one mid-morning and one at tea-time to keep your energy levels and resolve on an even keel.
Turn it into a dessert with a drizzle of honey and, for a delicious breakfast, top with fruit and a sprinkle of granola. Charting your progress from week to week is a great motivational tool.Once youa€™ve listed a few days of eating and exercise habits, youa€™ll be able to start to use what you have discovered to lose weight. Yoghurt also contains bloat-reducing lactobacillus a€” those helpful bacteria that feed our intestines and improve the way our digestive system absorbs nutrients. Perhaps youa€™ve realised you should take a packed lunch to work to avoid the temptations in the local cafe.
Steer clear of bread a€” the high levels of yeast and gluten in shop-bought bread can lead to a bloated stomach and see-sawing blood sugar levels. If you want to get the full effect of its tummy-reducing bacteria, always buy full-fat, plain, live yoghurt a€” and add fruit or honey to it just before you eat it. Or maybe you need to opt for a relaxing bath rather than reaching for a bottle of wine at the end of a tiring day. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
A plan that worked so well at reducing bloat and excess weight that I lost 7lb in the first week and 2st in six months. If you feel you need some extra carbs, choose oatcakes or sourdough bread, which offer a slow release of energy. They are considered to be healthy fats, particularly when it comes to heart health, and are found in avocados, olives, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. It has mild diuretic properties and studies suggest it may even help to regulate blood sugar a€” which will reduce cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugar. CUCUMBER: Cooling and diuretic, cucumber is good to eat when your tummy feels like a tightened drum. Check food labels to see what a recommended portion of various foods is considered to be (youa€™ll be shocked at how little that can sometimes be) and eat from a smaller plate to avoid any temptation to overload. For many of us, there is also a direct correlation between how healthy the rest of our diet is and how much alcohol we drink. Ita€™s not just the extra calories in that half-bottle of wine a€” but all the nibbles that often go with it. If you know alcohol is one of your vices, you will need to avoid it or strictly control the amount you drink if you want to lose weight.

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