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I am in the midst of an attempt to describe and encourage faith in Jesus Christ:                 30 different ways in 30 days. There are many descriptions of faith given to us from the ancient writings grouped together to form the Bible. When we are faced with a choice or a new possibility or path – like seeing the ladder in the picture, we want to know that the choice is able to bear my weight. Is it possible for you to take a leap of faith to consider that God might actually desire a relationship with you? So, even if you might not feel ready to begin a life of faith, maybe you could begin by simply reading more about the message God has preserved for us.
But a right relationship based on faith sounds like this: “Do not say to yourselves, ‘Who will go up into heaven?’” (that is, to bring down the Anointed One), “or, ‘Who will go down into the abyss?’” (that is, to bring the Anointed One up from the dead). Many parents are experiencing a lot of confusion and stress in trying to make wise choices for their babies. After tragic widespread birth defects resulting from drug use in pregnancy (one example being thalidomide), doctors became extremely cautious about recommending any drug for pregnant women. If you dig deeper into the statistics available you will find that there is a huge increase in miscarriage after receiving the flu shot. I guess I’ve been researching into vaccine science and vaccine safety too long and I have become cynical. There is so much to read on the efficacy of the flu vaccine, the ingredients (including aborted human fetal cell tissue and other foreign proteins), I urge you to explore it extensively before complying with a flu shot. September 2014 blog by the Thinking Moms Revolution – boy do I admire everything those brave warrior moms do!
Author: Becky Hastings, wife of 35 years, mother to five plus two, grandmother to four so far, passionate about truth, health, and healthy babies.
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Red meat is a rich source of protein and also one reason why you do not cut it down completely.
Plain water has many benefits and drinking plenty of water flushes out the toxins accumulated in your body.
There's no need to chug crazy canned concoctions or buckets of coffee to get through the day without a 3 p.m. That, in accepting His offer of a relationship, it might lead to a lot of good results in your life. All of the ancient writings point to His Son and keep telling us the story from many different angles. There is an unbelievable amount of push for pregnant moms to get vaccines during pregnancy. But I can’t help but wonder if this was a disinformation campaign to try and sell more flu shots, reduce the birth rate (by purposely promoting miscarriage), hide the correlation between infant vaccines and injury by injecting the moms with the toxic chemical cocktail before the baby is even born. Maybe there are good reasons, but for me, I’d far rather take my chances with my God given immune system, natural vitamin D, supplements of vitamin D3, and the actual flu virus, than any concoction man has put together to try and circumvent it. Ask your doctor to list the ingredients or the contra-indications, or even if they have read the package insert. Not necessarily the results we might order if it were possible to choose them, like on a menu. If you’re not yet ready, are you ready to examine whether the ladder of faith is Jesus is secure enough to hold you? If you read the vaccine package insert you will find most of them state that the flu shot has never been studied for safety in pregnancy. Eating fresh fruits and food that is full of antioxidants like celery, apples, cauliflower, broccoli and green peppers is the best defense against external attacks from viruses. But results that we could look back on, after a period of time, and reflect that choosing a life of faith has yielded more good things than we could possibly have imagined.

So if you believe deep in your heart that God raised Jesus from the pit of death and if you voice your allegiance by confessing the truth that “Jesus is Lord,” then you will be saved! Belief begins in the heart and leads to a life that’s right with God; confession departs from our lips and brings eternal salvation. As a breastfeeding advocate and health proponent I have tried to imagine how, when, and why there was such a big switch in policy that now ENCOURAGES all pregnant women to accept vaccines. If it’s not properly maintained and taken care of, it would get weak and stop fighting off diseases.
You can eat turkey, chicken and even vegetarian options like tofu, black beans and kidney beans.
We can’t protect ourselves from every calamity in life, but I am certain I want to protect myself from the calamities caused by vaccines. One study found chewing gum can increase alertness and improve mood.Effects of chewing gum on mood, learning, memory and performance of an intelligence test. Researchers have even suggested a three-minute long cold shower could be enough to counteract some of the effects of chronic fatigue. Listening to music and tapping those toes significantly increased college kids' alertness in one study.The effect of personality type and musical task on self-perceived arousal. Lemon is considered a stimulating scent, and one study showed it improved subjects' moods.Olfactory influences on mood and autonomic, endocrine, and immune function.
Sit up straight, though—that's shoulders back, eyes dead ahead, and lower back slightly arched—to feel more energized and possibly even get a boost of self-confidence.The effects of upright and slumped postures on the recall of positive and negative thoughts. Whether it's a quick walk or a long lunch, take some time to wake up away from the glowing screen.

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