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Alternative Therapy Courses was started with the aim to promote and educate in the art of Alternative Therapy.
This is a free service reserved for AMCC graduates that are actively practicing alternative medicine. If you think your site or blog might be of interest to our visitors, contact us and we will exchange banners. Learn more about the CCHM family and begin your journey into classical Hahnemannian homeopathy. A video from that impromptu showcase session, taken by Dennis DaCosta, is posted on Youtube and can also be viewed on her website.
So, a€?Wowa€? being the operative term, when the opportunity to feature her presented itself, we jumped at it.
Layah grew up in the east end of Toronto in an area called a€?The Beaches,a€? near Lake Ontario.
This was the point at which Layah connected with long-time friend, Oliver Johnson, to handle the studio end of making the demo. As Oliver recounts it, he was lucky to have gotten supportive parents in both his father and stepdad. When he was at his fathera€™s house, theya€™d jam till the wee hours and sometimes the police would come. In order to learn musical theory, Oliver approached a guitarist, Wayne Cass, to show him what he needed to know to get into the Humber jazz program. Toward the end of his first year at Humber, he damaged his hand while moving a heavy table. At a certain point, the road started to wear Oliver down and he decided to focus on production.
At this point, Layah approached Oliver to produce the demo for which shea€™d gotten a grant. In the statement that follows, we can see the wheels turning as she weighed her options: a€?I came home knowing that I really wanted to pursue music and I made my first recording. Layah enrolled in and completed a three year program at The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine and received a DSHomMed, Homeopathic Certification. While involved with her studies she was pursuing music as well, performing quite a bit with Oliver.
Not strictly a purist, she believes that a mixture of alternative and traditional Western medicine, a€?the best of both worlds,a€? according to each patienta€™s needs is the best solution. For two or three years, Layah and Oliver remained friends while they played music together.
Layah says that Oliver has influenced her, injecting some jazz, R & B, soul and funk, given that he had gone on tour with some of the better Canadian players in that realm.
Ita€™s easy to see why The Ontario Arts Council, and the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR) came through with grants at critical moments. Additionally, Acoustic Live will be hosting its own annual guerrilla showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and wea€™ll get to watch Layah and Oliver play a set in our own room. The new CD, Honey, from Layah and Oliver is just about ready for release and wea€™ve gotten to hear a few sample songs. When Oliver was 9, his mother married a Canadian folk artist, a childrena€™s songwriter, and he then split his time between Toronto and New Hampshire. After high school, following her year of touring and playing, the artistic and practical sides of Layah collided. We here in the Northeast can thank our lucky starsA  for a number of chances to see her live. My dad has also taken Arsenicum Album to treat the burning sensations and inflammation produced by radiation treatment. The religion and anthropology courses have ultimately fostered a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures and beliefs, which I believe is an integral feature of a successful homeopath.
Living in New Zealand for 6 months and studying the Maori culture taught me a lot about Indigenous healing traditions, and motivated me to pursue Canadian Indigenous cultural studies when I returned home. Ultimately, my goal is to open my own Wellness center that features a homeopathy practice, holistic nutrition counseling, isolation tanks and a yoga studio.
During the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, he said, a€?Youa€™ve got to head over to the DJsa€™ afternoon meeting. He played Bruce Cockburn, Joni Mitchell, Dire Straits, The Pointer Sisters, Bruce Springsteen, The Beach Boys, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush a€¦ I never did any rebelling against my parentsa€™ choice of music. The question concerning what direction to take with her life still hung in the air and she appears to have approached it with a calm deliberation in incremental stages.
Although music was primarily a hobby, he had an array of musical instruments in the living room, including a drum kit. Hea€™d jam with friends at his dada€™s all summer and then spend the school year with his mother and stepdad in Toronto.
Hea€™s still amazed at the way his father would cajole the officers, claiming the sound wasna€™t all that bad. He never really studied a€¦ until he went to Humber College in Toronto, which has a program similar to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Cass was a€?a great guitar player and a great teacher,a€? a favorite that Oliver would watch play in clubs. He found a partner and opened up a studio that, today, works predominately on television projects. She got the grant for her first demo and began recording, but decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in homeopathy as well. In addition, some readers might remember the Dove Self Esteem Funda€™s 2006 a€?True Colorsa€? TV Campaign. Each time Layah had any doubts about music as a chosen path, every time she needed it, a grant would come through. Layah had to put the guitar aside and let Oliver provide the instrumental accompaniment solo.
When I touched on this, Oliver demurred, saying that Layah had brought her own wide range of influences for him to have had all that much effect on her sense of style. Layah and Oliver will be playing Music on 4 in Manhattan on November 18th and Our Times Coffeehouse on Long Island on November 19th. Theya€™ll also play a formal Tricentric showcase and numerous other showcases (see the performance list below). Layah will always have a keen ear for the vagaries of love and relationships, but she has her eye on the fate of humankind as well. During the 2009 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, he said, a€?Youa€™ve got to head over to the DJsa€™A  afternoon meeting. TheA  question concerning what direction to take with her life still hung in the air and she appears to have approached it with a calm deliberation in incremental stages. Hea€™d jam with friends at his dada€™s all summer andA  then spend the school year with his mother and stepdad in Toronto.
He never really studiedA  a€¦ until he went to Humber College in Toronto, which has a program similar to Berklee College of Music in Boston.
Her soaring, pitch-perfect vocals and melodic sense are mesmerizing.A  Then, therea€™s the writing. Layah and Oliver will be playing Music on 4 in Manhattan on November 18th and Our Times Coffeehouse on Long Island onA  November 19th. While entirely independent traditions, over the past four years I’ve learned that yoga and homeopathy share many fundamental principles and complement each other enormously.
Ashwagandha, a popular homeopathic remedy, was prescribed to boost his immune system over the course of chemotherapy.
Being able to form a trusting relationship is such an important part of assessing and diagnosing each case in both a scientific and intuitive manner, and this can only be accomplished by a homeopath who is open, accepting and approachable. Consequently, I have a much greater capacity to appreciate holistic medicine, and even though Homeopathy is only a 200 year old practice, it appears to align with many Indigenous practices and values concerning the mind, body and spirit.
Isolation tanks provide a lightless, soundless sensory deprivation experience, where subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. When I started taking piano lessons at home at 8 years old, I started studying show tunes, so I could sing along with what I was playing, and I got into musicals.
Their families were close friends and theya€™d have various holiday dinners, celebrating a variety of spiritual doctrines together as they saw fit. During those 3 months, he got a job in a computer store that sold software for digital recording. During the first few years of pursuing music, I had some questions about how it would pan out and whether this really was a good spot for me.
Both practices aim to rid the body of blockages that prevent the natural flow of energy throughout. Throughout this journey with my father, I’ve often questioned modern, mainstream cancer treatments, especially the way they are pushed onto cancer patients in a way that makes them afraid of pursuing alternative medicine alongside or even instead of. Studying biopsychology, with an emphasis on neuroanatomy, has provided me with an understanding of drug responses that I feel is essential for a career in homeopathy. Similarly, a 10-day “Awaken the teacher within” yoga course in Costa Rica at a self-sustainable permaculture farm informed me about medicinal plants and living free of toxins. Used primarily for relaxation and meditation, isolation tanks are considered forms of “alternative” medicine and have been found useful in cases of depression and post traumatic stress disorder. We have home videos of me prancing around in my diapers, singing along with the music that he loved.
He learned about the software and about producing and, as an employee, was able to purchase the software at an affordable price.
The a€?lemonade-from-lemonsa€? character of both accidents might lead one to believe that a certain magic guided them.
Ultimately, the presence and absence of these blockages govern the state of health within the body. I’m interested in learning more about homeopathy and cancer and someday specializing in this area of research. This is because, in our modern society, I anticipate that many of my future patients will come seeking homeopathic medicines while being on other medications, so it is important to have a working knowledge of all drug mechanisms. A trip to an Indigenous reserve in Costa Rica to speak with a Shaman about traditional remedies has opened my eyes to a different kind of healing.

With these dreams in mind and acting as strong motivations, I look forward to studying at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.
Their style is what might be termed a€?jazzy folk.a€? I asked if shea€™d be singing for the DJs and she responded that it had already taken place. In 3 months, Oliver learned everything he needed to know to get into Humber, entering at age 22.
When it came time to re-enroll in school, he was tapped to play for a group that toured all over Canada. Stepping off the stage during a pause, she fell when the overturned plastic bin that was placed as a makeshift step collapsed [too late for a lawsuit at this point, I suppose]. The removal of such blockages is achieved through working with the energy currants and centers of the body. Having taken research methods, statistics and epidemiology courses at Queen’s, while also having volunteer experience as an epidemiologist’s research assistant, I understand the research process and I always encourage people to read reputable studies before consuming anything.
Other courses I have taken, such as the politics of health and illness, really influenced my decision to abandon long-standing dreams of medical school and instead focus on a career in holistic health. I’ve learned about the importance of keeping these culturally significant and traditional forms of medicine alive.
He learned a lot of theoretical things that allowed him to communicate ideas, rather than hashing them out by demonstrating on the guitar. He chose that and, between playing on the road and producing when he got home, he never went back to school.
Even though Ia€™m primarily pursuing music at this point, it enriched my life in such a great way, in terms of being able to help myself and my family and friends and broadening my understanding of the human body. I first learned about this energy in yoga, where it was referred to as Prana, and I later became acquainted with the homeopathic term Vital Force. I find the collection of literature surrounding homeopathy to be controversial and highly unrepresentative of it’s true healing abilities. My older sisters, who both work in hospital settings, constantly complain of the negative politics of their environments, both on patient interaction levels and on higher levels pertaining to budgeting. I think that the practice of homeopathy offers to us what most modern medicine can’t—it connects us with the traditional medicinal uses of plants and allows us to take control of our health in a way that is non invasive, customized and individualized.
A couple of other interested presenters showed up, as I suggested we go to my own guerrilla showcase room.
Essentially, both of these terms are synonymous with the well-known Chinese medical term Chi.Therefore, through yoga I was introduced to the harmonious flow of energy throughout the body and most importantly, I learned that increasing this flow is the key to achieving greater levels of physical, mental and emotional states of health and wellbeing. Whether this is due to the experiment design or researcher biases, I feel that the practice of homeopathy deserves a fair reassessment. Homeopathy appeals to me because not only can I be self-employed, more importantly I can establish long-lasting relationships with my patients in which I can follow their progress and actually feel a sense of accomplishment when they are healed. It seeks to identify the root cause and eliminate it, in other words it does not just provide a “band-aid” solution.
Thus, about six of us got our very own private Layah Jane showcase performance a€” about 3 songs.
It wasna€™t like one day it occurred to me, a€?Oh, I could do this.a€™ It just naturally grew, I think. I became curious then, about the ability to control this flow through medicine, and that’s when I started reading books on Ayurveda and Homeopathy. Therefore, I’m not only interested in the clinical practice of homeopathy but also in furthering its research. Often these “band-aid” solutions that modern medicine offers create more barriers for the body to self- heal.
In a hospital environment, medical professionals like my sisters are often bombarded with patients who are constantly in a state of ill health, and they are rarely able to witness their recovery, let alone attribute that recovery to their own work. For example, the body employs many mechanisms during a common cold that we are then instructed by doctors to repress.
These testaments, combined with my own experiences volunteering in a hospital, have led me to pursue a holistic health career outside of a traditional hospital setting. My understanding of many homeopathic remedies is that they act as complimentary to the body’s natural defense mechanisms. In concert, sometimes she sings solo with just Oliver on guitar and on some songs, she and Oliver both play guitar. I wrote in the following montha€™s NERFA wrap-up issue: a€?Shea€™s like Diana Krall with a guitar. Layah Jane would be the result.a€? On paper, that might not seem like much, but seen live, it packs quite a wallop. Additionally, it happens that Oliver is a brilliant, seasoned guitarist, having toured Canada with top-of-the-line acts.

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