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DescriptionPet Alive FCV Protect is a homeopathic remedy that relieves sneezing, nasal congestion and watery eyes. Bug-grrr Off is a premium effective insect repellent spray - 100% Australian made, natural and safe. It works because of the combination of natural ingredients, including the scientifically-proven active PMD in their effective formula.
The ingredients in Bug-grrr Off don't poison insects - instead these powerful natural extracts make potential victims (you and your family) virtually invisible to insect senses.
The proven effectiveness of Lemon Eucalyptus extract, combined with the added protection of Lavender and Sandalwood, help your family stay safe from annoying biting insects.
Nutritional Yeast Flakes (500g) - Lotus Savoury Yeast, Ideal for Vegetarians & Vegans includes B12! FCV Protect should be administered for feline respiratory health and to provide support to the immune system – especially of vulnerable kittens and pregnant queens. Aloe, Chamomile Green tea and Cucumber are extra benefits – delivering the calming and soothing effects of our aromatherapy blend, that keep biting insects at bay.

Use this information in consultation with your medical physician to set a suitable plan for you. This remedy is completely safe for kittens and pregnant queens – with no risk to the unborn kittens.FCV Protect Benefits Relieves sneezing, nasal congestion and fever Acts as an oral annual alternative vaccine Alleviates weepy eyes and blocked nose Opens airways and easy-breathing Aids in respiratory system healingViral support for your catAll cats are exposed to different viruses during their lives.
PMD inihibit the normal olfactory receptors that blood-sucking insects use to detect their next meal.
Just as for humans, the younger or the older the animal, the greater it’s susceptibility to illness. When a feline’s immune system is battling a virus, the mouth, nasal passages, sinuses, and upper airways can be affected, breathing can become hampered, and airways can become increasingly blocked and congested.Conventional vaccines are not recommended for young kittens or for pregnant queens, leaving these cats at a greater risk for ill health.
In addition, the information and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of every contributor to Health Products Online.
They are often similar to that of a head cold in humans, such as sneezing, nasal discharge, fever, rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes), runny eyes, and salivation. Health Products Online acknowledges occasional differences in opinion and welcomes the exchange of different viewpoints.

Feline health can be further hampered by secondary conditions.The natural wayWhen a cat’s immune system is fighting foreign invaders treatment consists greatly of supportive care.
Force-feeding is carried out if the cat isn’t eating and fluids will be administered to balance fluids in the body especially in the case of a fever or flu.
Natural remedies can have an important role to play in lessening common symptoms and promoting quicker recovery in a gentle, safe manner. There are many remedies that can quickly help to relieve common symptoms of cat flu such as sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory problems.Alternative forms of common vaccines can also be safely used to provide your cat with systemic support for the future– especially for kittens and pregnant queens who should not receive the conventional vaccine. Remember to consult your vet for details.What is FCV Protect?FCV Protect is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients.
FCV Protect is taken internally and may also be very helpful in providing systemic and immune system support.

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