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Reuters recently published an in-depth report on the validity of the claims that are made by CTCA in its advertising. For advanced colon cancer, CTCA claims that its 1.5 year survival rate is 11 points higher. The experts were unanimous that CTCA’s patients are different from the patients the company compares them to, in a way that skews their survival data. CTCA does not generally treat patients on Medicare or Medicaid, who are often in poorer health, because CTCA prefers privately insured patients who are generally wealthier and in better health. Just as important, CTCA only includes data from patients who received treatment at one of their locations for the full duration of their illness.
According to Reuters, the raw numbers of patients included in its statistics isn’t even close to the total number of patients that enter the facility. CTCA also appears to exclude the vast majority of its patients when it calculates survival data. Another issue with their data is that most of it stops at random time periods (1.5 years for colon cancer and 4 years for prostate cancer). And if their results are so great, and their treatment protocols are so advanced over other cancer centers, where is this published?
What is also troubling, other than the biased statistics, is that CTCA advertises using anecdotes, stories from patients where treatment is successful. There is just no evidence that nutritional supplements are useful treating (or preventing) cancer. Shang A, Huwiler-Muntener K, Nartey L, Juni P, Dorig S, Sterne JA, Pewsner D, Egger M. Are the clinical effects of homoeopathy placebo effects?
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Any threatening or harassing comments would be reported through the providers of the commenting system, whether it's Yahoo, Facebook, or WordPress. If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can contact me through the link on the home page of this website. Over the last 15 years, New Hope MedicalCenter has used very effective non-invasive therapies to treat thousands of patients. In survival results from 2004 to 2008 posted on its website, CTCA reported 61 patients with advanced prostate cancer, 97 with advanced breast cancer, 434 with advanced lung cancer, and 165 with advanced colon or rectal cancer. The reason they do this is that the 5 year survival rate, the most common measurement of survival, of CTCA appears to be statistically equivalent to SEER data. These are not trivial complaints and can effect the approval (or denial) of a new drug application to the FDA.
And let it be widely known, that cancer is treatable, and there is evidence that survival rates are increasing for many cancers, even when they don’t go to CTCA.
On the surface that might be true, but it’s not because other doctors ignore proper nutrition, but because of cachexia, which is loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, and significant loss of appetite and cannot be reversed nutritionally. Because they are selecting for wealthier patients, I’m sure the rooms are private and nice. Spent years in academics, business development, research, and traveling the world shilling for Big Pharma.
No one should receive a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation over the internet in any case. They can provide an appropriate diagnosis, then discuss your particular medical treatment options.
Once again, all decisions about vaccines should be done after a discussion with a licensed healthcare practioner who utilizes evidence-based medicine. If a law enforcement agency requested my records, they would be incapable of tying any IP address with any activity on this website. It has almost none who are uninsured or covered by Medicaid – patients who tend to die sooner if they develop cancer and who are comparatively numerous in national statistics. Be aware that homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other pseudoscience based woo-meisters are simply not knowledgeable about real diagnostic and treatment options, and should always be ignored. In effect, treatments that are both medical and alternative were made available.Basically, cancer treatments can be grouped into two.

And an anecdote or two or three from presumably real patients who describe their experience at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), a private, for-profit operator of cancer treatment hospitals and outpatient clinics which provide both conventional and alternative medical treatments.
In the same period, CTCA treated thousands of patients at its Zion facility alone, according to filings with state regulators. But will there be a better outcome, even if you’re one of those wealthy, privately-insured patients that they want?
The first one is medical based and the other one is alternative in nature.The medical treatments are the methods which are mostly administered by doctors and other medical professionals.
Included in their treatment plans are chiropractic and naturopathy, neither of which have any evidence whatsoever in providing any healthcare benefit to patients, let alone those suffering from cancer.
Our unique protocols are designed to aggressively eliminate cancer cells while simultaneously detoxifying the body, resulting in fewer negative side effects than solely traditional treatment options.From early stage to late stage cancer patients, New Hope‘s comprehensive alternative cancer treatments is personalized to address our patients’ individual DNA. Though many patients go for these types of treatments, the chances of getting a full recovery from these are very slim. Our plethora of cancer survivor stories speaks of the results of our pioneering alternative cancer treatments. New hope’s follow-up system ensures achievement of remission, allowing you to lead cancer-free lives for many years, even decades.Our protocol centers on non-toxic modalities which should empower the body to heal itself by normalizing its natural regulatory, repair and defense mechanisms. The remaining 96% do not make it because of the complications that come with it.On the other hand, there are alternative treatments which do not require medical assistance during administration. These are all combined together to produce a diet or a regimen that will control or prevent cancer from occurring.The emerging popularity of the second type of treatment gave rise to the establishment of alternative cancer treatment centers. These treatment centers offer safer, more effective and less expensive options for cancer patients. This means that the diet is controlled and certain herbal concoctions are taken on a regular basis.

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