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College can be expensive, but ita€™s possible to both save on costs and make your money go farther once youa€™re enrolled. Stretching the budget set aside for the grocery shopping can be quite a challenge for anyone.
Planning in advance and making a list of the things to purchase will reduce your grocery trips to one. Carrying kids along for a grocery shopping trip can often turn into a disaster with extra cookies, chocolates and candies added to the list.
Clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines is always a great way to save those extra dollars. If you find yourself entertaining friends and family almost every week then considering purchasing party supplies like alcohol and snacks also in bulk. Credit cards are the biggest contributor to excessive spending and also piling up of debts.
Shopping for groceries in your locality dollar store often works out to be cheaper with deals like purchasing 5-6 items for $4. Hence a little effort and planning can go a long way in helping you save money on your grocery trip. Up to 100% off with your next order.Join Chef Yan VIP list and get a special deal right nowOffer to select customers. Sign up for the Weekly Newsletter to receive all the new recipes, DIY projects, and tips straight to your inbox each week! Buy discounted gift cards for national chains that sell coffee and only make your purchases with them. I usually visit Starbucks as a treat, not a habit, but I do wonder what it would cost to make the equivalent chai latte at home.
The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. According to Businessweek, Americans now spend a barking $41 billion annually on their furry friends, while 48.5% of all Canadian households say (PDF) they dish out $870 a year on pets. I strongly encourage you to steer clear from pet stores, suspect breeders, and newspaper classified ads since you could be perpetuating animal cruelty. I adopted my own lovable mutt, the big-eared Blue Heeler named Pivo, from my local shelter when she was two years old (human years, not dog years ). The sad thing is, my dearest little dog is believed to be the product of a puppy mill, and was given away once a challenging dog emerged out of the cute, floppy-eared puppy. While the odd outfit or protective winter wear is fine, the vast majority of pet fashions are a complete waste of money. Anycrabbypooch, the only time I’ve dished out dollars for dog wear is when I needed to walk my dog in extreme weather.
Bottom line: The occasional outfit, pet costume, or protective wear is fine, but do watch the high costs associated with buying pet clothing. Skip the pet boutiques and professional groomers to save anywhere from $15 to $75 per grooming. Cheap Dog Wash: Use a big bucket, a small container, an old sock, and baby shampoo to get that doggy clean.
Home haircuts are a great way to save money if you and your pet have the patience to get through them.
Winner: Congrats to Colleen McKie for writing the top caption on the Squawkfox Facebook page.
Bathing your dog in the tub (or outside on the lawn) with an unscented no-name baby shampoo costs under $2, and saves you over $15 on special doggie-branded soap — just put a towel on the bottom of the tub to avoid scratches.
Bottom line: For a one-time expense of $35, buy a set of combs and scissors that will save you at least $50 every few months by grooming your dog or cat at home. Bottom line: Pet toys can be expensive, ranging from $5 to $50, and are marketed to humans, not pets.
Depending on your pet (cat or dog), plans can range from $10 per month for limited accident coverage to $50 per month covering illnesses and accidents. Bottom line: Before spending money on pet insurance, run the numbers to see if your pet’s insurance premium would be better off invested in a high-interest savings account. I am doing better, at least I don’t have to think about saving money on pets, I have none! Sorry about Shadow’s vet bills, I guess we were lucky that my late cat Henry was healthy when my late sister Lyn found him in Mission Valley (San Diego).
I rescued my Amercian Bull terrier from a poor living situation – she arrived with a littler of pups.
We adopted our beautiful sealpointe siamese from a shelter arond Christmas, they do discounts at thistime of year so she was $45 and came to us with current shots, fixed and a free vet visit within the first 10 days after our adoption. I would be interested in being able to compare apples to apples, but the way that this data is presented it does not allow for me to do that. I think that it would interesting to know how much other countries such as France or China spend on pets per household. It was the hamsters and guinea pigs that cost the most – expensive foods and cage accessories. We also spend about $60 every few months for her doggy food, I also see that as an investment in to her health. We also take the fur babies to a rural vet, costs to have some dental work for the cat done in the city were more than double what it cost to drive 30min to a neighbouring town.

The rising prices of basic grocery items can leave you dreaming of an advance pay check for next month.
Preventing two or more grocery trips will not only save time and effort but will also curb impulsive purchases. Enlist the help of your kids to cut out the maximum number of coupons for the maximum savings.
Many retail chains offer huge discounts on bulk purchases of certain items like meat, cosmetics and cereals. So the next time you are out grocery shopping leave the credit cards behind, this will help you stay within the stipulated budget and prevent impulsive purchases.
Hence you will always find the chocolates, candies and biscuits lined up near the check-out counter. While you may not be ready to ditch the java just yet, here are some ways that you can save at the coffee shop or drive up.
Starbucks has a card that gives you free drinks, treats and other goodies on your birthday as well as after so many purchases. Often times, if you want more than one cup, you may be able to get a free refill on drip coffee if you are in-house or at least get a refill for cheap. Some coffee shops offer half price refills when you buy their travel mugs and you often get a free fill-up with a purchase of it.
Follow your favorite coffee shops on Facebook and twitter and they will often release their daily deals, seasonal specials and even free drinks to fans.
Anyone who is a regular at a business like a restaurant knows that getting to know the servers and baristas at establishments often gets them special treatment like discounts, free extra shots, and even free drinks occasionally. If you like your coffee with all the bells and whistles that cost extra such as soy milk or flavorings, you could save a lot of money by keeping some soy milk or a selection of flavored syrups at your office. Some coffee shops are big on being environmentally friendly so they give customers discounts if they bring a mug from home even if it isn’t their brand’s mug. But the free drink to celebrate my birthday (through the Starbucks card program) is very welcome!
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. For many people (including me) the furry family pet is an integral part of the family unit. If that furry critter is a purebred puppy or a cat with credentials, then you’re gonna pay dearly to own a pedigreed pet. These fees often include the cost of neutering or spaying, and the first round of deworming and shots.
Many of these animals might be farmed out of puppy mills, and supporting these stores continues the cycle of cruelty while increasing the number of unwanted pets in shelters. As a working dog in need of a job, she proved too high energy for the three families who previously brought her home, so the shelter was thrilled when I stepped up to bring her back to the family farm. Today Pivo is a gorgeous, well-trained, and delightful dog who wants nothing more than a snuggle with the pack and to run freely on the farm. Your furry friend doesn’t need to look runway ready or have a Halloween costume to be loved by you.
Since I live in the land of ice and snow (Canada, eh!), I spent nearly $40 on these high quality winter paw protectors — Muttluks Extreme Weather Dog Boots.
If you must buy winter or rain wear to walk your pet outdoors, invest in quality pieces that will last for years. That’s right, those furry long-hairs and curly coated dog breeds can cost a fortune to get washed, dried, clipped, and cleaned.
Regular brushing and nail trimming is also easy to do yourself, and helps you keep a close eye on your pet’s health. If you need a little help, pick up a copy of Dog Grooming For Dummies at your local library.
I think this is something that every (dog) owner should consider at some point in their pet’s life. All of our pets, except the first 2 hamsters were rescued, even the dogs, snakes, and anole. Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. Hence the following tips are essential to keep your expenses within the budget and also save some extra cash. Buying a crate of wine along with a carton of party snacks can get you a good deal to save money rather than running to the grocery store every week to purchase a single bottle and 5 packets of snacks.
These will help you save money from purchasing those costly cans of baby food and will ensure that your baby gets the best, natural and nutritious food. Sometimes, coffee shops offer free drip coffee to any customer who buys anything off their menu such as a muffin.
Get cozy with the people who work at your favorite establishment and you could tap into these as well. This small savings of 25 cents or so that many places offer adds up to over $60 a year in savings if you get coffee 5 days a week. Unless you’re into dog shows and cat competitions, I highly recommend you skip the pet store or breeder and adopt a lovable mutt or adorable tabby from the ASPCA, SPCA, Humane Society, or your local municipal animal services.
Before adopting, many shelters will encourage you to first bring the animal home on a trial basis to determine if the pet is compatible with your lifestyle.

Although they were a little pricey, they’ve lasted several years and hundreds of kilometers on rural roads, so this dog wear was money well spent. Investing in a set of quality Professional Animal Clippers may cost around $100, but they’ll last for years and save you hundreds in grooming fees over time. While a few toys are great fun for both pet and owner, animals don’t require a lot of loot to be healthy and happy. By all means throw your dog a toy bone (or two), but buy quality materials that can withstand your pet’s constant chewing, throwing, and scratching.
Over a 10-year span, vet bills for things covered by insurance generally total an average of $3,000 to $4,000. I would recommend that you take coverage out no later than age 7 as approval is usually guaranteed and the premiums still reasonable (some companies charge the same premium regardless of age, but the annual deductible increases slightly). They offer cheap replacement motors on their website, but I’m not mechanically inclined.
But when your pet has their paws all over the family budget, then maybe it’s time to put a leash on the creature costs. And adopting an adult animal over a newborn means that behavioral quirks and health problems are more apparent and can help you better choose the right pet for your family.
My dog is pretty darn thrilled to chase after her $7 KONG and has never asked for a fancy designer Frisbee. Assuming a $100 deductible and 10 claims, this leaves $2,500 to $3,500 in actual payouts from the pet insurance company. Anyway, the point is: shelter pets are cheaper than store pets, not to mention what show or even pet quality pedigree pets cost. I had a German Shephard who recently passed of cancer and I made 2 large claims under her policy.
Electric litter boxes allow me to run my multi-cat household much more efficiently with a lot less mess and odour. This prevents furtive glances to the snacks rack and you just might find the store a little less crowded than usual.
Compared with an investment of $4,800 in premiums, it makes more financial sense to save the money in a high-interest savings account earmarked for pet medical expenses.
My tabby was particular with her food, but she never demanded a high-end plush toy for play. You will not want your hand to be forced in this situation when there could be another option.
The pre-diagnosis and operation cost $5000 and the insurance company paid out $3500 of the claim for their portion.
Heck, if your house does not burn to the ground you will be really ahead of the game financially. An his absolute favorite toy is when you actualy play with him (not leave him by himself to play) I got his leash from Walmart and it’s lasted 4 years so far. My dog lived another 2.5 years because of this operation and they were good, healthy, mobile, fun-filled years.
The self-insurance argument almost always comes up when people talk about insurance and it ONLY works in this scenario: the loss occurs AFTER you have saved up sufficient funds to replace the item or expense incurred.
She became ill again this spring and again I had an operation to remove a spleen and a tumour that was growing on the spleen. After the spleen & tumor was autospyed it was deemed that she had an untreatable, terminal cancer, which took her 2 months later. After the operation she was back to the energy of an 8 year old and had a happy two months before she passed peacefully without suffering. But the most important thing is that IF I DIDN’T HAVE THE INSURANCE I WOULD HAVE BEEN FINANCIALLY FORCED TO END MY DOGS LIFE THE FIRST TIME SHE BECAME SERIOUSLY ILL.
Now I get that some people would not spend even $1500 to save their dog’s life, much less do it twice. But those who consider their dog a best friend,companion,family member and would do anything reasonable to save them know what I am talking about.
I don’t have children so I consider my dog a very reasonable return on the little bit of money that I shell out. That would be really frugal Now I am sure some of you are balking at that comment and I made it for a reason.
Some things we spend (or spend a little too much) money on are done for purely emotional reasons and the returns are not quantifiable.
When you can save the life of someone you love it means so much more than the money you put into it. If you get the insurance later in the dogs life (before age 8), there is a good chance you will use it due to age-related illnesses. I find Kerry’s knowledge and strategies on insurance in general usually very ignorant, lacking and short sighted.
Her strategies are usually frugally flawed and its clear time and time again her expertise and experience in the area of insurance is grossly lacking.

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