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If you would like to support our efforts to combat quackery, health and diet fraud we make it easy for you to donate to the cause. Cary Polevoy's personal journey with MS and expert advice on how to deal with a number of important social issues is worth a read for everyone. HealthWatcher has an extensive selection of books, videos, and CDs for you and your family. Naturopathy is a fundamentally flawed idea - and a government blessing only entrenches and magnifies the health risks to Canadians. Homeopathy is an elaborate placebo system without any persuasive evidence of efficacy, yet naturopaths have it as a central component of their curriculum. Canada's only naturopathy school is not affiliated with any university, medical school or publicly-funded hospital. Patient Risk: If naturopaths want to prescribe placebo treatments like homeopathy, and wave their arms over someone to manipulate their invisible energy fields, the biggest risk to consumers is likely limited to their wallets.
Wasted Health Expenses: Despite what naturopaths purport, there is no persuasive evidence that they're capable of delivering the screening, prevention and treatment required of legitimate primary care providers. The Ontario Legislature Standing Committee on Social Policy accepted a request to put naturopath prescribing into Bill 179. If you support the restriction of prescribing privileges to science-based health professionals, click here to send a email to the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Deb Matthews (two email addresses), and the Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty. Why did Laura Margaritis, a Hamilton, Ontario naturopath tell the Hamilton Spectator that she believes that people should not let their children get the H1N1 vaccine? Margaritis claimed that she treated her own 2 year-old son with H1N1 infection last September. Ontario naturopaths are governed by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF DRUGLESS THERAPY - NATUROPATHY.

Naturopaths over the years have been given a veritable free rein as far as anti-vax propaganda is concerned.
Naturopaths are in violation of their Standards of Practice if they treat their own family members. Some may feel that Margaritis erred by treating her own toddler, and if they do feel strongly about this they have the right to Contact the Board to discuss this. Homeopathy Harnesses the Power of Saturn - naturopaths in Ontario have been granted the privelege of practicing homeopathy despite the fact that U.K. They include theatrical movies and TV coverage of multiple sclerosis as well as scientific and personal stories of others. The magician manipulated energy fields, pulled toxins out of my stomach, and then gave me a remedy - but there was nothing inside. Well, the Ontario government is poised to give another type of magician -- the naturopath -- prescribing rights, despite the reams of evidence discrediting their approach to patient health.
Advocates believe that the light reflecting off Saturn, raccoon fur, or even ultra-dilute table salt can be a homeopathic remedy. Unlike health professionals, naturopaths do not do undergraduate and postgraduate training in teaching hospitals. In addition, she blamed the death of a 13 year-old hockey player who died of the swine flu on the Tylenol that he took for the fever when he was playing hockey. She allowed his temperature to reach 106 F, "because I'm a naturopath and I know what I'm doing". Under legislation passed a few years ago this group is supposed to be under Ontario's Regulated Health Profession Act (RHPA). While chiropractors can be fined and lose their right to practice in Ontario if they even discuss vaccines, naturopaths can do anything they want.

Paul Offit's amazing new book about the history of the anti-vaccine movement and the international brigade of corrupt researchers, ambulance chasing lawyers, politicians and advocacy groups who helped manipulate the parents of those children who were autistic. It's a move that legitimizes a well-meaning but baseless profession, and puts patients at significant risk. Other popular naturopathic treatments include reiki (magical energy healing), acupuncture (another placebo therapy, different invisible energy fields), even hydrotherapy (flushing the colon with water). If it passes, the right for naturopaths to prescribe drugs will become entrenched in Ontario law. Since they come from a wide variety of angles from extremely anti-CAM to moderately supportive, the book contains widely different perspectives ranging from virulent attacks to thoughtful analyses.
I wonder when their future patients will have the opportunity to learn about their practice. The anti-vaccine movement has caused significant harm to public health efforts around the world.
At first sight this may seem strange but in practice this book represents the very best of contemporary albeit on the whole skeptical scholarship.
If the public agrees with everything that she said in the Spectator article about the flu, they might want to learn a little bit more about the practice.
It is highly refreshing to find a collection that does not toe a line but instead gives a wide range of pros and cons and includes some new and stimulating ideas.

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