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While doctors are schooled in traditional Western medicine, a growing number like Michelfelder are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to stay healthy, then integrating the techniques into their medical practices.
A study published in the online version of Health Services Research in August found that 76 percent of health care workers and 83 percent of doctors andĀ nursesĀ used CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine), compared with 63 percent of the general population. Doctors who work in hospital integrative medicine departments or use CAM methods in their own practices say their referrals from other physicians have been steadily increasing, though many physicians are still reluctant to suggest it. Doctors themselves might contribute to this problem by narrowly believing in what they were taught in medical school and adopting paternalistic attitudes towards their patients. About Jonathan BechtelOwner of Health Kismet, maker of Incredible Greens, a green superfood supplement that combines 35 different raw greens, herbs, probiotics, grasses and fruits into a sweet tasting powder.
I come with my parents to the hospital sometimes (who are terminally ill), and at times I feel like the doctors are using my mom as a convenient way to play with their toys. Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and the founder of Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures green, red and purple nutrient powders.
A receptionist answers 24 hours a day and if I'm available they'll transfer the call to me. These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. YourHealth centres are medical practices providing high quality Integrative Medicine services to achieve the best possible health outcomes. YourHealth owns and manages four Integrative Medicine centres across the eastern states of Australia. Each YourHealth practice is subtly different based on the services provided, yet all of them house unique teams of highly experienced medical and allied health practitioners that work together to provide personalised medical attention and long-term healthcare through a vast array of holistic healthcare services.
YourHealth practitioners typically start with a comprehensive diagnosis of your health, from which they devise a personalised treatment program with you. For details of our Services, Centres and Practitioners please click on the relevant links below.
The term Alternative Medicine means form of medicine that is outside the main stream of western medicine.
I will be very interested in doing further AMCC courses and even a research Ph D as soon as possible. VOTED ORANGE COUNTY'S BEST NATUROPATHIC DOCTORSHealing and Health The Way Nature Intended It!
Our Naturopathic Doctors offer specialized natural methods or alternative medicine, holistic Medicine and natural services, including allergy elimination, natural hormone therapies, specializes in detoxification and heavy metal detoxification, parasite treatment, natural hormone replacement therapy, women;s hormone therapy, men's hormone therapy, thyroid health and naturopathic medicine, intravenous vitamin and mineral therapies along with our individually designed holistic alternative medicine and natural supplements with absollutely NO fillers.
Naturopathy and naturopathic medicine, is the fastest growing of all the alternative healing disciplines. Natural Health Assessment- This includes a physical exam with Face,Tongue and Nail Analysis, live or dried blood analysis, Iridology and Sclerology exam, Urine and Saliva testing, nutritional diet and supplement recommendations. Body Composition Analysis - This may include hormone therapy for weight reduction, supplements for weight loss, and emotional support for excess weight tied to deep rooted emotions. Many Greek medical ideas were adopted by the Romans and Greek medicine had a huge influence on Roman medicine.
Greek Medicine revolved heavily around the theory of the Four Humours and texts by Hippocrates and his followers (Hippocratic Writings), who were all Greek. Ancient Roman medicine was a combination of physical techniques using various tools and holistic medicine using rituals and religious belief systems. The fifteen-year civil war that directly following the assassination of Julius Caesar led to significant medical innovations. The first Roman Medical Corps was formed by Emperor Augustus, and as he gave land grants, dignified titles, and special retirement gifts to the doctors, the profession lost its shoddy aspect and became respectable. Ancient Roman medicine was, surprisingly, incredibly similar to that of the late nineteenth century. Similarly, Ancient Roman surgeons had a wide range of painkillers and sedatives to help in surgery, including extracts of opium poppies (morphine) and of henbane seeds (scopolamine). The Romans did not yet really understand how germs related to disease, but they did use many of the techniques that killed germs, techniques that were not reinvented until much later. Similarly, they invented sophisticated permanent hospitals, with specialized rooms for different tasks, and with isolation of some patients from others to reduce the spread of disease. In the case of the Roman army, it is clear that it was the wartime doctors that created most of the innovations because they were organized, they were distributed throughout the Empire, they were careful about capturing and spreading any new information or technique that worked, and they were highly motivated by the great loss of life suffered by their soldiers during the many battles. Some doctors charged excessive prices for the most worthless medicines and drugs, and others in the craft attempt to deal with and treat diseases they obviously do not understand. The aristocrats had physicians as servants or visited the private physicians willing to pay their high prices. Roman Medics studied medical texts by Hippocrates, who came from the Greek Island of Cos and is generally regarded as the Father of Medicine.
Archaeological sites have produced many implements used in ancient Roman surgery - some dating to 460 BC.
The Hippocratic Oath is an oath historically taken by physicians, physician assistants' and other healthcare professionals swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly. Soranus was a Greek physician, born at Ephesus, who lived during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian (AD 98-138). A stone mural of Roman legion depicts a fellow solider helping another remove probably an arrow from his leg with a pair of pinchers.
Ancient scalpels had almost the same form and function as their modern counterparts do today. The four bronze scalpels which make up columns two and four are generally referred to as "bellied scalpels." This variety of scalpel was another favorite of physicians in antiquity since the shape of its handle allowed more delicate and precise cuts to be made. Hooks, long thin metal instruments were used as probes and the maneuvering small pieces of tissue more easily. Bone drills, looking like wine cork screws were used to remove diseased bone tissue from the skull and extract sizable foreign objects such as a weapon from a bone. In the case of impaction of the foetal cranium, the head may be opened with a sharp instrument and the pieces of the skull removed with bone forceps. Used for levering fractured bones into position and may have been used for levering out teeth. One of the most spectacular, if fearsome looking, Roman medical instruments is the vaginal dilator or speculum (dioptra). Catheters, long metal tubes, like those we have today were used to help open up a blocked urinary tract infections. The scope of the cyathiscomele in medical art is evidently, like the flat spathomele, to act occasionally as a sound, but mainly to mix, measure and apply medicaments. When the Roman Army conquered Greece they adopted many of their medicinal beliefs and ideas. The cult of Asclepios had spread across much of Greece and numerous temples (asclepieions) had been built in his name. Tiber Island in Rome was once the location of an ancient temple to Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Sheng Wang CMD L.AC is credentialed as a medical doctor in China, known as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine CMD and Master Chinese Herbalist here the United States. His patients travel from all over the Greater Washington DC Area, Northern Virginia, Howard County, Baltimore County, and Montgomery County, including Bethesda MD and Silver Spring to experience a powerful Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical treatment. Later, Zhen Jiu Da Cheng (1601AD) became one of the best known textbook that described in detail the acupuncture theory, acupuncture points, meridians, and treatment of various diseases.

Musculoskeletal pain syndromes that produce low back pain include myofascial pain syndromes and fibromyalgia. Injuries: Spine injuries such as sprains and fractures can cause either short-lived or chronic pain.
Nerve root syndromes are those that produce symptoms of nerve impingement (a nerve is touched), often due to a herniation (or bulging) of the disc between the lower back bones. Sciatica is an example of nerve root impingement, Spinal stenosis and Spinal degeneration. Other Acquired conditions and diseases: Many medical problems can cause or contribute to back pain. Infections and tumors: They are not common causes of back pain, infections can cause pain when they involve the vertebrae, a condition called osteomyelitis, or when they involve the discs that cushion the vertebrae, which is called discitis. Although the causes of back pain are usually physical, it is important to know that emotional stress can play a role in how severe pain is and how long it lasts. In the early stage of low back pain, acupuncture mostly have good result for relief the pain, many acute low back pains can be relieved after first treatment with one or few needles. The None Primary low back pain, acupuncture therapy may relief the pain but need original cause treatment for like osteoporosis, arthritis or tumor. Lumbar support belts: Workers who frequently perform heavy lifting are often required to wear these belts.
Sitting: Chairs of appropriate height for the task at hand with good lumbar support are preferable. The most common causes of female infertility include fallopian tube damage or blockage, endometriosis, ovulation disorders, elevated prolactin, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), early menopause, benign uterine fibroids and pelvic adhesions. Other health condition also causes or associated with female infertility: some medications, thyroid problems, radiation and chemotherapy. Impaired sperm count or mobility: like impaired shape and movement of sperm, low sperm concentration, varicocele, undescended testicle, testosterone deficiency (male hypogonadism), Genetic defects, Infections.
Impaired delivery of sperm: sexual issues, problem with sexual intercourse or technique may affect fertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse (dyspareunia), or psychological or relationship problems can contribute to infertility. General health and lifestyle issues: emotional stress, obesity, alcohol and drugs, and overexposure to certain environmental elements. Treatment reproductive system local problems, like female's menstrual circle problem, hormone balance, chronic infection etc; in men, for example, treatment with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and improve the sperm delivery, sperm count and quality. The treatment in my office usually uses both needle acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, success pregnant mostly after 6 months to one year.
Depending on science paper and news report, acupuncture therapy may help increase the success rate of IVF, so some day the Gynecology doctor and acupuncturist work together may be open new way for infertility treatment.
Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic diarrhea, bowel gas, ulcerative colitis, chronic colitis, chronic diarrhea, colitis, colon irritable.
Acupuncture is extremely safe, It is an all-natural, drug free therapy, yielding no side effects. Our Rockville Office Acupuncture Medicine Center is conveniently located 1 mile away from Shady Grove Hospital at the interception of Shady Grove Road and Molecular Drive in Rockville. But doctors agree that patients themselves are the ones who have pushed much of the change in health care. Integrative Medicine (IM) is a powerful combination of conventional medicine and natural medicine that uses a preventative and holistic approach to empower individuals to achieve and maintain wellness. Treatments vary according to individual health needs, medical status, lifestyle and family history. Doctors of Alternative Medicines, Registered Medical Practitioner can avail its state of the art clinical laboratory, course materials, in house training as a junior doctors and practice facility by upgrading qualification in the respective field of alternative medicine systems and be a registered medical practitioner in India as well in any foreign country. As more people have become disillusioned with conventional health care, it has certainly gained new respect as a credible healing modality. Deriving knowledge from the Medical Treatises and Methods of the Greeks, the Etruscans, the Egyptians, the Persians and other conquered peoples, the Romans came up with one of the best and most sophisticated Medical Systems of the Ancient World. In Ancient times, Alexandria was an important centre for learning and its Great Library held countless volumes of information, many of which would have been on medicine. Under Gaius Marius, the Roman Army became the world's best trained and disciplined force, and some of this rubbed off onto the Medics too. It helped too that Medical professionals hereafter were required to train at the new Army Medical School and could not practise unless they passed.
Actually, he was only one of a longstanding line of medical practitioners, but his personal popularity ensured that his treatises were saved by his followers while those written by his predecessors, which nobody saved, were lost to the coming ages.
This is the timeline Hippocrates wrote The Oath - a pledge still taken today by doctors to perform to their fullest ability.
It is widely believed to have been written by Hippocrates, often regarded as the father of western medicine, or by one of his students. 200 or 216) of Pergamon was a prominent ancient Greek physician, whose theories dominated Western medical science for well over a millennium. The two long steel scalpels that make up the first and third columns of the accompanying image are examples of the most ordinary type of scalpel from antiquity. Bone forceps were used to extract small pieces of bone that would be otherwise difficult to remove with fingers.
Paul Aigenita (VI.xc) wrote that in a depressed fracture of the skull fractured bone is to be removed in fragments, with the fingers if possible, if not, with a bone forceps. It comprises a priapiscus with 2 (or sometimes 3 or 4) dovetailing valves which are opened and closed by a handle with a screw mechanism, an arrangement that was still to be found in the specula of 18th-century Europe.
This goes to Hermes Trismegistus, Alchemy, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, and the Thoth-Hermes of the Greco-Roman-Egyptian period in the days of the great Library at Alexandria.
He is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Herbalist Board Certified to practice in the state Maryland and Washington DC with 33 years experience treating all types of diseases, chronic illnesses, infertility, imbalances and mental disorders.
Wang participates in major insurance networks of BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, CIGNA, MAMSI, Optimum Choice, Johns Hopkins EHP. Ming Tang Jing (publishing date unknown) was first known book systemically described meridians, acupuncture points. As monotherapy or complementary therapy, acupuncture has been used to treat many diseases including pain, associated diseases, neuromuscular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and inflammatory diseases. It has produced a large quantity of publications on mechanism and the clinic efficacy of acupuncture.
In up to 85% of people with low back pain, despite a thorough medical examination, no specific cause of the pain can be identified.
Sprains are tears in the ligaments that support the spine, and they can occur from twisting or lifting improperly. Stress can affect the body in many ways, including causing back muscles to become tense and painful. The chronic back pain or stiffness may improve after few time of the treatment, some take more long time to get benefit. Xin-yi, all those can get huge benefits from back pain to whole body wellness, but often take long time training and exercise. If you are required to stand for long periods of time, you should have a small stool on which to rest one foot at a time. Other like retrograde ejaculation, blockage of epididymis or ejaculatory ducts, no semen (ejaculate), misplaced urinary opening (hypospadias), anti-sperm antibodies. Some may need treatment for both local reproductive system and whole body health condition in same time.

A typical YourHealth program would consider your diet, environment, physical activity, systems of detoxification and repair, relationships and mental attitudes. Greek doctors would later move to Rome because they could make a good living there, or a better one than in the Greek cities. Here, doctors were allowed to carry out dissections which led to the discovery of many important medical advances, such as the discovery that the brain sends messages to the body.
The influence of superstitious quackery lessened and Roman Medicine took on a more practical approach.
If his methods were successful, he attracted more patients, if not, he found himself another profession. The oath is written in Ionic Greek (late 5th century BC), and is usually included in the Hippocratic Corpus. By the age of 20, he had served for four years in the local temple as a therapeutes ("attendant" or "associate") of the god Asclepius.
90) was an ancient Greek physician, pharmacologist and botanist from Anazarbus, Cilicia, Asia Minor, who practised in ancient Rome during the time of Nero. He was the chief representative of the school of physicians known as "Methodists." His treatise Gynaecology is extant (first published in 1838, later by V.
Soranus is the first author who makes mention of the speculum specially made for the vagina. The large numbers in which this instrument occurs would itself indicate that it was used for lay as well as medical purposes.
Upon consulting the Sibyl, the Roman Senate decided to build a temple to Aesculapius, the Greek god of healing, and sent a delegation to Epidauros to obtain a statue of the deity. Sheng Wang CMD L.AC has two convenient locations, one in Rockville, Montgomery County and the other in Baltimore City, Maryland. Many conditions are now covered for the use of Acupuncture please check with your insurance company.
Fractured vertebrae are often the result of osteoporosis, a condition that causes weak, porous bones. While osteoporosis itself is not painful, it can lead to painful fractures of the vertebrae.
Occasionally, tumors begin in the back, but more often they appear in the back as a result of cancer that has spread from elsewhere in the body. YourHealth practitioners aim to actively enhance each individual patient's state of health, prevent illness and holistically maintain well being.
It was still a trial and error process, but the Medics were more observant and carefully noted down any treatment that worked and this knowledge was passed on and could be successfully utilized by the next doctor.
Classical scholar Ludwig Edelstein proposed that the oath was written by Pythagoreans, a theory that has been questioned due to the lack of evidence for a school of Pythagorean medicine. Although Galen studied the human body, dissection of human corpses was against Roman law, so instead he used pigs, apes, and other animals. Dioscorides is famous for writing a five volume book De Materia Medica that is a precursor to all modern pharmacopeias, and is one of the most influential herbal books in history. Rose, in 1882, with a 6th-century Latin translation by Muscio, a physician of the same school). Both of these types of hooks are still used by modern surgeons' for many of the same purposes for which the ancient doctors first used them. Graeco-Roman writers on gynecology and obstetrics frequently recommend its use in the diagnosis and treatment of vaginal and uterine disorders, yet it is one of the rarest surviving medical instruments. People who were being treated in the Asclepieions would sleep in front of a statue of the Greek God in the hope that he would heal them in their sleep. Sheng Wang has over 31 years experience in using acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat numerous different kinds of diseases. For example, 350 clinic studies ranging from small trials to large scale controlled studied published in Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion in 2002. Less commonly, back pain may be caused by more severe injuries that result from accidents and falls. In fact, the greatest success of naturopathy is in rebuilding health, which then naturally improves or eliminates chronic illness. Roman literature contains much which tells us about the reactions of individuals to medicine and doctors. Of historic and traditional value, the oath is considered a rite of passage for practitioners of medicine in many countries, although nowadays the modernized version of the text varies among them. For instance, blunt hooks were primarily used as probes for dissection and for raising blood vessels. Specula are large and readily recognizable and should not have suffered the same degree of destruction as thin instruments, such as probes, scalpels and needles. Though several accounts have been recovered, detailing the progress in health made by people admitted to the Asclepieions, it is unlikely that they were based on fact; they may simply have been used as propaganda.
It immediately curled itself around the ship's mast and this was deemed as a good sign by them. Similarly, many clinical trial results on acupuncture were published worldwide in last 5-10 years.
An Ancient Roman doctorOs tool kit (shown in the four pictures to the right) would include forceps, scalpels, catheters, and even arrow-extractors. There he lectured, wrote extensively, and performed public demonstrations of his anatomical knowledge.
Sharp hooks, like those pictured in the accompanying image, were used to hold and lift small pieces of tissue so that they could be extracted and to retract the edges of wounds. As a source of bronze, however, they may have been more subject to recycling than the smaller instruments. Upon their return up the Tiber river, the snake slithered off the ship and swam onto the island.
It requires a new physician to swear upon a number of healing gods that he will uphold a number of professional ethical standards.
He soon gained a reputation as an experienced physician, attracting to his practice a large number of clients. They believed that this was a sign from Aesculapius, a sign which meant that he wanted his temple to be built on that island. The naturopath works to educate his or her clients in how to stimulate the body’s own vital healing forces.
Among them was the consul Flavius Boethius, who introduced him to the imperial court, where he became a physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Although all naturopaths emphasize choices based on their own personal interests and experiences, they maintain a consistent philosophy. Despite being a member of the court, Galen reputedly shunned Latin, preferring to speak and write in his native Greek, a tongue that was actually quite popular in Rome.
He would go on to treat Roman luminaries such as Lucius Verus, Commodus, and Septimius Severus. However, in 166 Galen returned to Pergamon again, where he lived until he went back to Rome for good in 169.

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