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To help you create your vegetarian meal plans, check out the International Vegetarian Union for many great recipes! This entry was posted in Family & Relationships and tagged menu, Menu Plan, vegetarian meal plans on 2010-02-08 by Christine. If you enjoyed today's post and want to get the latest updates from the Money Funk personal finance blog, please subscribe to the RSS feed or by email.
Being a veggie family we have not only realised that shopping is a lot cheaper, but that we have also become MUCH more creative in the kitchen… and of course there is the added bonus that no animals have died for your meal ?? Loving the vegetarian meal plan!!!!!
I need to agree that is one of my favorite things about a vegetarian diet – the creativity. I really wish my daughter loved her veggies, but she has opted with my carnivorous husband.

With an unpredictable schedule and years of yoyo dieting behind her, Susan Brunjes found the confidence to make a positive change for good. Any replication, retransmission, reproduction or other unauthorised use of images and photos from this website is strictly prohibited. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. Of course, you've probably heard of people who've dropped pounds in mere months (or maybe even weeks). If a recipe calls for tofu in the stir fry, but have a zucchini that needs to be used up – then go for it! Remember, even if a vegetarian meal calls for expensive ingredients there is always a frugal alternative. I never realized how many ultra cool dishes that can be made with a little thought and a lot of color.
Even though this Fit Bride journey has been amazing, I am so ready to walk down that aisle.
Yes, it will cost you a little extra, but without David Manzalaoui, my personal trainer at Equinox, I would have been in the dark.

I love eating more than anyone, but it wasn't until I started to think of food as fuel that my eating habits changed—for the better.
But for the vast majority of folks, downsizing can seem more like an out-of-reach dream than an achievable goal. We eat leftover dinner items for lunches then alternate a hot and cold cereals for breakfast. Rather than eating french fries, which I knew would make me feel sluggish, I'd have a sweet potato. So we asked Women's Health Facebook followers to share the brutal truth about losing weight. Be sure your plate has lots of colors (green spinach, red bell pepper, purple eggplant) and you’ll be sure that you are getting your much needed nutrients. So simple, but there is something so liberating about just sitting there having breakfast naked.

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