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Whether you own or rent your home, you are probably concerned about your energy use and costs. When it comes to heating and cooling, HVAC equipment with Energy Star ratings are the best energy savers. If you want to save even more money each month, while making your home more comfortable to live in and increasing the value of your home, schedule a home energy assessment with one of our certified, professional auditors today. Set the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees and save up to 10 percent on water heating costs. Wash and dry only full loads of laundry, and use cold water as much as possible to save two to four percent on your energy costs. Change or clean the air filter on your air conditioner each month and save up to five percent on your electricity bill (because your air conditioner won't need to work as hard). Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or LED lights, and save around 75 percent on lighting costs.
On hot, sunny summer days, keep blinds shut on south- and west-facing windows, and save two to four percent on your energy bill.
Keep doors and vents shut in rooms that aren't being used, and save up to three percent on heating or cooling costs depending on the square footage of your home.
Caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors to save one to four percent on your energy bill. During hot weather, set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher when you're home, and at 85 degrees when you're away.
Use your microwave oven instead of your conventional oven and save up to 50 percent on cooking costs. Turn off lights and electric machines (TV's, computers, radios, stereos, video games, VCR's, and DVD players) when you leave a room.
To find out how you can save even more money on your energy bills, schedule a home energy assessment today! We were unaware of what was involved in an energy audit and your audior took the time to explain everything. The energy auditor was very professional and I am very satisfied with both the energy audit and the report I received. Programmable thermostats allow you to conserve energy during unoccupied times, but it is important that they be set up and used properly.
Replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and LEDs, especially for exit signage. Ask employees to turn off computers, printers, copiers and lights in the office at the end of the day to cut down on energy consumption.
So, there you have it – the top 5 ways you can save a lot of energy this winter season. AboutWith an experienced workforce & a seamless network of seasoned managers with over 30 years of combined experience, we are able to deliver beyond customer expectations time & time again.
First would like to congratulate you are trying to make environment better because using less electricity can save money along with that it’s better for environment.
If you have any tips which you think can save electricity and contribute it in comment section so that, we can save our money as well as can contribute to make environment better.

Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Smart choices in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can have big effects on your energy bill and comfort level. You will also reduce the amount of dust and dirt in the air, which improves the quality of the air you breathe, and keeps your house cleaner. The blinds help to keep the sun's heat from heating up your house, so you use less energy to stay comfortable. Air seeping through the cracks requires more air conditioning (and energy, and money) to keep the house comfortable. Microwaves are much more energy efficient than traditional ovens, which use a lot of energy to heat up and to stay hot. Unplug these machines before you leave on a trip, because they consume electricity even when they're turned off. We were impressed with the report which told us the areas in which we need to take action on.
Joe Dempsey, your auditor, identified some structural problems that I was not aware of and explained to me why I need more insulation. I was not aware of the updraft created inside our walls because of the balloon framing construction. Always use ENERGY STAR® models if possible as these are certified to provide savings. Download the GCGBC’s Energy Benchmarking Toolkit to learn about the free tools that are available to help you determine the energy efficiency of your building and find incentives for making improvements.
Program set points, between 68-70 degrees for heating and 74-76 degrees for cooling, to reduce energy use when your business is closed but be comfortable by the time you re-open. Cracks, gaps and worn seals let air infiltrate the building, driving excessive energy costs.
Few time we leave our laptop and mobile phones on charge and charge it unnecessarily so try to avoid it. When using your washing machine, try to fill it with tumble dryer or dishwasher because one full load uses less energy than two half loads. Another thing is related to dripping hot water tap which waste lot of energy as well as hot water. If you are planning to buy TV for your home then go for LED TV as its becoming popular now a days as well as they are also more energy efficient than LCD TV.
Monitor your electricity by using simple gadget that estimates in real time how much energy you are using in your home. To keep your bills lower during the cold and hot months, as well as have a positive impact on the environment by going green, Shea Homes put together this infographic of 10 ideas to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. If we all made our homes a little more energy efficient, the energy savings would really add up.
It can reduce your monthly utility bill, improve your comfort, and protect the environment.
None of these are effective, however, unless you properly seal and insulate your home’s ductwork. Make your home energy efficient and you can lessen the environmental impact, improve your comfort, and save money in the process.
On sunny winter days, open your curtains and blinds to let the sunshine in to warm up your house.

A ceiling fan makes the room feel around four degrees cooler, and costs much less to operate than air conditioning. He promptly E-mailed my energy audit report to me and I will consider all of his recommendations. I am going to take 3 to 4 of his suggestions and correct these small items to save on my energy bills. You said that that can cause heat to be pulled out of the house with the draft going up inside the walls and should be re-mediated. Contact your utility provider for rebates and technical assistance to evaluate existing lighting and upgrade options. I have read in an online magazine that house holds can save up to ?250 per year by installing energy-efficient measures, according to the Energy Saving Trust but I am not going to tell you anything where you have to spend money because it’s totally free guide for all Londoner. It could cost higher than ordinary bulbs but using these bulbs can save you around ?50 over the life time of bulbs instead of this they last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs. Turn it down from today and reduce your room temperature around 1°C because it will help to cut off your electricity bill up to 10% and again you can save your money. Keep fridge temperature between 0 and 5°C and avoid putting warm food instead first allow food to cool down and then keep it in the fridge because putting warm food in your freezer makes it work harder to cool.
The best part is that it will let you know how different appliances affect your consumption. This infographic outlines some simple ways to improve your home’s efficiency, which can also add value to your home and save you money. Insulation keeps your cooled or heated air from escaping through holes, leaks, and poor duct connections. For example, wash full loads of laundry or dishes, and heat your small meals in a microwave oven. At 120 degrees you shouldn't notice a difference in the heat of your hot water, but you will notice a difference in your electricity bill. In the summer, traditional ovens heat up the house, making the air conditioner work harder. I will definitely recommend him to everyone I know that could benefit from a home energy audit.
It would be great if you have a programmer, set it accordingly hearting and hot water to come only when required in comparison to all time. Even something as simple as changing your light bulbs or fixing your leaky faucet can add up to some great cost savings. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing! I filled the attic on top of the batt insulation with about six inches giving another r-19 factor on top of the r-19 that was there. You said that the blown in would also help seal the heat loss around the edges of the batt.

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