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When your laser scar removal treatment is complete, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to guard against possible infection. The most widespread side effect of laser scar removal is hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (lack of skin color). The restoration process of your treated skin may begin a few days after the laser treatment.
We are now able to remove surface imperfections and dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles with a new procedure called laser skin resurfacing.
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Top 3 diy homemade acne face masks – top 10 home remedies, Homemade acne face masks are excellent natural remedies for getting rid of acne breakouts and eliminating acne scars. Whether you need acne laser treatment in Mississauga or another service, we offer a variety of treatments for your beauty and anti-aging health goals.
The best way to be sure is to call the salon at (905) 278-5550 or come down for a free consultation and we can put together a customized program for you. As the laser travels along the scarred area it vaporizes or removes a layer of skin to unveil a healthier-looking layer. You may also be told to rub on an antibiotic cream and apply a nonstick bandage after gently cleansing the treated area with a non-abrasive soap.
The pace of the regeneration process depends on your unique skin and the type of laser used. As we go through life, skin is subject to numerous experiences that leave it less than perfect.
Using the computer controlled CO(2) or COOL-SKIN laser, we can gently remove sun-damaged, aging skin, helping to stimulate regeneration of the healthy skin producing smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin. The treatment is bloodless and does not involve chemicals.  In the first few days after the procedure, your skin will weep as new collagen is formed to rebuild the skin from the bottom up.
The lasers singe off a layer of skin in scar pockets, causing the body to repair and provide more tissue to those areas.
The CO2 is more damaging than the Er:Yag laser and typically requires a longer recovery period.
Few if any restrictions are placed on your regular day-to-day activities following laser therapy. For many of us, our first exposure to skin problems is with chicken pox in childhood, then acne scars in our teen years.
The laser uses a beam of light to vaporize scarred, lined, wrinkled, and other skin imperfections.

With our acne laser treatment in Mississauga, we can help you overcome troublesome blemishes. Laser therapy is used to resurface facial skin imperfections including acne scars, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC).
Your doctor will probably recommend a follow-up exam six to eight weeks following the procedure. This new skin will have a pinkish to reddish quality which fades over the next few days to weeks. Laser treatment for acne scars may take only a few minutes, or over one hour, depending on the severity of the scarring. However, time, heredity and gravity are still doing their part to create fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the mouth and eyes.
Over-exposure to the sun, alcohol use, and smoking are all known to significantly accelerate the signs of aging. Thick ointments are applied liberally for the first few days to protect the new skin, followed by moisturizers with sun block or Aloe Vera lotion. The effect of the treatment develops over a few months following the procedure and can be expected to last for several years. The results of any cosmetic procedure can be expected to fade over time as the natural aging process takes over, at which time the procedure can be repeated.

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