The best soft diet foods are typically somewhat soft and moist naturally, but may also be pureed or mashed and have moisture added to make the food easier to swallow.
A short-term diet, for only a week or two following a dental or surgical procedure such as wisdom tooth removal, is likely to contain a fair amount of sugary, unhealthy soft diet foods such as ice cream, pudding, and gelatin desserts. One way of ensuring that the soft diet foods contain enough nutrients is to puree, mash, or otherwise soften some fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are naturally soft already.
With some conditions that would cause a person to need to follow a soft diet, certain foods might not be appropriate.
My husband recently had all of his wisdom teeth extracted in one go and I am really looking for some good soft food diet recipes.
After an illness that ravaged her digestive system, my little sister had to be on a soft diet for about a month. To make it easier on her, my mom and I came up with a way to add some fun to this dull diet. The rest of the food I ate was mostly soft food as it was easy to fix and for my body to digest.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. What is a soft diet that would offer benefits to someone who needs to regulate their blood sugar? I have done a lot of research on the diabetic diet, and so far none of them have pointed to soft foods being any better. He's always been a hearty eater so going by the liquid diet foods list our dentist gave us just isn't going to be enough after the first 48 hours or so. Basically, as soon as my hubby stops bleeding he's looking forward to some sort of decent meal, even if it is soft. So I ended up feeding her sweet foods like rice pudding, Brown Betty, muffins, fruit purees and juices, peanut butter and milk. That's a good way to get all the nutrients you need when you have to be on a soft food diet. She had a lot of pain from the pulled teeth and it was also hard for her to chew with dentures at first. My mom has been eating a lot of cooked and pureed fruits, as well as lots of plain yogurt and mashed potatoes.
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I imagine they would help with digestion, but isn't it still the quality of the food that counts? I figure if I eat a chocolate shake, it is pretty much going to have the same effect on me, had I just went and ate a piece of chocolate cake. But I don't know why you would want to be on one unless you have a health issue preventing you from eating solid food. I'm glad it helps you but I think that you're going to get tired of eating soft foods pretty soon. Or you can just change recipes you already know and cook ingredients longer or in a pressure cooker to make them softer. When soft foods are to be eaten for a long-term diet, such as with some medical or dental conditions, it becomes more important to make sure the foods provide enough nutrients to support health.

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