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Strategies, ideas and insights for building owners and facilities management professionals to save on energy costs. The energy used for space and water heating, lighting, air conditioning and cooling at sites and facilities is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.
There are always opportunities around every site to address energy use and look at ways to cut costs. Arrange a qualified expert to walkthrough your site, analyse your energy consumption, identify where energy is being wasted and recommend energy efficient solutions. Calibrate, check, and adjust thermostats to accurately heat and cool different building zones. Implement set­back strategies to reduce HVAC use during low use or unoccupied hours or use occupancy sensors in small areas. It is important to clean or replace air filters and dampers to ensure top HVAC performance and check that there is an override function so that systems can be turned off in cooler weather. By switching from night time cleaning to day cleaning, you have the potential to decrease overall energy use by 10 to 15 percent.
Cleaning during daylight hours ensures better results because high traffic areas get more frequent attention. Day cleaning can increase the well-being of team members by providing family-friendly hours for cleaning teams, enhancing client interaction and providing an opportunity for team members to become an important member of their work community. Check the following regularly: plant control valves, dampers, warning lights, signs of leakage, gas smells, oil leaks, damage and burn marks on boilers, undue noise from pumps and burners, blockage in air vents and filters, thermostat settings and blockages or obstacles in front of heating vents or radiators.
Although the cost of discovering and analysing problems can be significant, retro-commissioning measures can often pay for themselves in less than a year.
Install lighting controls and sensors, label lighting banks so that people know which switch turns off which light. Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient equivalents as standard and clean shades, reflectors and bulbs regularly.
Poor fitting doors and windows can be fitted with adhesive draught strip tape or a PVC seal. Get to know people in other departments and explore how you can work together to reduce the energy consumption for your building. Testimonials“We are absolutely very happy indeed with the work the Danihers team are doing for us. Jenny PrenticeVIP Moorabbin“Danihers have been servicing DHL Global Forwarding for many years and we are extremely pleased with the service they provide. Dianne PanellaDHL“Communication is a key to a successful professional relationship and this is evident between our College and the staff of Danihers. Far too often, when we talk about how to save operational dollars at our church, we think about cutting back on staff, benefits, refinancing debt, etc. 3.     Move to some form of building automation  – Now, don’t let this overwhelm you as there are several different levels of complexity associated with the generic term “building automation system”(BAS). 4.     Interface your HVAC system with your Room Scheduling Software – Most of the independent Room Scheduling software programs available to the church market now offer some form of interface. 5.     Replace inefficient light bulbs – There are so many great options available to us today. 6.      Incorporate occupancy sensors – These can save 20%-50% of the energy used in these spaces.

8.     Start “going green” with your cleaning – This is a topic all to itself … so we will cover this in future blog. For more information, visit the Department of Energy’s original blog post for this infographic.
Lighting made easy What is your heating footprint? Have energy saving light-bulbs – they may be more expensive but will pay for themselves in a year as you will save up to 80% on energy costs.
At The Workplace Depot, we sell Energy Saving Labels, with a variety of messages printed on them, these labels are a simple and great way to remind staff to turn off taps, electrical equipment and lights when not in use.
About The Workplace DepotThe Workplace Depot is the UK’s largest industrial and workplace supplies company. From the editorial teams of Building Operating Management and Maintenance Solutions magazines.
By offering simple solutions, CCI is able to provide the industrial world an opportunity to get it clean and to keep it green.
Conduct an energy audit – Energy audits are an excellent way to evaluate the impact your business has on the environment by examining energy consumption.
Improve the efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems – Regardless of size, your heating, ventilation and air ­conditioning systems represent a large portion of energy use and therefore energy costs. Investigate green cleaning and day cleaning – Green cleaning is about looking for safer, healthier and more environmentally sustainable cleaning practices.
When cleaners are working during the day, lights do not need to be turned on thereby reducing overall electricity consumption at the site. Incorporate energy efficiency into maintenance activities – Poor maintenance can hamper the energy efficiency of lighting, heating and air conditioning systems. This includes scheduling equipment off when not needed, repairing controls out of calibration, adding or enabling features to existing controls to improve system efficiency, and repairing insulation, seals, dampers and valves on equipment or systems to eliminate wasted energy. Improve the efficiency of lighting systems – Lighting can account for up to 50% of the money spent on electricity in an office.
Clean windows regularly to maximise daylight – Windows should be cleaned on a regular basis to maximise lighting.
However, if maturing landscape interferes with daylight levels, significant pruning or replanting may be needed to ensure that daylight levels are maintained as designed. Exclude draughts – Draughts from ill-fitting doors and windows can allow heat to escape and increase heating demand. Develop an energy awareness community at your site – Create an energy efficiency mindset that will contribute to changed behaviour and sustained energy savings. Team up with department heads and staff to keep lights off, power use down and waste reduced or recycled. They are exceptionally thorough and nothing is ever too big or too small for them to handle. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. This can be as simple as “Communicating Thermostats” or as complex as a web-based interface system.

It is projected that these types of solutions can reduce energy consumption by 10%-20% to even greater savings depending on your current system configuration. I am still blown away at what the energy savings can be with just changing out light bulbs. Think about it: if you do night cleaning, you are burning lights and keeping temperatures at a reasonable temperature to just clean the facility. Who wouldn’t want to save operational dollars that can be reallocated back into ministry initiatives? Follow these simple energy saving steps from the Department of Energy and you will be on your way to saving energy and putting some money back in your pocket. In uncertain times for the UK’s economy, more and more businesses are having to make cuts, just to keep afloat. It could also save the same amount of carbon a year that is emitted from driving a car 3,000 miles. The efficiency of your equipment is important and if something is not working properly, you could be wasting money. You could have separate switches for each or an area of lights so you can turn off the ones that are not in use. This way the water will boil quicker, you won’t waste any water and you save time and money. Freezers and fridges that are filled with frost will work harder to keep cold – defrost them at least once a year.
Only use it when necessary and when in use keep doors and windows closed for better circulation.
Once your office is warm enough, keep windows and doors closed, this way the warm air will not escape as much.
We have a network of over 75 Distributors and source 20,000+ products from more than 120 manufacturers around the world. Ensure that areas designed to admit daylight are not shaded by growth of landscaping or other obstructions.
Saving energy in the workplace, can change your business dramatically and save you more money than you think. We have over 20 years experience in our industry and our range of products are available via this site or through our catalogue. Go around your site and stop, look and listen for things that are out of sorts or running when they shouldn’t be. They can save more than $40 in electricity costs over their lifetime, uses about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, lasts up to 10 times longer, and produces about 75% less heat—so it’s safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with cooling a facility. Our Nottingham head office is perfectly positioned for distribution throughout the UK mainland.

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