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Spices are rich in phytonutrients and other active ingredients that protect against disease and promote healing. Although the mango is not too well-known in this country, some parts of the world value this fruit highly.
The first attempt to introduce the mango into this country was made in 1833, when plants were transported to Florida from Mexico.
Tree-ripened apricots have the best flavor, but tree-ripened fruit is rarely available in stores, even those close to the orchard. Dried fruits should be put in cold water and brought to a boil the night before, or permitted to soak all night, before eating.
Most strawberry varieties that grow commercially today have originated within the last fifty-five years.
Strawberries are at their peak of abundance in April, May, and June; January, February, March, and July are moderate months. The seeds of the strawberry can be irritating in cases of inflammation of the bowel or colitis. The artichoke is believed to be native to the area around the western and central Mediterranean. Artichokes were brought to England in 1548, and French settlers planted them in Louisiana in the mid-nineteenth century. There is a variety of vegetable called the Jerusalem artichoke, but it is not a true artichoke.
For a good quality artichoke, select one that is compact, plump, and heavy, yields slightly to pressure, and has large, tightly clinging, fleshy leaf scales that are a good color.
The parts of the artichoke that are eaten are the fleshy part of the leaves and heart, and the tender base.
To eat artichokes, pull off the petal leaves as you would the petals of a daisy, and bite off the end. Most commonly, rhubarb’s leaf stalks are cooked with sugar and used in pies and other desserts. Rhubarb is usually considered to be a vegetable; however, in the United States, a New York court decided in 1947 that since it was used in the United States as a fruit, it was to be counted as a fruit for the purposes of regulations and duties. Rhubarb roots are used in traditional Chinese medicine; rhubarb also appears in medieval Arabic and European prescriptions.
The rhizomes (’roots’) contain stilbenoid compounds (including rhaponticin), which has shown to lower blood glucose levels in diabetic mice. The carrot has been native to Europe since ancient times, and was introduced to the United States during the period of early colonization.
Depending on the variety, carrots grow to maturity and are ready for market within 70 to 120 days. When purchasing carrots, look for firm, smooth, well-shaped carrots of good color and fresh appearance.
Carrot tops are full of potassium, but because of this they are so bitter that the average person does not enjoy them. Because the carrot is so high in vitamin A, it has been used extensively in the diet to improve the eyesight.
Everyone can benefit from drinking fresh vegetable juice, and carrot juice one of the best. Pineapples are grown in many parts of the world, but the United States is supplied principally from Cuba, Mexico, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. A ripe pineapple in quality condition has a fresh, clean appearance, a distinctive darkish orange-yellow color, and a decided fragrance. The flourishing dry Lima bean industry of southern California seems to have started in 1865. When selecting Lima beans, look for quality pods that are fresh, bright green in color, and well-filled. When selecting asparagus, choose spears that are fresh, firm, and tender (not woody or pithy), with tips that are tightly closed. Store asparagus wrapped in a damp cloth or waxed paper, and keep refrigerated until you are ready to use it. The season for asparagus is February through July, and the peak months are April, May, and June. Asparagus acts as a general stimulant to the kidneys, but can be irritating to the kidneys if taken in excess or if there is extreme kidney inflammation.
The papaya has been planted in Florida and Texas, where it has met with considerable success. But, beyond adding flavor, these dried seeds, fruits, root or bark can also add years to your life. In worldwide studies, spices have been linked to the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, Type II diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.
It has been in cultivation for over 4000 years and has entered prominently in Hindu mythology and religious observances.

These trees died, and another attempt was made thirty years later when seedling trees were introduced. In 1792 Vancouver, the explorer, found a fine fruit orchard that included apricots at Santa Clara, California. The next best thing to a well-matured apricot is one that is orange-yellow in color, and plump and juicy. Apricot whip for dessert is wonderful, and apricots and cream may be used in as many ways as possible. Therefore, persons with diabetic conditions must be careful not to eat too much dried apricot.
An early Chilean variety was taken to Peru in 1557 and this same variety is still growing in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. Territories for their growth have expanded to almost every state in the Union, including the interior of Alaska. One researcher tells us that it was because straw was used between the rows to keep the berries clean and to protect the berries in the winter. The leading variety in the United States is the Blakemore, which originated in Maryland in 1923. The Romans were growing artichokes over 2000 years ago, and used it as a green and a salad plant. California is now the center of the artichoke crop, and its peak season is March, April, and May although the crop is also available in November and December.
It likes plenty of water, and rain and fog, so is best suited to the California coast, especially the San Francisco area. Was the artichoke in cold running water, then place in boiling water, and cook twenty to thirty minutes, or until tender.
They also have a great deal of roughage, which is not good for those who have inflammation of the bowel. A number of varieties have been domesticated for human consumption, most of which are recognized as Rheum x hybridum by the Royal Horticultural Society. A side effect was a reduction on imported rhubarb tariffs, as tariffs were higher for vegetables than fruits. These substances are cathartic and laxative, which explains the sporadic use of rhubarb as a dieting aid.
The tops should be fresh and green, unless they have been damaged in transit from grower to market. However, a small portion of the tops may be cut fine and put into mixed salads, or a bunch may be tied with string and cooked in broths or soups for flavoring and for their high mineral content. Carrots were used in World War II in aerial training schools to improve the eyesight of the students. This juice is presently used in cases of severe illness, and as a foundation in cancer diets.
Some juice vendors believe that die short, stubby carrot is the most flavorful and colorful, and contains more vitamins and minerals.
European explorers found this vegetable in Lima, Peru, and this is where the name comes from. In this year, Henry Lewis bought a few hundred pounds of Lima bean seeds from a tramp steamer from Peru that had put in port at Santa Barbara. The large “potato” type have large pods and are fleshy and not likely to split at maturity. The kidney bean and navy bean are very similar in makeup and therapeutic value to the Lima bean. Asparagus loses its edible quality when it is subjected to dryness and heat, which reduce the sugar content and increase the fiber content. Early spring asparagus is from California; late spring asparagus is shipped in early April or late May from Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. From there it has been introduced to areas favorable to its growth in Asia, Africa and Polynesia. In California its cultivation is confined to the most protected areas in the southern part of the state. It is especially high in Vitamins A, C , and E, and is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and fevers and has a high mucus solvent action. And, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, spices can be used long- term without concern for side effects. It is now a familiar fruit to all parts of the tropic zone, and is as important there as the apple is in our more temperate climate. The real success of its culture came at the beginning of this century, when choice grafted trees were brought from India.
Mangoes are good used in combination with other fruits in salads, and in some parts of the world they are roasted.

Many people claim the mango is a great blood cleanser,and it also has fever-soothing qualities. The fruit was probably brought to California by the Mission Fathers in the eighteenth century.
Only about 21 percent of the apricots produced commercially are sold fresh; the remainder are canned, dried, or frozen. Another explanation is that in Europe ripe berries were threaded on straws to be carried to market.
Its firmness, earliness, and the fact that it holds its color when stored make it a leading market berry, The Klondike is grown extensively in Southern California and is one of the best shipping varieties.
Because of their high sodium content, they can be considered “a food of youth.” They also have a good amount of potassium. If you are allergic to strawberries, try this: run hot water over them, then Immediately follow this by running cold water over them.
Here, we refer to the two types of true artichokes, the Cardoon (cone-shaped) and the Globe. An artichoke is overmature when it is open or spreading, the center is fuzzy or dark pink or purple, and the tips and scales are hard. To make the artichoke easier to eat, remove the choke in the center, pull out the top center leaves, and, with a spoon, remove the thistle-like inside. Carrots with excessively thick masses of leaf stems at the point of attachment arc usually undesirable because they have large cores and may be woody. Babies do not always get enough calcium and some do not have enough raw food or other chewing foods that help promote normal growth of bones and teeth. It is delicious and nutritious when combined with other juices such as parsley, celery, watercress, endive, or romaine lettuce. The pineapple is native to tropical America and was known to the Indians as na-na, meaning fragrance, and to the Spanish explorers as piiia, because of its resemblance to a pine cone.
Then, a young Bostonian started commercial production of them there in 1901 on twelve acres of land. Most of the dry Lima bean crop is produced along the Pacific coast from Santa Ana to Santa Barbara, and Florida is also a large producer of Lima beans. Dry Limas are hard to digest, and the dry skin is irritating to an inflamed digestive system.
Because the fruit’s susceptibility to frost, its culture is limited to certain sections of Florida, where it is a summer crop only. There are hundreds of varieties of mangoes, and they range from the size of plums to that of apples, often weighing a pound or more.
The fruit should be fresh in appearance, plump, and firm to the touch; however the test of quality is in its taste. This takes the fuzz off the outside of the berries, which is believed to be the cause of the hives.
They have small flowers grouped in large compound leafy greenish-white to rose-red inflorescence. Carrots are so easy to raise that a garden in your backyard in can yield carrots that are rich in vitamins and high in mineral content. Grated carrot, steamed in a stainless steel kettle or baked in the oven and served with parsley and butter, is a nice dish. The papaya tree is actually a large shrub not unlike a palm in appearance, and bears fruit when it is only a few months old. The common color of the mango is orange, although the fruit may range from green to yellow or red.
Because it appears earlier, it is more resistant to disease and is fast replacing the Klondike in that state. The bright color of carrots makes them appealing and appetizing to serve with dinner, in salads, with other vegetables, or with cottage cheese or apples and nuts. I have seen the teeth of children straighten out and the lower jaw develop in a year, when they were given a carrot to chew on before each meal. The plant of this fruit grows from two to four feet high, with a rosette of stiff, sword-shaped leaves growing from its base. If they pull out easily, the fruit is ripe; discolored areas, or soft spots, are an indication of bruised fruit. Many of the elements that build the liver, kidneys, skin, ligaments, and bones are found in green asparagus. Other popular varieties are the Howard 17 and the Marshall, which both originated in Massachusetts. Out of the rosette center grows a single, fleshy, scaly-coated fruit that is four to ten inches long.

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