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Alternative Therapy Courses was started with the aim to promote and educate in the art of Alternative Therapy. It has been mutually decided between both the parties (Mahatma Gandhi University & Bharat Sevak Samaj) to run collaborated Courses with the given eligibility criteria. One year Diploma Holder of BSS Community College after Tenth Standard, shall be admitted in first year of Associate Degree Course of MGU under Skill Development Programs. Two year Diploma Holder of BSS Community college after Tenth, shall be admitted in 2nd year of Associate Degree Course of MGU under Skill Development Programs. Two years Diploma holder from BSS Community college after Tenth Standard will be admitted in first year of any UG Course of MGU with BPP Program as per UGC Norms.
One year Diploma holder from BSS Community College after Twelfth Standard, will be admitted in Second year of any UG Course of MGU but student have to write the exempted year examinations. Bikram- preformed in a 105 degree studio to create more flexibility, prevent injuries, and detox the body. Iyengar- centered on proper alignment of the body while holding specific postures for long periods of time.  Benefits- endurance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Kripaula- often called “gentle yoga,” brings balance into the body by focusing on relaxation.
Applications- Headaches, depression, anxiety, systemic effects, mental health, and musculoskeletal benefits on the body have been seen with the practice of yoga.  Research is currently being tested on the use of yoga in complementary intervention for treatment of cancer, cardiac conditions, and asthma.
Yoga believes that disease is caused by an insufficient life force (nerve impulse) to the organs.  Disruption or blockage of flow to any part of the body places the body at risk for infection and disease, but when the spine and body are flexible, vitality and health can be achieved.
I plan to offer wellness classes as webinars + videos on CAM topics and more in the future.  Stay tuned!
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Alternative Medicine Workshops and Class Offerings: These are some of the available alternative medicine workshops and classes that are available by Phoebe Allwell throughout the United States and in Australia. The Creation Codes are tiny sacred mathematical constructs that create our DNA; they are the building blocks and foundation of human life and all existence. Your cellular DNA was originally created from Divine Creation Codes.They [Creation Codes] are the primal building blocks of all existence.
Phoebe will prepare your subtle energy body to receive the direct transmission and initiation of your individual Creation Codes. The transmission and initiation you will receive in this workshop will evolve both your physical form and your subtle energy body, increasing your frequencies, power and potential, which will directly, positively affect your work with clients. Sometimes children need to talk about their unseen friends or spiritual experiences and their innate knowingness.
When aspiring doctors head off to school, they can expect to take a lot of science classes. The procedures that constitute evidence-based medicine are constantly changing, as studies are always proving that new treatments are effective. This lack of scientific evidence does little to dissuade people from trying alternative therapies, and it certainly won't convince those who have had success with one of the treatments.
If you decide to try alternative medicine, you should speak to a doctor beforehand, even if that seems counterintuitive to the idea of trying something outside of the medical community.
Blogging e-Health serves as an online information resource for those interested in learning more about healthcare and general medicine in the scope of today's technology driven, web 2.0, world.
There has been a lot of interest lately in alternative medicine (sometimes called complementary medicine). Get a foundation in alternative and completmentary medicine by learning different views of alternative medicine. Issues in complementary and alternative medicine from The Open University explores why people turn to alternative medicine, and looks at different health traditions.
Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) from the National Institutes of Health defines complementary and alternative medicine and looks at cases studies that illustrate its role in modern medicine. Introducing Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine is a PDF from Liebert Online, which provides a look at a possible method of teaching alternative medicine.
Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine from UTMB provides a PowerPoint presentation about alternative medicine, its uses and terminology. Curriculum in Integrative Medicine presents helpful information on alternative therapies and how they can be integrated with current Western medical techniques. The Duty of Oriental and Western Medicine provides an interesting look at the underlying philosophies of many alternative therapies, and how it differs from traditional Western medical thought.

While not alternative medicine per se, these open courseware classes can help you learn about the body and get a feel for how physiology works. Human Growth and Development from Tufts University offers an excellent introduction to the way we grow and develop as humans — from birth to death. General Human Anatomy from the University of California Berkeley provides useful information about how the body is organized. Introduction to Biology from MIT will give you a foundation for how the body works, as well as how it might be influenced by a number of factors.
General Biology from Johns Hopkins University is a great complement to the MIT course, and can further help your understanding of biological systems in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes a number of health practices based on ancient Chinese medical beliefs and traditions. An Introduction to Acupuncture from the National Institutes of Health offers a great overview of how acupuncture works, and how it can be used in medicine practices.
Acupuncture Point Location is a helpful study of specific points on the body that are used acupuncture. The Zang-Fu Theory from TCM Basics offers a helpful overview of the function of organs in the body from a traditional Chinese standpoint. Developing a Personal Plan for Health and Well-Being from the University of Minisota helps you create a plan, using holistic principles, to improve your health. Homeopathy Elementary Course from looks at how homeopathy works, and provides resources and materials that can help you begin applying these principles. Holistic Pediatrics from UTMB goes through the ways you can use holistic medicine to complement health practices with children.
Herbs and Other Dietary Supplements from the National Institutes of Health provides an overview of how herbal dietary supplements interact with body and can enhance health. Critical Analysis of Popular Diets and Dietary Supplements from Johns Hopkins University offers a balanced view of herbs and what they can accomplish.
Botanical Medicines from the University of Minnesota focuses on the way naturally occuring plants and minerals can provide treatment help. Manipulative and Body-Based Therapies: Chiropractic and Spinal Manipulation from the National Institutes of Health focuses on the basics chiropractic medicine and spinal manipulation.
Massage from the University of Minnesota looks at how massage can help with a number of ailments.
Osteopathy from the University of Minnesota provides information on osteopathy, which deals with the musculoskeletal system and its manipulation. Healing Touch from the University of Minnesota explores how you can use touch to manipulate energy centers in the body and help others heal. Overview of Meditation from the University of Minnesota takes you through proper meditative practice, and explores how it can help your health. Challenging ideas in mental health from The Open University looks at ways that alternative medicine views of the mind’s connection with the body might help from a mental health perspective. Health and Sprituality from the National Institutes of Health provides insight into how spirituality connects with our ability to heal and enjoy better health. Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora from MIT addresses how health practices have changed in Africa since the introduction of Western medicine. Learn about using alternative and complementary means to treat different diseases and ailments. Breast Cancer from Suite 101 deals with keeping breasts healthy and includes some alternative treatments for breast cancer. Alternate Approaches to Healing from the University of Washington covers the way different complementary practices can help ease a number of diseases and ailments.
Clinical Aromatherapy from the University of Minnesota looks at how the alternative practice of using properly chosen smells can help aid in the treatment process.
Gingko biloba, fish oil and brain games — all have been touted as ways to stave off Alzheimer’s disease.
UC Irvine Health offers dozens of classes, seminars and support groups to help you live well.
It’s meant to relax, calm, and alleviate built up tension within.  But, it’s not time to return to work just yet!
During the 19th century, Hindu monks are said to have brought yoga to the States.  By the early 1980’s it became a popular form of physical exercise. This method uses 26 postures.  Benefits- created to increase muscular strength and endurance, weight loss, and promote circulation.

Carried out in 3 stages, this type of yoga focuses on the spiritual and emotional blockages within the body. This workshop will help you sense, experience and explore the way you perceive energy in a supportive and safe environment.
These Divine Codes exist through all time and space, holding all of creation in its purest form for the Remembrance of Who You Are.
Through this transmission, your personal Codes will reconfigure your human genetic cellular structure (DNA) for the optimal evolution of your physical and energy bodies.
An environment such as this will help them express, experience and deepen their unique sense of self. These courses, combined with rotations and residencies, prepare them for the practice of evidence-based medicine -- that is, medical procedures and treatments that have been validated by the scientific method through rigorous, controlled testing. Many alternative therapies have side effects and can cause negative interactions with other medications.
This includes acupuncture, some herbalism and philosophies about the flow of energy through the body. This includes the mind and the spirit, as well as taking into account external and internal factors that may be causing a lack of balance in the body.
This course also looks at the African beliefs relating to the body and the mind and the concept of holistic health. As part of your pain management strategy, find a doctor who treats you as a whole, and see a mental health provider with whom to share your feelings and learn coping techniques. Take a class, join a group or attend a lecture, and allow us to be your partner in well-being. You’re still on vacation.  So, keep your mind focused, your attitude adventurous, and lets keep traveling! Her love for helping people through education about anatomy and physiology drives her to continue to share her experiences and knowledge with others as they pursue their journey towards health and restoration! You will learn how to center yourself using unique skills and qualities that you may then bring to your work and relationships. They are being introduced at this time for the evolution of humanity and the planet by Phoebe Allwell, pioneer and creator of the Codes of Remembrance, Codes of CreationT transmission and teachings. Your personal frequencies will be upgraded, enhancing your life's journey from here forward.
Alternative medicine refers to practices that fall outside that realm and includes ayurveda, acupuncture, massage, magnet therapy and herbal remedies such as ginseng, gingko and echinacea. While it can be harder to get funding to study an alternative therapy, the studies that have been done on alternative medical therapies have received the thumbs-down from the scientific community. John's wort, for example, is thought to be worth a try in dealing with mild depression -- but there's no evidence that any treatment should be a substitute for doctor's orders.
An interest in returning to the roots of medicine and learning more about these practices is natural right now. Complementary medicine open courseware can help you learn about using the connections between mind, body and spirit to enhance treatment.
We will explore what happens in the first moments of contact in relationships including client and therapist, from an energetic perspective. Alternative medical practices usually include an emphasis on spirituality, natural elements and the mind-body connection. Most of these studies had serious defects in methodology, sample size or interpretation of data [sources: Sampson, Broad]. At best, these alternative therapies may work because of the placebo effect; people see the results because they want to. While there may be a stereotype that major pharmaceutical companies are out for money, the alternative medical field is just as full of people out to make a quick buck.
There will be demonstrations and didactic work exploring skills you already use within your practice and your life.
Acupuncture is the one of the few alternative medical practice to receive some credibility; though studies have shown it's effective at reducing pain, doctors don't know how or why.
In recent years, up to 75 percent of gingko biloba supplements have been shown to not contain the stated percentage of the active ingredient [source: Broad].

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