The right cut for a round face doesn't always translate in the best way to hairstyles for fat faces. I searched "round" and what I found did not apply to me so I searched "fat" and found exactly what I needed. To the person who said that fat is a noun not an adjective: read a book, a word can be both, depending on use, as fat is both.
Yeah and quit trying to make something out of nothing if you have a fat face quit trying to make it sound like a dirty word.
My issue with the article is that some of the hairstyle advice actually makes "fat" faces appear even fuller.

New Short Messy Hairstyles 2015 – When you believe with the brief messy hairstyles attractive terms excellent and stylish pop up at the same time. If you are huge in size and you are proud of your body, you can use any of the cartoons of fat people to pass a message. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. You can have a round face that is lean, and it will look different than a face that has a round shape because it is fat. Do you think everyone who says their dog is fat or their bum is fat means that those things are purely composed of adipose tissue?

Your face may contain more adipose tissue, but that does not mean your face IS adipose tissue.

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