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Massage shea butter into your scars and the skin surrounding them each morning following cleansing and exoliating. Massage aloe vera gel into the scars each evening after cleansing and exfoliating your face. Post acne marks, or macules, are commonly referred to as a€?acne scars." Real acne scars, however, are the indentations or protrusions left behind by acne. As you can see, my acne scars are colorless but indented, and my acne marks are dark but flat. Acne scars tend to give skin that pitted "orange peel" look and unfortunately, they are usually permanent. Some people are more prone to scarring, while others (especially those with fair skin) are more prone to hyperpigmentation.
People forget that you still have to deal with the aftermath of acne, even after you clear your skin.
It's not like you really have a choice, but you can minimize the chance of scarring by not popping any pimples. Japanese stuff always works better and is not expensive unlike american products that dont work.
After cleansing your face, use a facial exfoliant twice daily to gently slough off any dead skin cells.
According to "Braun-Falco's Dermatology," the shea butter will hydrate the skin, improving its elasticity and reducing the redness of the scar.
This is best done prior to going to bed because the gel can leave your skin with a slimy feeling while it is absorbed into the skin. Acne scars are noticeable under direct lighting and they are difficult to cover up because it's hard to find something that will "fill" them in.

Acne scars are not as obvious unless you stare closely, stand under poor lighting, or have lots of really deep scarring. Topical creams and lotions do very little to treat acne scars, so don't be fooled by any such claims.
My skin has been clear for a few years now, but it took a long time for my skin tone to even out. However, even if you are really good about that, sometimes your skin will still scar and there's not much you can do about it. Please help spread the word about The Regimen by making a YouTube video, Facebooking or Tweeting.
Hair follicles get clogged for a variety of reasons, including hormone changes and overactive oil glands.
This substance unclogs pores and may improve the appearance of acne scars, according to the Mayo Clinic.
According to "Handbook of Dermatology: A Practical Manual," this will speed up the treatment process and produce the quickest results. According to "Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice," the aloe vera gel will provide intense hydration and promote healthy skin cells, which will diminish the appearance of the scars.
Acne marks are flat and can be concealed with makeup, though it's not always possible to find a good skin color match. Acne scars never go away 100%, but their appearance can be minimized by invasive facial procedures, such as laser or dermabrasion. The smallest and most short-lived pimple will leave a mark on my skin and that's just the way it has always been.
However, acne can leave embarrassing marks that remain long after the acne lesion itself has healed.

For mild acne, try over-the-counter topical treatments, like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This procedure is administered by a dermatologist who uses an instrument to polish away red marks. Getting silicone microdroplet injections can also help improve the appearance indented scars. This kind of post-acne hyperpigmentation is better to have than acne scars because they at least respond to treatments and eventually fade.
I am not as prone to getting acne scars, but I do have acne scars on my cheeks from cysts and other deep pimples (which are usually responsible for scars like ice pick scars). That's why I say it's better to have acne marks than acne scars because even with time, acne scars will not go away. Even though there are no guarantees for never getting a scar from a pimple, you can decrease the chances of that happening by not picking at spots and learning how to treat acne the right way. For more serious acne, prescription topical treatments or oral medications may be prescribed by your dermatologist.
Surface skin cells are removed and new skin grows, minimizing the appearance of red acne marks. Keep in mind that results vary and even really aggressive and expensive acne scar treatments do not have guaranteed results.
After this is accomplished, you must partner with a dermatologist to minimize the appearance of acne scars.

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