Beto Perez was born in Colombia, South America and is the founding father of Zumba and national director of the Master trainers team.
His aerobics dance workout incorporates many Latin moves and dance steps like… Salsa, merengue, Flamenco, and Samba. It was just a total accident that Beto Perez discovered this Latin style dance workout, as the story goes… one day as he rushed out of this house to teach his aerobics class he forgot his regular music tapes. There he met two young Colombian entrepreneurs who convinced him to change the name and to begin marketing his fitness philosophy throughout the world. By 2008 the small aerobic fitness company had well over 20,000 certified instructors and DVD sales in excess of 3 million. Recently Beto has added different music to the Zumba fitness workout, introducing a little bit of country music, funk rock ‘n roll and many other exciting beats. Or have never exercised much before; active older adults and individuals who are physically limited. The new Zumbatomic a kids program is providing children with the ability to exercise and at the same time have fun. The international market has not been neglected the company just recently opened up China and has representatives in over 40 different countries throughout the world. Zumba Weight Loss – Top Rated Strategies To Shed Weight with ZumbaZumba weight loss has become one of the most talked about topics on the web in the last few years.
Zumba Shoes for Women – Top Three Problems to avoidIf you are looking to buy or are thinking about what type of shoes to wear for the Zumba classes then you will need to study this post and discover the top 3 errors to stay away from when buying Zumba shoes for women or guys.

He has done choreography for Shakira and many other celebs.If you wondered what the word Zumba means, it means to move fast and have a lot of fun.
As soon as he realized this, he grabbed some Latin music tapes that were in his car and began teaching the class to this music. Burnett is not the only one in Hollywood to have noticed the incredible popularity of this Latin inspired dance workout.
Read this article and discover how to burn calories and reshape your body with this dance exercise workout. Academically, she is a Graduate in Life Science and Biochemistry as a double major with Honors and a Masters in Psychology.
They always look for crash diets and extreme exercise routines to have a Size-Zero bodies but getting yourself through hell for that isn't healthy.
Zumba has topped the charts when it comes to having positive outcomes for weight loss, stamina, strength, flexibility. The phrase “Way of Life” conveys a message that it’s the way we live our life, that determines our physical and psychological existence.
Fox (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Stacy Kiebler (“Dancing with the Stars”), Hunter Tylo (“The Bold & the Beautiful”), and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres have “ditched the workout and joined the party” with ZUMBA.
The Top 20 world survey fitness trends for 2013 has placed zumba in 12th position which is remarkable. Swetha’s constant efforts to bring a healthy lifestyle shift in her clients served a fuel to ignite “Way of Life”.

With most young children not getting enough physical exercise this new product has received an overwhelming response.
She is well known for choreography of Weddings, Events, Sangeet, and various corporate shows.
Your body weight consists of water, bone, muscles and fat but when you say fat loss, it only consists of fat in your body which is the reason behind your current and future illnesses. Having 8 yrs of experience in the fitness industry, being a lifestyle coach and a fitness instructor, Swetha has always believed it is the Quality of Life, the Love for oneself and others and the Way of Lifestyle; the three major determinants of our overall health that will affect every aspect of our existence. She is also one of the first ever authentic Zumba Fitness Instructors to bring Zumba Fitness to Mumbai.
All of us in our minds do know what we are doing but do not want to practice it, imply it or continue it. People are aware of this fact yet we don’t seem to get positive results all the time. The modern technology and innovations are a blessing for all of us because we now have so many options to stay fit. There are gyms and studios almost everywhere that are providing you the opportuniy to accomplish your health goals.

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