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A blogger friend I hold in high esteem, Mel from brokeGIRLrich, left a comment on a recent post about what to do if you find yourself uninsured and in need of an ER. Some might say the Affordable Care Act leaves a lot to be desired… I’m one of those some, and you can check out those opinions right here. Well, this girl has been looking more and more into Health Care Sharing Ministries and I like what I see. Health Care Sharing Ministries are a cost sharing agreement among a group of people of the same faith. Starting in the 1960s with, no surprise here, the Amish, Health Care Sharing Ministries have been growing steadily ever since. If it can afford the entire amount, that’s the amount they send (imagine a doctor’s visit, a few lab tests, or even a broken ankle emergency room visit), if the amount is staggering, it will provide as much coverage as it can and alert the community of Ministry members to your need.
Members of the Ministry are updated on the groups medical bills via a digest that is published monthly. Keeping in mind that this is also a Christian ministry, it keeps members informed so they can pray for one another as well. Similar to insurance, different Health Care Sharing Ministries have different limitations or requirements. Be sure to carefully read the restrictions and research different Health Care Sharing Ministries thoroughly before joining any. In many states Health Care Sharing Ministries operate under “safe harbor laws.” Those states have statutes that specifically recognize the ministries and exempt them from insurance code penalties. Health Care Sharing Ministries are active in all fifty states, even in states without specific safe harbor laws. If you get coverage partially through the year though, the penalty may be pro-rated for the months you were not a member of the Health Care Sharing Ministry. As I mentioned above, each Health Care Sharing Ministry has slightly different guidelines on how to join, but most require you submit a written testimony of your relationship with Jesus Christ, along with a promise to live a Christian lifestyle that includes abstaining from drugs, drinking in moderations, not smoking and abstaining from sex outside of marriage. If you lie and ever have medical issues related to those catalysts, they will not be covered. Additionally, some Ministries will not accept people with any pre-existing conditions or who are in poor health.
There is a new member fee that seems to be between $100-300 (my research is by no means exhaustive, this is based off of the several I’ve personally been looking at). Monthly payments for a single person can range anywhere from $21-$400 – pre-existing conditions are taken into consideration when calculating this. Those interested in learning more can check out the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries,Medi-Share and Samaritan Ministries – the last two are rather large Health Care Sharing Ministries.
Also, I’d want to read the limitations very carefully about which procedures were covered. I’m not big into organized religion largely because of judgment and the activism behind those judgments.
Really hoping to gain eligibility for an employer sponsored plan that is extremely low cost and covers near everything in the near future. Abigail, I’m really sorry you had to go through ask of that, from the illness at 19 to the miscarriages. Chiropractic Research and Studies Chiropractic alternative medicine has been shown by scientific research to be safe, effective and saves time and money.
Infants and Chiropractic Chiropractic alternative medicine has also been shown to help newborns and infants with health issues. Headaches Chiropractic was found to be an effective treatment for people suffering from tension headaches in a 1995 clinical study.
For Alternative Health Care Entrepreneurs and those Who Choose Alternative Health Practices—Wake Up! Get notified for upcoming live video broadcasts about Transformation and your Highest Potential! The Alternative Health Field, which includes the field of energy healing and spiritual growth that I’m in, is about to take a big negative hit. The past 2 weeks I have been one of the people who has not been able to get enrolled for health insurance through the Affordable Health Care website. I was excited for the Affordable Health Care Act because I know so many people who teeter on the edge of financially solvency and would be wiped out if they needed a hip replacement or heart surgery. For more than two weeks I filled out the lengthy form, providing all kinds of information about my family of 3.
As an energy healer and spiritual transformation expert, I work with the brain and nervous systems as the foundations for consciousness at a physical level.
Many of the drugs that are part of today’s traditional health care regime interfere with brain and body chemistry. Once a person goes down the route of drugs for treating symptoms, it puts a serious crimp in their ability to truly heal and spiritually grow. Besides the ineffectiveness of most of the traditional medical solutions to truly improve and enhance your health, there is another very important and HIDDEN agenda here by the government (no it’s not a big conspiracy theory). Because I study and work energetically with systems, I always look at the intentions and belief systems embedded in a system.

The embedded belief system in the Affordable Health Care Act that I’m most particularly concerned about is the government believing that we, as a nation, will become sicker in the coming years.
From that belief system that a large majority of us are going to be getting sicker, comes the U.S. Good or bad, right or wrong, this piece of legislation is going to affect everyone in the U.S. I am quite brilliant at spotting new trends, but for guidance about how to work with those trends I go to my Higher Self and guides in a special intuitive session.
I offer a money back guarantee on the report, so if you don’t find the information helpful you can, of course, request a refund, which I’ll gladly give. If you think this report would be helpful for others in the alternative health care field, please share the link to this page with them. She was talking about her exploration into Health Care Sharing Ministries, something I had never heard of before.
Additionally, as a freelance stage manager I’m unlikely to wind up with employer sponsored coverage anytime soon. The members of the ministry pay in a certain amount each month and then that money is redistributed to those with medical bills among the group. They encourage the Christian (and I’m sure other faiths as well) mentality of sharing one another’s burdens and taking care of one another. They will then either pay out over the next few months as money comes into the Ministry, or members of the Ministry that are able may decide to contribute more that month to help you pay the bill.
Clearly there are many who may not want their medical bills made so public, in which case this is just not a group for you. Some of them require you to pay a co-pay for doctor’s visits, some have Annual Household Portions (the equivalent of a deductible) that you must meet first before submitting any bills, some have limits on the amount that can be paid out per medical incident.
On the plus side, if you can qualify for those Ministries, they often seem to be the ones with the lower monthly payments. Think it’s awesome when alternatives are available, and so glad Mel did the work to make this accessible here. What I found were unhappy members who weren’t happy with what they were covering (an example circumcision) and others were OK, but were not happy about this other thing.
The second hospital, where I stayed the longest, sent insurance a $70,000 bill for ONE of my doctors.
I just know that I had to switch to my mom’s insurance because I had used up my lifetime benefit amount.
I’m guessing that either would leave the consumer in a state, but at least with a ministry you might have some affluent, good hearted people that were willing to help. Abortion (or miscarriage involving the same procedure, or homophobia, the list could go on…) being one of them. Because we don’t want to pay the crazy tax penalties for the 2015 tax year (which would be more than our premium payments for the year,) and because if I was going to pay for health insurance anyways, I wanted to be able to actually use it. For a religious person, this sounds like a great way of providing healthcare at a reasonable cost. My family already has health insurance, which we hardly ever use because we focus on preventive care and health enhancement.
So I approached enrolling my family in the Affordable Health Care as empowered choice and not government mandate. Normally I can circumnavigate those kinds of challenges with my energy techniques and skills. I wasn’t getting blocked because the website had flaws—I was being blocked by my own Higher Self because it wasn’t the best way forward for me at this time.
Every single person in the United States will have health insurance that mostly promotes traditional medical practices. Consciousness must be able to expand and increase vibrationally for spiritual growth which in turn also leads to great physical health. This can block the ability to awaken to higher levels of spiritual growth, including higher levels of health and vitality.
And that is a major issue for the future of the health of our country, not to mention the health of the alternative health care field.
But if you are in the alternative health care field, you are going to have to develop new approaches to grow your practice.
If you are conscious of the embedded intentions and beliefs, there is a way to override them or flip them to your advantage, if they are not a good fit for you as an individual.
From the aging baby boomer group, to a growing population of obese people, to the assault on our biological DNA, these are challenges that we are facing globally as well as nationally.
I'd interpret the government’s actions to mean that they want to keep us drugged and complacent with our current status quo. The slow but growing movement toward health insurance companies insuring alternative health approaches is going to come to an abrupt stop for a while. If you don’t make a certain amount of income, the government will pay for part of your health insurance. So everyone is now signed up because to not sign up means you will be fined which is something that will increase every year.

Normally, I offer this type of information for free but, this is a very touchy subject and the government is listening. In the report, I offer their strategies for how to stay empowered in your health choices, how to market your alternative health business, information that you can use to educate your clients, and other tips so that you can be ahead of this trend instead of catching up to it. I do ask that you NOT share the report freely with others, because the act of exchanging energy ($20 for the report) unlocks a deeper level of the information and guidance for you and supports my intention to protect this information from those who aren’t ready for it yet. Product availability and pricing has changed and is different depending on where you are ordering from. The transparency is part of the accountability of the group and informs participants about where the money is going. If you do have a pre-existing condition, there are still plenty of Health Care Sharing Ministries that will admit you.
I’m not sure I follow the bingo thing entirely, though… is it because the funds are provided by the user base?
This would likely not be the plan for me, but for those that do hold these beliefs I support their right to hold them even if I ardently disagree.
We use energy healing, flower essences, essential oils, spiritual growth (yes that is a valid alternative health modality), exercise, herbal and other supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massage. Every time I hit that button the screen would tell me the system was down and to come back later. You’re not just being driven into health insurance (if you don’t have it already), you’re being driven into the traditional medical practices that, other than surgery, mostly promotes drugs for addressing symptoms not causes. Those of your clients, like me, who will pay for insurance and pay for alternative health care will continue to do so. If you are not conscious of them, though, they will be an energetic influence and factor in your life, affecting your spiritual free will and choice, your empowerment, your ability to manifest, your financial abundance and even your health!
That might be the case for other energies on the planet, but this particular legislation stemmed from the belief that in the next couple of decades we’ll really be hitting a huge tide of illness that could break the government’s financial back, unless people are insured. Whether you choose them for yourself individually or whether that is your business, you’ve got a major game changer to deal with.
What happens when the government says: Everyone must receive vaccines or they will be unable to receive government support of their health insurance. In the report is a free energy meditation and for a short time for free (next 5 days) the link to my book on Transformation. I think insurance companies rely on a similar though not identical model, sans the transparency about where funds are being spent. I also got respiratory care, physical and occupational therapy, a room, food and medications. And copays, deductibles, and out of pockets are not so high that we’ll be in financial ruin should anything happen. There is usually a waiting list for operations and treatments though but emergencies are dealt with brilliantly. We don’t live in a state like Washington or Oregon that allows some of these practices to be covered by health insurance, so we pay for all of it out of our own pockets. But I was being asked to pay attention to the information that wanted to come through about this major game changer in the United States. Anti-depressants don’t make you happier, they just make you not care that you aren’t happy.
But those who might consider alternative or holistic health care because they couldn’t afford traditional care (and then learned its value by experiencing it) are not going to be showing up. If everyone is getting health insurance because it is a government mandate, then there will not be a response to what we, the true clients, are asking for. Just like drugs, once you’re receiving an incentive for not changing (in this case your financial outcome), it’s more difficult to buck it and embrace the opposite.
Or this: Everyone must receive extensive genetic screenings for breast cancer and if the markers are there, must have your breasts surgically removed.
After payment make sure you stay on Paypal until it routes you to the page where you can download the report.
I think that doing so is the only way we can make educated decisions, whether an option is a good decision or not.
My intention for traditional health insurance is to be covered in the case of an unexpected event that would require traditional and expensive health measures.
It was like being stuck in the movie Groundhog’s Day, which is my most hated movie of all time. They are going to be flocking to the doctors and systems that they are now paying for at a bargain rate.
With this one I think it’s largely going to be based on your religious convictions and what other options, if any, are available to you.
Once a person is in the current traditional health system that treats symptoms versus building health, it can be very difficult to get out of it.

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