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Mom of 10 offers tips for raising children, saving money, homeschooling and living a Christian life.
Dropping our Blue Cross Insurance was the best thing we ever did–financially and ethically. We knew about Christian medical sharing programs, but were a little concerned they might not work as well in real life. We joined Samaritan’s Ministries about 4 years ago and have been beyond excited about the way it works and how it has benefited our family. Thus far in our experience with Samaritans, we have had our submitted medical bills covered 100% every time. Samaritan’s provides you with a membership card which you can present at the time of treatment.
Consider that if they had still been on their former insurance which only paid 80%, they would have had to pay $38,000 just on the price their self-pay was. I love the concept of Samaritan, and we were members for awhile, but this is not an automatic fit for every family. Samaritan Ministries requires a different mindset from the typical dependency on health insurance.
For us, $400 was a cheaper premium BUT we really save in that we almost always get 100% of our expenses covered. SM does allow for house churches as long as there are other members to allow for Biblical accountability. Dissenting comments are welcome only in the spirit of "iron sharpening iron"; hateful or angry responses will be removed at my discretion.
Affiliate Disclaimer: As required by the FTC, this is to let you know if you buy something as a result of clicking through any of the links within this site, I may be paid money as part of an affiliate program.
Last year, we canceled our Blue Cross Blue Shield plan because we found a better alternative to health insurance. We would’ve had the love and support of a community that really cares about its members.
We would’ve had a greater degree of freedom to explore the practitioners and treatments that we wanted.
So… as fate would have it, our son was diagnosed with a serious eye disorder a few months ago. We are free to choose all providers and we aren’t limited to a list of in-network physicians, therapists, labs, or hospitals. First things first, Samaritan is a Christian health sharing ministry and there are important eligibility criteria. If you have health insurance and don’t want it, your employer might give you a credit if you opt out. Up to 40 therapy treatments of all kinds (chiropractic, physical, occupational, cranial, etc) per medical need will be shared if ordered by a licensed provider.
Samaritan was prepared to share the purchase of a prescribed medical device, up to the cost and in lieu of the remaining allocation (now about 36) of in-office therapy sessions with that same device. As a self-pay patient, some providers will apply a meaningful discount if you offer to pay in full. Samaritan communicates and shares information by phone, e-mail, mobile app, and web portal. Look into Liberty HealthShare, which is another eligible health care sharing ministry under the Affordable Care Act.
Liberty has three different options that offer 70% or 100% cost sharing, up to $125,000 or $1 million per incident, with a $5 million lifetime limit. Liberty has special rules for pre-existing conditions and provisional membership status for those with chronic health conditions. Liberty allows members to worship in their own way as long as they believe that personal rights and liberties originate from God. Louise Kuo Habakus is the founding director of Fearless Parent™, lead host and producer of Fearless Parent Radio™, and mom of two. We also are with SM – one of the few Heath sharing options that share alternative approaches to healing.
Can one sign up for one of these as primary “insurance,” while keeping health insurance provided by the workplace as a backup for catastrophic issues?
We just signed up for Liberty and choose the most comprehensive option ($450 a month for family) – it covers up to 1 million per incident.
I would love to hear from those with pre-existing conditions and their experience with Samaritan or Liberty.
I shared about Samaritan before, and glad to hear more glowing reviews from those who did switch. That is true, Guilia… but my understanding is that any conditions with a separate diagnosis that arise following a pre-existing condition would be eligible to be shared.
Before you go on autopilot and renew your health insurance plan (it’s open enrollment time), take a few minutes to read about her experience. My understanding is that any conditions with a separate diagnosis that arise following a pre-existing condition would be eligible to be shared. I will see if I can find some autism families… seems it will be helpful to write a separate post about autism. If you read through both posts, you will get a good feel for how the program works and when something is no longer considered a pre-existing condition. With Samaritan, you actually feel like they’re on your side, doing their level best to help you publish expenses. Alternative medicine, holistic wellness and homeopathic remedies are becoming more and more commonplace.
In response, because of the increased customer demand for alternative treatments in addition to a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits and cost-effectiveness, an increasing number of insurance companies and managed-care organizations are covering some forms complementary and alternative medicine. A recent survey of 18 major HMOs and insurance providers, including Aetna, Medicare, Prudential, and Kaiser Permanente, found that 14 of them covered at least 11 of 34 alternative therapies.
Chiropractic Care – Coverage for those who visit a chiropractor to support their holistic wellness and to get healing therapy.
Acupuncture is an alternative medicine covered by a number of health insurance companies. Healing Massage Therapy – Some of the best holistic health insurance companies provide coverage for healing massage therapy and wellness treatments. Other therapies that are increasingly being included are herbal remedies, homeopathy, mind-body stress management, and meditation. Find out if there are exclusions, like a pre-set number of office visits for a specific condition.
Determine if co-payments are required, and if so, the amount to visit any holistic provider.
Make sure to ask the medical insurance provider if a referral from a primary care doctor is required before seeing an alternative medicine provider. The proposed legislation would allow doctors to incorporate alternative health providers in some treatment plans. Medicare has three main components; hospital care, pharmaceutical coverage and medical care.
In the case of chronic illness or disease, there are forms that can be filed by your physician that may result in all or part of the dental costs being covered by Medicare, but it can be a long shot. Clearly everyone needs to visit the dentist and have their teeth cared for but without insurance it can get expensive quickly. One of the best ways to find affordable Medicare dental insurance is to compare your options. What percentage of the various dental procedures are covered by the insurance and how much will you have to pay? It is important to compare what carriers are offering overall and not just to consider the monthly premium because it may not be reflective of the value of the insurance.

About MeLike every type of health care, there are contemporary western methods as well as natural or "alternative" ideas, and that pertains to dentistry as well. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Online USA Doctors has launched new cost-effective telemedicine based healthcare solutions that offer proper access to healthcare to help people avoid the financial challenges posed by the spiraling costs of health insurance. Online USA Doctors is the only site that provides healthcare and wellness solutions along with authoritative medical resources through telemedicine and online doctor consultations.
This one-stop-shop platform is now offering an affordable alternative to health insurance via the telemedicine platform. People are always flooded with information regarding different products and supplements from prescription drug companies and health stores. Online USA Doctors simplifies health through tools that ensure users always receive the right recommendations that are also personalized for them. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Like so many of the Republicans' health care reform proposals, capping damages in and otherwise restricting malpractice lawsuits isn't likely to have a big impact on health care costs, or on expanding coverage to the uninsured. The clinic staff continued to bungle her care, failing to alert an OB-GYN to the blood loss and McCall's resulting low blood pressure.
The Florida Supreme Court held that the law violated the state's constitutional guarantee of equal protection, and it expressed outrage that people like McCall and her family, who had suffered a tremendous, tragic loss, should have to bear the cost of egregious malpractice to enhance the fortunes of the health care and insurance industries. The Florida opinion strikes a blow at the House GOP's longtime assertion that restricting lawsuits by people maimed and killed by incompetent doctors would bring down health care costs.
The most recent records and reports of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, and the annual reports of medical malpractice insurers, confirm that not only has the number of insurers providing medical malpractice insurance coverage increased…the profits would probably shock most concerned. Indeed, between the years of 2003 and 2010, four insurance companies that offered medical malpractice insurance in Florida cumulatively reported an increase in their net income of more than 4300 percent. Even after seeing a huge spike in profits, the insurance industry, the court notes, continued to price-gouge doctors for malpractice insurance, charging OB-GYNs in Miami-Dade County more than $190,000 a year for $1 million in insurance coverage that it charged $98,000 for in other parts of the state. Mother Jones encourages readers to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus, or OpenID to comment.
Not only were our premiums becoming increasingly expensive, but we were still paying large sums out-of-pocket, all while much of our money went to greasing the great big Insurance Machine. Not to mention, I had been pregnant several times when we considered joining and thought our maternity care would not be covered. With insurance, the actual amount would have far exceeded that number and their out-of-pocket would as well. Members are offered the opportunity to give, in addition to their regular share, to these families to help cushion the expenses. Before, we not only had a higher premium, but we still had to pay a $1500 deductible PLUS 20% out of pocket. Why do some ministries exclude non-Christians or same sex married Christians or children born to mothers without paternal involvement? Those of you who know me won’t be surprised that these comments have kept me up the last couple of nights.
This came out of nowhere, during a routine eye exam for visual acuity by an eagle-eyed OD, and we were gobsmacked on every level. They will share plane travel and lodging for treatment that is not available locally or that will reduce costs. Samaritan will share expenses for an approved medical need that are not covered by your insurance company. If you have difficulty obtaining an itemized bill from a provider, The Karis Group will intercede on your behalf. Samaritan has one program for all members, with 100% cost sharing up to $250,000 per incident and no lifetime limits. While Groucho Marx famously said that he didn’t care to belong to any club that would have him as a member, most of us would prefer to be invited to the party. When we consider the varied ways that society has progressed, our memories may be seared by hatreds and fears, protests and wars, but we would do well to remember that profound shifts happen in the heart when there is a softening and an opening. We cannot find common ground and mutual understanding when we harden into our certainties and blast others with anger or self-righteousness. Aren’t we disappointed that our health care system is so broken and the solutions presented by government and corporations are, frankly, piss poor? It’s overpriced, wasteful, adversarial, and in many cases it is explicitly harmful because it incentivizes the wrong behaviors and treatments. And if you tell Samaritan that Fearless Parent™ (Louise #64821) sent you, and ditto for Liberty (Kelly Brogan #082186398), they’ll send us a small referral fee that will help support our work. She is a published author, runs the non-profit Center for Personal Rights, lectures widely, and has appeared in numerous media outlets, including ABC World News Tonight, Fox & Friends, and The New York Times.
Please note that we only ever endorse products or services that align with the Fearless Parent™ standards and that we believe will benefit our valued readers.
Here is yet another account of this person’s experience with Samaritan, AND also an option for those who are not Christian or do not meet some of the more narrow requirements for Samaritan. My husband pays $1,000.00 per month for our health insurance and as you are aware, we use alternative medicine which is not covered. For example, if Lyme weakens your condition so you develop a thyroid or kidney disorder, that is publishable. My friend is extremely gifted with the tenacity to leave no stone unturned when she is researching what is best for her family. For example, if Lyme weakens your condition so you develop a thyroid or kidney disorder or allergies, that is publishable. I am interested to know how they would handle services like speech, OT, PT, ABA or other less commonly covered things like neurofeedback, brain balance, homeopathy or even something like MRT.
So there’s no sharing for ABA, social skills, or communication deficits, but yes to colitis or Lyme disease or other diagnoses that are very often co-morbidities. Moreover, the savings generated from the expenses they do publish (that insurance never would) plus the savings in monthly payments (for those who switch) fund a sizable kitty for a lot of discretionary health and self-care spending. I had just found out about health sharing a few months ago and have been researching like crazy.
The increased awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle has resulted in a greater awareness about holistic wellness and a renewed interest in alternative medicine. It also includes language that some believe could require insurance companies to expand their coverage for alternative therapies, on which Americans now spend $34 billion a year. If you cannot qualify for the dental assistance under the Medicare program, you can find private dental insurance that can ease the burden of the expense of dental care. While pricing is typically similar, the benefits can vary greatly, and if you have to pay for dental insurance, you might as well ensure that you are getting top benefits for your money. For example, some insurance carriers will cut off benefits after X amount of money has been paid in any one year.
Many private carriers will not start paying on bills until you have met a certain minimum of payouts.
Consider that if you have to pay a few dollars more each month but will pay a smaller deductible or cost share, then it would be worth paying a little more each month. While many people ascribe solely to contemporary, conventional methods of dentistry, others are interested in exploring alternative dental ideas. Previous topics have included: pediatric ethics, controversies in end of life care, global health, healthcare disparities, and medical professionalism. Finding the correct solution is not only time consuming but also nerve wracking as gauging the effectiveness of these products is quite a tough process. Just ask the state of Florida, whose Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a law similar to the one House Republicans are pushing. But last week, Florida's Republican-dominated Supreme Court poked a giant hole in that hysteria. At the end of her pregnancy, she developed high blood pressure and preeclampsia, a dangerous condition that requires labor to be induced right away.
In fact, the ruling slams the state law's promoters, notably the insurance industry, for lying about the need for such caps and about their projected impact.

This scenario is what House Republicans would like to impose on the rest of the country as its alternative to Obamacare: boosting insurance company profits while leaving the victims of malpractice to fend for themselves. Help hold the powerful accountable by funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation today.
GOP Health Care Plan Is Still a DudThe GOP's only real alternative to Obamacare is a proposal to limit medical malpractice lawsuits. You will then receive checks from individual families (usually along with an encouraging note) for part of your submitted need until full amount is received.
Also a member, my Dad had a near-death experience when he had a massive heart attack and we rushed him to the ER. The note accompanying the check read that they had received more than they needed to cover the bill and he was actually having to return money to different members!
When you start sharing your positive experiences (and you will!), you’ll save more too. In fact, I wish I had signed up while I still had corporate health insurance coverage over a decade ago. Just ask any Samaritan member with a medical need who switched from health insurance about her experience during a health crisis and it will blow you away. Members for six short months, I dialed Samaritan, feeling a combination of sheepish, overwhelmed, and incredibly anxious.
For example, you will not be permitted to publish expenses for the Lyme disease that was diagnosed two years ago. If you are a small business owner who is obligated to pay through the nose for employee coverage, this might be the answer to your prayers. If we decide to sell the machine, we promise to send the proceeds to Samaritan to be shared with other members. Depending on the criteria, we can feel rebuffed, offended, or even disgusted by exclusionary rules.
We know about the unholy alliances with drug companies, academic institutions, and government bureaucrats.
They did write in a pre-existing condition clause for any future omphaliceles (?) and for anything related to his hearing as he failed his hearing test due to operator error. This is a real consideration for someone looking for alternatives to regular health care costs.
I am guessing that a family like ours would never really be able to escape regular health insurance coverage, but using this as a secondary option to help pay for all of the remaining balances of out of network expenses seems like a good option to explore.
Detox and supplements must directly relate to the eligible medical or injury diagnosis and prescribed by the provider. Samaritan is the one I keep leaning towards but didn’t know anyone who actually had it. Many of the alternative methods claim to be drawn on ancient concepts, or they embrace natural ideas such as using essential oils.
They also provide users with day-or-night access to licensed physicians and friendly service staff regardless of their location.
More often than not, online searches lead to more questions than answers and the biggest disadvantage is that there is absolutely no personal interaction throughout the process. Current pricing estimates indicate that these plans help peoples save as much as 75% of the money that they would otherwise have to spend on major medical health insurance coverage.
According to the Post, the new plan, roundly panned, is really just a compilation of the same old health care proposals that Republicans have been floating for years, including allowing the sale of insurance plans across state lines, high-risk insurance pools, and, notably, restrictions on medical-malpractice lawsuits. After some missteps by the clinic, McCall finally delivered a healthy baby boy, but she lost a significant amount of blood in the process. Her family sued the federal government, and a district court judge found that they should be awarded $2 million in compensation for McCall's pain and suffering. During this time of greatly compromising churches where it has been near impossible to find a church that isn’t involved in major heretical teaching, we do wish that we could use fellow believers to hold us accountable to obedient living rather than having the SM requirement to attend a (disobedient) church. We are sharing needs with other Christians instead of putting our trust in a huge corporation.
We recently had a home birth with our fourth baby and every expense (including my doula) was covered. It took me the better part of a year to make the switch because I was afraid to cut the cord (and my husband thought I was nuts). A stranger in this new community reached out through the phone to hold my hand and offer up a fervent prayer for guidance and healing. Most recently, I sent in documentation for expenses incurred in October (and one from September; it took awhile to get the superbill) by October 28, to make sure it was received by October 31. This post is not the place to take on a debate about same sex marriage or reproductive rights. We are tired of the scale of corruption and back channel dealmaking… not to mention the multi-gazillion dollar pay packages of the corporate CEOs running these behemoths. Hyperbaric, physical, occupational, speech, vision, and analogous therapies related to injury or disease are publishable. Personally, I am extremely interested in the natural movement, but I also (obviously) see the merit of contemporary dental practices. He is also a University Scholar at Resources for the Future in Washington, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Studies in Boston, a Senior Fellow at the Schaeffer Center at University of Southern California, and an editor at the Journal of Law and Economics. Online USA Doctors is primarily geared towards helping people avoid the spiraling costs of healthcare by offering them an intelligent alternative to health insurance, through telemedicine. But the judge was forced to reduce the award to $1 million as a result of Florida's cap on noneconomic damages in wrongful death cases. But the insurance industry never passed them on to doctors or consumers; it pocketed the profits. This means that members may voluntarily send checks to help defray non-publishable expenses.
In over 20 years of operation, Samaritan’s Save to Share program has been more than sufficient for needs that have exceeded $250,000.
Maybe you belong to a likeminded group or values-aligned community where you gather in solidarity for support, encouragement, and joyful expression of your beliefs.
We’ve had all of our needs met and have been able to help others have their needs met.
We are currently developing our own company and, Lord willing, will be self employed in the near future. Hello, Health Care Sharing, which provoked a lot of interesting discussion and some intrepid defectors who joined us (read the blog comments).
Most members send their monthly shares by the third week, so I can expect to receive October’s expenses by mid- to end-December.
I am going to look at the most modern dental practices, and I am going to put them beside alternative ideas.
His law and economics research focuses on models of judicial behavior measuring the welfare impact of laws, and his health economics research focuses on the value of medical innovation and insurance, control of infectious disease, and placebo effects. Malani’s research has been published in journals from a number of different fields, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Journal of Political Economy, the Harvard Law Review and the Archives of Internal Medicine. Why not create another ministry that includes those who are excluded and work from that space? Follow signs to Billings Auditorium, Room P-117.Parking can be found on the street or at the parking lot on 55th and Ellis Ave.

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