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Squamous cell frequently originating in the larger bronchi and sometimes spreading by extension and lymph node metastasis. A conference coming up in April reminds us that there is a lot going on in integrative cancer treatments.
Conventional treatments (“cut, burn, and poison,” essentially) work for a few types of cancers, but completely fail for many. Even worse, scientists have found that healthy cells damaged by chemo can secrete a protein which makes cancer worse by triggering more tumor growth. Meanwhile, integrative cancer treatments are forging ahead, despite being ignored and denigrated by the medical establishment and the government. One of the most exciting integrative cancer treatments is Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or IPT, also called Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low Dose (IPTLD).
Each of our trillions of cells has a membrane, an outer skin, that protects it from toxins. Most people don’t die of cancer; they die of cachexia, whose symptoms are progressive weight loss, anorexia, and erosion of host body cell mass in response to cancerous growth. Yet many conventional doctors still tell their cancer patients that it doesn’t matter what they eat! As we reported in 2010, oncologists are allowed to buy chemo drugs and then dispense them from their offices at higher rates. By underreporting the toxicity, researchers are hiding the fact that many mainstream cancer treatments do more harm than good. Let’s hope that change and reform finally comes to the cancer “industry.” In the meantime, anyone with cancer or a family member with cancer should not rely on what they are told at the nearest cancer center but should do independent research on their own.
Every year for four years I have sent for a AMAS TEST Kit from Oncolab and sent a blood sample in.
In the time I had my naturopathic practice in Germany I treated cancer patients with bio resonance, ozone therapy, high doses of Vitamin C and where need with Desnizza injections and homeopathy.
Using nowadays the ruch-energetics drops in place of bio resonance the therapy can be applied as drops.
I have prostate cancer stage 1 what information is avaailable about treating cancer with cannabis oil? They have now their Gerson Basic Workshop online so you can learn everything you need to start and stay on the therapy right there and you can also call the Gerson Institute for assistance.
I will soon be e-publishing a lengthy book on the cancer industry and alternative cancer medicine. We need to know of the cutting edge treatments and protocols that are available to citizens. About two years ago my mom battled with colorectal cancer and I have learned so much about cancer through your site.
If anyone is interesting in a natural way of treating any type of cancer, you could contact me thru the email above. My question is, what if you don’t have any money and your insurance won’t cover alternative treatments? There are companies that will loan out money for the treatments, does not seem fair but if it is the only hope you got, your life is worth it.
The two important things which cancer specialists consider while planning for the type of treatment to be given to their patients are the type of lung cancer and the stage of the lung cancer. It is advisable to discuss the various options available for your treatment with your doctor. Lung Cancer Treatments Treatment of lung cancer includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. People who are diagnosed with advanced cancer are treated with gefitinib or erlotinib (biological therapy). Surgery is usually not considered in case of small cell lung cancer except in one condition i.e. If the cancer cells have not spread to your lymph nodes in the center of your chest then your doctor may recommend surgery followed by chemotherapy.
If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its first stage then you have to undergo surgery so that the part of your lung having tumor can be removed. If the surgery is successful and the cancer is completely removed from your lung then your doctor may advice you to go for chemotherapy so that the chances of reoccurrence of non-small cell lung cancer are reduced to minimum.
But before giving your approval for chemotherapy, try to learn about the side effects and advantages of this treatment.
If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its third stage then your doctor may recommend surgery to you depending on the position of the cancer in the lung.
If the signs of cancer are observed on the same side of your chest then you may have to undergo chemotherapy before the surgery. If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its fourth stage then you may have to go for chemotherapy and also for biological therapies depending upon your condition. More Information About Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Combination chemotherapy is better than single agent chemotherapy.
If the cancer continues to spread even after chemotherapy treatment then your cancer specialist may treat you with docetaxel alone. Some More Things You Need to Know People who are diagnosed with lung cancer should be treated by a team of health professionals that includes specialist surgeons, medical oncologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, specialist lung cancer nurses, radiologists, histopathologists, social workers, psychologists and dieticians. Before recommending any treatment, it is the duty of your cancer specialist to inform you about the pros and cons of the treatment.
Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body?

The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners.
Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
Patients with little chance of being cured with chemo get chemo anyway, even though it eliminates any chance the body will recover on its own and makes the end of their life much more miserable than it would have been. Moreover the cancer cells that survive chemo tend to be the more aggressive ones, which can also lead to faster tumor growth.
It’s a procedure for targeting chemo drugs directly to cancer cells, making the drugs tougher on the disease and easier on the rest of the body.
Standard chemotherapy must be given in large enough quantities to force penetration through that membrane, with the result that the body is flooded with incredibly toxic drugs. Nicholas Gonzalez’s enzymatic therapy for cancer, which we described in a recent article. Jeanne Drisko’s research on the use of intravenous vitamin C at the University of Kansas.
Stanislaw Burzynski’s pioneering research on a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons, which has successfully survived attack after attack from conventional medicine and the Texas state medical board.
Frank Shallenberger points out in his RealCures newsletter, diet is an extremely important part of cancer prevention and treatment. The connection to cancer isn’t fully understood, but one possibility is that the body is trying to starve the cancer and in the end overdoes it, like the too-strong inflammatory reaction in the lungs that actually kills most people who die of flu or pneumonia. Cancer patients in hospitals not only get the poor food supervised by registered dieticians; they even get sweets! A recent Australian study shows the five-year survival rate for cancer patients who do not receive chemotherapy to be over 60%. Being able to run what amounts to a side pharmacy business (which other doctors are not allowed to do) incentivizes oncologists to prescribe expensive drugs.
Last week’s Journal of Oncology reported that most double-blind random placebo-controlled trials (RCTs) for cancer, supposedly the gold standard of scientific and medical research, are compromised by poor or biased reporting of both the benefits and the dangers.
And by mischaracterizing the positive results, they are proving that the double-blind RCT isn’t the gold standard it’s cracked up to be. That means that the underlying cause is detected and eliminated, thus helping the body to heal itself. Max Gerson Therapy is highly successful in treating all kind of illnesses and especially cancer. They have all the books to do the Gerson Therapy at home or you can start the treatment at one of their two clinics. Permission granted to forward, copy, or reprint with date and attribution (including link to original content) to ANH-USA.
The success of any treatment depends on the following factors- your general health, medical condition and tumor characteristics. Chemotherapy is generally used to treat small cell lung cancer while in case of non-small cell lung cancer, all the three treatments, that is, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be used depending on the stage of the cancer. It is not necessary that all the patients diagnosed with lung cancer will receive the same treatment like you. However, if the cancer cells have spread to your lymph nodes then your doctor may recommend chemotherapy, radiotherapy or biological therapy.
But if the signs of cancer are observed on the opposite side of your chest then you may have to go for chemotherapy only. According to studies, people with advanced non-small cell lung cancer are able to live longer if they undergo radiotherapy after chemotherapy. High energy rays are used in radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells but it is not without its side effects that include sore throat, tiredness, chest pain, cough, hair loss, sore skin and difficulty swallowing. The responsibility of  these health professionals is to take good care of you and to suggest you treatments that will help you to recover from this disease. At this crucial time it is necessary for you to get the support and love of your family, friends and relatives.
Lung cells usually reproduce to maintain healthy lung tissue and repair old, aged, damaged cells. A striking example is the use of focused ultrasound as an alternative to surgery and radiation treatment.
IPTLD, however, penetrates easily through the cell membrane because it goes in hand-in-hand with sugar (glucose).
The membrane of a cancer cell is designed to take in a lot more glucose than healthy cells—they are equipped with many more insulin receptors.
Cancers can only live off sugars, whether they are in the form of simple sugars or are broken down from more complex carbohydrates. It is past time for conventional medicine to acknowledge its failures, open itself to new ideas, consider factors such as diet, and stop attacking and persecuting innovators.
The survival rate for patients who received chemotherapy was only 62.3%—which is virtually the same and doesn’t consider the other costs such as brain damage.
According to the National Cancer Institute at NIH, $124.57 billion was spent on cancer treatments and cancer care in 2010 alone.
They studied 164 double-blind RCTs of mainstream breast cancer treatments (radiation, surgery, and chemo) and found that almost one-third of the trials reported a positive result that was not based on the primary goal of the study, but rather on a secondary one more likely to be due to chance. Moss, PhD, who has written or edited twelve books and three film documentaries on questions relating to cancer research and treatment.
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If you have early stage small cell lung cancer then your doctor may recommend radiotherapy to treat it so that any cancer cells that might have spread to your brain could also be destroyed. If you have non-small cell lung cancer which is in its second stage then your doctor may suggest you to undergo surgery depending on the position of the tumor. If you are not able to get the two treatments mentioned above due to some health issues then your specialist may suggest you to undergo radiotherapy. If your cancer specialist observes the cancer cells in the middle area of your chest then he may advice you to go for radiotherapy instead of surgery. Your doctor may suggest you to undergo radiotherapy after the course of chemotherapy is completed.
The drugs that can be used along with cisplatin are etoposide, doxorubicin, taxol, gemcitabine, vinorelbine, mitomycin, topotecan, ifosfamide, docetaxel and pemetrexed.
If you have any of these side effects after undergoing radiotherapy then consult your cancer specialist.
After the discussion, if you have some questions in your mind then do not hesitate to discuss them with your specialist. In effect, treatments that are both medical and alternative were made available.Basically, cancer treatments can be grouped into two. If for some reason the growth mechanism is off, the cell growth can become too much and the cells can divide too fast. This major innovation has been used very successfully for prostate and even brain surgery, but is still not used very often or in many areas where it should be, such as esophageal cancer. So if one pairs a small dose of chemo drugs with the glucose, the cancer cell takes in the chemo in its effort to get at the sugar.
Drastically lowering one’s carbohydrate intake, especially carbs that turn to sugar quickly, can slow cancer growth by 50%. I am now going on 83 and the Doctor tried to get me to have my prostate checked but I am never going to do that.
Other treatments recommended by doctors to reduce these symptoms include cryotherapy, laser treatment, internal radiotherapy and photodynamic therapy.
The first one is medical based and the other one is alternative in nature.The medical treatments are the methods which are mostly administered by doctors and other medical professionals. This process can continue and grow in an uncontrolled way causing a tumor.Carcinoma of the lung has the ability to metastasize early. This means the rest of the body doesn’t have to be assaulted in order to kill the cancer cells. Though many patients go for these types of treatments, the chances of getting a full recovery from these are very slim.
We believe that it is also of great importance to build the body’s immune system while doing an anti-tumor program.
The remaining 96% do not make it because of the complications that come with it.On the other hand, there are alternative treatments which do not require medical assistance during administration. These are all combined together to produce a diet or a regimen that will control or prevent cancer from occurring.The emerging popularity of the second type of treatment gave rise to the establishment of alternative cancer treatment centers. These treatment centers offer safer, more effective and less expensive options for cancer patients. Pneumonia Chest, shoulder, or arm pain Weight loss Bone pain Hoarseness Headaches or seizures Swelling of the face Pleural effusion is when there is some fluid in the lung or lungs. Risk Factors of Lung Cancer:It is believed that cigarette smoking is the number one reason for lung cancers.
This means that the diet is controlled and certain herbal concoctions are taken on a regular basis.
The more cigarettes smoked in a day and the younger the age of starting to smoke, the greater the risk of lungs being affected with cancer.
The major chemicals in cigarettes other than nicotine are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), nicotine by-products, metals such as cadmium and nickel, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), and radioactive polonium 210 (210Po). Elements of cigarette vapor include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, benzene, and toluene.New studies are showing that alcoholism is associated with significant immune suppression.
The correlation is shown by changes in the interferon system and by the altered activity of the natural killer cells.This form of cancer develops in regions of scar areas such as scars from tuberculosis. Some possible air pollutants are diesel exhaust, tar and pitch, arsenic, dioxin, cadmium, chromium, and nickel compounds.A diet low in fruit and vegetables is is also blamed for an increase in cancer of the lungs. Studies show a positive correlation between the intake of cholesterol and dietary fat and lung cancer.Lung surgery is performed to cure the patient in the early stages. The success rate depends on the condition of the lungs and which state of cancer he or she is in. Biopsy: the removal and examination of a small piece of tissue from the living body to determine if cancer cells are present. Bronchioles: the smaller air passages that lead from the bronchi further into the lung tissue. Bronchoscope: an instrument for inspecting the interior of the lungs and allows a way to get specimens for culture or biopsy.
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