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Bobby Vaughn, the third person reported in recent weeks to be battling a flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis in Georgia, is facing his sixth surgery Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. After five surgeries, Vaughn said that more than two pounds of tissue has been removed around his groin area to stay ahead of the disease. A landscaper by trade, Vaughn said he became sick after receiving a small cut a few weeks ago on his leg near his groin while trimming some weeds. As for Copeland, she remains in ‘critical’ condition after receiving multiple amputations last week. In a third case of necrotizing fasciitis, Lana Kuykendall contracted the bacteria after giving birth to twins in an Atlanta hospital.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, doctors say that the cases are independent of one another and have no common cause or link. According to a Facebook post by Copeland’s father, her condition has been improving and she is now breathing on her own.

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