One of my favorite chapter in the book is title “Best in Show” where Dave tell you his top picks for food groups like dairy, grains, gluten free grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, and more.
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Please keep your eyes peeled for my email so I can have your fabulous new book mailed to you. Grotto delivers the information in an organized manner (something very important to me when it comes to books), with a good dose of humor and interesting facts. He also presents Shocker Foods — surprising facts about the food you eat such as chocolate helping to boost UV protection. So to celebrate national nutrition month, I wanted to give this little gem of a book away as I was given two complementary copies! 2) For a second entry: Join our Fearless Feeding Community (LIKE) on Facebook and leave a comment here saying you did. Not only that, but currently in my household I’m feeding a diabetic grandparent, an underweight and picky six year old, and in a year, a deployed husband coming home who wants to eat normally.
As a school nurse and mom of a toddler who is passionate about good food and nutrition, I would love to win (and read) this book!
As a mother of two (2 yrs and 4 months) and one who has always made my own baby food, I’d love to have a copy not only to keep our duet as healthy as possible, but also to know why we’re eating what we are! I’d love to win this book, because I like the idea of eating healthy food to help you with certain ailments, rather than just taking medicine anytime you want to fix or prevent something. I’d like to win this book because I have a lot of mouths to feed and bodies to grow healthy – #5 is due next month! I am a 21-year-old recent graduate about to go back to school for my second bachelor’s degree while working a full-time job. I’d love to win this book because I just had my first child and am striving to fuel myself with the best nutrition to pass on to her through breastfeeding. As a registered dietitian and mom, I believe a happy table is the cornerstone of raising healthy children. When your gut is inflamed and you have severe leaky gut it can be so frustrating because you feel like you can’t eat anything.
In the time that you are healing it just means you may have to be more creative with your catch ups, catch up for walks instead of wine. Even though I was eating a really clean real food diet there were 4 things that I did that helped along the way. I know how frustrating this can be so here are the 4 things you can do when you feel like you can’t eat anything.

Now these suggestions are of course for those who are experiencing digestion problems, if you have a good digestion then you don’t need to worry about any of these suggestions but for those who may be going through what I went through 3 years ago these may help. Following an autoimmune meal plan is a great place to begin and this is a crucial step in the healing process.
Learn more about how you can fine tune your diet and the autoimmune meal plan here inside the online gym. Guy-titian David Grotto has just released his third book – and has outdone himself once again. And if you’re looking for top foods for oral health, you’ll find info and tips provided by yours truly (so thrilled to be a part of it!). Another fun treat is the forward which is written by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Lillien (AKA Hungry Girl). Grotto has gone to the trouble of researching the best foods for all the vitamins, minerals and fats along with digestion, prevention of a variety of chronic diseases, anti-aging, mood and even keeping bad breath away.
I want to start healthy habits for my twins so they will have all the advantages of a healthy diet. I am always looking to be further educated on food and having it laid out in a conversational manner like this sounds great and memorable for those moments when you’re staring down the fridge.
I am always looking for new ideas to feed my two kids, and my 4 year old son is giving me lately a hard time with the meals. For me I used to feel quite alone or as if I was being super high maintenance because there were so many foods that made me feel miserable that I had to be so careful about where I ate and what I ate.
Often it can feel like you can’t tolerate a lot of foods and sometimes changing just your diet does not always improve digestion.
Healing your whole digestive system and sometime constantly throwing assault at it can cause symptoms to continue to flare up. I would choose one above ground vegetable, one protein source and one fat source then if I was having starch it would be just one. Eating lots of raw foods in your diet is great and this is something I am doing now, but for an inflamed digestive system cooked foods are easier to digest and I couldn’t handle very much raw at all. Eat plenty of fermented foods as these are predigested making them easy for the body to digest.
His new book The Best Things You Can Eat has already hit the New York Times Bestsellers List.
Even the most knowledgeable person about nutrition will learn something new from this book and be able to use it as a resource. Which can be hard when it comes to dinners out or family meals but the good thing is it does get easier and being really strict does give your body a better chance of healing faster.

Start by avoiding the major allergens such as gluten and dairy and if still experiencing issues remove foods that are cross reactive also. Often if I combined something like leeks and onion I would get severe bloating and stomach pains. Also they are a natural source of probiotics, which means they are going to be great for you to help improve gut health. This is often where onlookers will pass there judgement and you just have to ignore it and not let that affect you, because you are doing this to make YOU feel good. He is an entertaining speaker, an awesome writer and knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition.
Then once you are healed you can then start to explore more food options and not be so rigid in your food choices if you choose not to be.
Just because something is right for someone else, doesn’t mean it is right for you, even if it is healthy. Now these are fine together, but while healing it was a big issue so I just kept it super simple.
We are all different and the sooner you get to understand your body the sooner you can provide it with a platform to heal and thrive from. David Grotto provided me with the book  for this review and has sponsored the prize offered.
Avoiding these will help treatment progress at the expected timeframe and not be prolonged due to more appointments to repair these damages.
Damaging or breaking these takes extra time to be put back on, since an appointment needs to be made and can reverse any progress you have made so far. We know it may seem unfair to not be able to eat candy or tough foods, but remember that sacrificing a few foods will result in a beautiful straight smile that will last a lifetime.
Soft foods, pasta and fruits are just a few of the foods that are ok to eat while in braces. With an abundant number of recipes online for braces-friendly recipes you will never go hungry!

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