Welcome to Photoshop Gurus forums, where members can ask and answer questions related to Photoshop, participate in fun challenges and discussions, or get help from over 50,000 members with graphic design, image editing, photography, web design and other topics related to Photoshop. My main concern is that I would like to present all different colour options in decent quality imagery. Seeing that I will have to do a lot of colour options for a lot of dresses and shoes, what would you suggest the best way to do this? Basically meaning that I cannot put the care and detail I would if I just photo shopped a single image, I don't need high res pixel perfect quality. My comment would be not paint over it but use Solid Color from Layer Adjustment (with blending mode - Color of course).
For more precise result select all those areas together by holding SHIFT+CTRL and click on each mask. Using Solid Color gives one very important advantage, you can with one (okey two or tree) clicks change color which Solid Color use.

You'll see lots of places along the edges where the color isn't right because of the sloppy selection you got with MW. Use the brush tool and either white or black on the mask to add to, or remove from the selection. To view the content please help us by clicking on one of the social icons, thanks for everything. Here Are 7 Reasons Why – PEOPLE Great IdeasPEOPLE Great IdeasWorking Out and Still Not Losing Weight?
We have wide range of dresses and shoes and it's almost impossible to get good quality photos for all of them. It doesn't have to be exact science, but to give the customer a good idea of how it may look. Here Are 7 Reasons WhyPEOPLE Great IdeasIf you love to run or bike for reasons other than losing weight, then by all means don't stop.

Magic Wand, Quick Mask, Color Range (if used with lasso can give good selection fast) anyway. But if your primary goal is fat loss, there are other forms of exercise that give a much better bang for your buck.
Every area will need additional adjustments (better with profesional who see actual fabric piece).

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