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Kinetic chain is a term used to describe how your entire body is interconnected. It is a series of links that act in a coordinated, sequential fashion to generate and amplify force. Similarly, good pitching mechanics will include a combination of directional momentum, sequencing and timing of movements to achieve maximum force while placing minimal stress on the body. You can’t speed up what you can’t slow down. Research has found that strengthening the decelerating muscles will actually improve your ability to accelerate a baseball.
Subscribe to our free newsletter for access to videos and articles written by our network of medical professionals, coaches and athletes. A third way to increase the rate of dissolution is to increase the kinetic energy of the solute particles through agitation. Buoyant Force – a fluid exerts an overall upward force on an object, caused by the pressure of the fluid. Chapter 9.2 – Pressure Ex1) A force of 100N is applied to the head of nail, with an area of 1cm 2. Ex3) What total pressure acts on you when you swim to the bottom of a 3m deep pool at sea level? We can find the boundary at which the maximum equals the minimum, where the value inside the square root is zero.
Evaporation and condensation Individual molecules can change phase any time Evaporation: –Energy required to overcome phase cohesion –Higher energy molecules. 16-6 Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Combining, we find: The constant k is called the thermal conductivity of the rod. Convection is the flow of fluid due to a difference in temperatures, such as warm air rising. All objects give off energy in the form of radiation, as electromagnetic waves – infrared, visible light, ultraviolet – which, unlike conduction and convection, can transport heat through a vacuum.
The amount of energy radiated by an object due to its temperature is proportional to its surface area and also to the fourth (!) power of its temperature. The Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics If object A is in thermal equilibrium with object C, and object B is separately in thermal equilibrium with object C, then objects A and B will be in thermal equilibrium if they are placed in thermal contact.
The First Law of Thermodynamics The first law of thermodynamics is a statement of the conservation of energy. The First Law of Thermodynamics If a system does work on the external world, and no heat is added, its internal energy decreases. The First Law of Thermodynamics The internal energy of the system depends only on its temperature. The Second Law of Thermodynamics We observe that heat always flows spontaneously from a warmer object to a cooler one, although the opposite would not violate the conservation of energy.
Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps While heat will flow spontaneously only from a higher temperature to a lower one, it can be made to flow the other way if work is done on the system. Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps If we compare the heat engine and the refrigerator, we see that the refrigerator is basically a heat engine running backwards – it uses work to extract heat from the cold reservoir (the inside of the refrigerator) and exhausts to the kitchen. Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps An air conditioner is essentially identical to a refrigerator; the cold reservoir is the interior of the house or other space being cooled, and the hot reservoir is outdoors. Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Heat Pumps Finally, a heat pump is the same as an air conditioner, except with the reservoirs reversed.
18-8 Entropy A real engine will operate at a lower efficiency than a reversible engine; this means that less heat is converted to work. Entropy To generalize: The total entropy of the universe increases whenever an irreversible process occurs.

18-8 Entropy As the total entropy of the universe increases, its ability to do work decreases. 18-9 Order, Disorder, and Entropy Entropy can be thought of as the increase in disorder in the universe. 18-9 Order, Disorder, and Entropy If we look at the ultimate fate of the universe in light of the continual increase in entropy, we might envision a future in which the entire universe would have come to the same temperature.
18-9 Order, Disorder, and Entropy So if entropy is continually increasing, how is life possible? This chain, in the throwing athlete includes but is not limited to the legs, hips, core, scapula, shoulder, arm and hand. Throughout the kinetic chain, weak links will inhibit energy transfer from one body part to another. This may sound crazy, but your body doesn’t want to hurt itself and therefore, will only allow you to accelerate your arm to the point where it can slow it down. The Kinetic Theory of Matter states that mater is composed ( made of) particles called atoms. This diagram shows moving solvent particles hitting a crystal of solute and kicking the solute particles into solution. One way to increase the number of particle collisions is to break or crush the solute into very small particles. Increasing the temperature of the solvent makes the molecules or atoms of the solvent move faster.
If iron filings are sprinkled on the card they form a circular pattern as soon as the current in the wire is switched on. If the transformer has 60 secondary coils then how much voltage is supplied from the output?
Net effect is an upward force F B F g - if the object’s weight is greater than it buoyant force, it sinks. Net effect is an upward force F B F g - if the object’s weight is equal to its buoyant force, it suspends.
Net effect is an upward force F B F g - if the object’s weight is less than its buoyant force, it floats.
What is the density of an unknown shiny, yellow-ish metal, given that is masses at 38.6g and has a volume of 2 cm 3.
It also depends on the emissivity, which is a number between 0 and 1 that indicates how effective a radiator the object is; a perfect radiator would have an emissivity of 1. The change in a systems internal energy is related to the heat Q and the work W as follows: It is vital to keep track of the signs of Q and W. This direction of heat flow is one of the ways of expressing the second law of thermodynamics: When objects of different temperatures are brought into thermal contact, the spontaneous flow of heat that results is always from the high temperature object to the low temperature object. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and heat pumps all use work to transfer heat from a cold object to a hot object.
Exhausting an air conditioner within the house will result in the house becoming warmer, just as keeping the refrigerator door open will result in the kitchen becoming warmer. Heat is removed from the cold reservoir outside, and exhausted into the house, keeping it warm.
The excess heat exhausted during an irreversible process cannot be recovered; doing that would require a decrease in entropy, which is not possible. In this diagram, the end state is less ordered than the initial state – the separation between low and high temperature areas has been lost. At this point, it would no longer be possible to do any work, nor would any type of life be possible.

The scapula ideally provides a stable platform for energy to be transferred from the core to the arm.
To maximize velocity and prevent injury, it is just as important to optimize the energy transfer from the body into the arm with a stable yet mobile scapula. These particles are in constant motion, and the motion of the particles is proportional to the heat energy they contain.
Objects at body temperature radiate in the infrared, and can be seen with night vision binoculars. Note that the work the pump does actually contributes to the desired result (a warmer house) in this case.
Since all real processes are irreversible, the entropy of the universe continually increases. However, the weak link in the kinetic chain for many throwing athletes is the lack of a stable scapula. The IRON SCAP program has been designed to strengthen the scapular stabilizers, fortifying a solid platform for maximal energy transfer from the body into the arm. If the stabilizer muscles are underperforming, the prime movers have to pick up their slack and stabilize the joint during the movement as well.
In simple terms, the hotter the atoms are, the faster they move, and the less heat they contain, the slower they move.
In beakers B, C, and D, the energy content of the matter in the beaker increases from left to right. The diagram below illustrates that decreasing particle size increases the total surface area of the solute particles that can come in contact with the solvent. If entropy decreases in a system due to work being done on it, a greater increase in entropy occurs outside the system. If there is any excessive movement or poor positioning of the scapula during the throwing motion, energy is lost causing reduced velocity (See image above). This reduces the prime movers power output and in the case of throwing, decreases velocity.
The primary brakes for decelerating your arm are the external rotators (posterior rotator cuff muscles) and the scapular stabilizing muscles.
Even with automated stirring it may take 24hours to dissolve a few grams of PVA in warm water. The Crossover Symmetry system was developed to activate and strengthen the stabilizers of the shoulder complex.
Crossover Symmetry and IRON SCAP strengthen these essential decelerating muscles, allowing players to achieve their velocity potential. So, add heat to a substance and you can increase its temperature, increase its temperature and you increase the kinetic energy of its atoms or molecules.
These programs ensure that the stabilizer muscles are functioning at an optimal level to increase performance. Liquids - higher KE breaks free of structure, but not enough to completely break free of each other.

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