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Estimated Expenses for Full-time Beginning Undergraduate Students • Beginning students are those who are entering postsecondary education for the first time.
Retention rates measure the percentage of first-time students who are seeking bachelor's degrees who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall. The overall graduation rate is also known as the "Student Right to Know" or IPEDS graduation rate. Some institutions also report a transfer-out rate, which is the percentage of the full-time, first-time students who transferred to another institution.
There are many different types of alternative medicine, from acupuncture and herbology to reiki and chiropractic.
With accredited degree and training programs, the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando is an excellent choice for future health professionals. The American Institute of Massage Therapy located in Pompano Beach provides students with the Massage Therapy Program, which is a 600-hour course. With campuses in Orlando, Boca Raton and Sarasota, the Everglades University is an excellent choice for Floridians who are planning careers in alternative medicine.
Keiser University features numerous campuses in Florida and offers up an excellent alternative medicine program. In addition to these fine schools, there are a number of other alternative medicine colleges in Florida. Before applying to any specific school for alternative health, individuals should make sure the school’s programs are accredited. Men and women are encouraged to spend some time getting to know the schools they are interested in as well as learning some of the careers former students have gone on to create after studying at these schools. Acupressure is a type of alternative treatment where physical pressure is given on different points of the body using hands, or other devices. It is crucial to apply pressure on the accurate acupressure points to get maximum benefits. It is a very common exercise practiced by ancient Chinese people as well as martial arts players for body flexibility.
Acupuncture is a method done by stimulating the acupressure points beneath the skin layer. Acupuncture is basically used for treating various kinds of pain, back pain, or lower back problems. Aromatherapy is a type of Alternative Medicine treatment which uses natural ingredients like plants, to make essential oils for treatment. Nature as we know is full of essential ingredients; some plants have very crucial elements in them, which works efficiently to cure various diseases. After extracting the useful oil from the plants, it is distilled and brought to a form that can be used directly by humans. These essential oils if used in a proper way gives a rejuvenating feel, as well as regular use of this oils can help you get rid of various illness and make your mind and body fresh and fit.
Founded by Edward Bach, Bach flower remedy uses diluted forms of the different kind of flowers that include remedial properties in them. This solution is consumed orally and is well known for treating mental stress or other illness.
Biochemic medicine is made out of 12 essential mineral salts which fulfils the deficiency in a person to cures certain illness. Biochemic medicine treatment was developed by German specialist Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler. Schuessler believed that certain diseases are caused by deficiency of these essential mineral salts in the body.
Our body consists of cells, which is our life unit; these cells are made up of water, inorganic and organic substances. Herbalism is also a form of Alternative Medicine that is said to be the study of plants for using them as medicinal elements to cure various diseases.
Different plants have potential to cure certain diseases; many researchers have found out the importance of plants in curing various illnesses. Studies regarding plants importance and its various medicinal properties have reached a new height, and the progress is worth mentioning.
Magnetotherapy is physical and based on the application of specific magnetic fields on the human body.
Magnetic fields are produced normally in nature, but for therapeutic use they are produced artificially to promote different therapeutic effects.
It is used in orthopaedics, sports medicine, physiotherapy and by professionals who use this instrumental physical therapy in different specialist branches.
Given its therapeutic effects, it can be used alone or in combination with other therapy techniques.
Massage therapy also known as Swedish therapy in some parts is the most enjoyable treatments one can ask for fighting against any health issues. It improves blood circulation by infusing more oxygen in the body, increases flexibility, relaxes muscles, reduce fat, etc. Other than staying healthy, it also helps in curing certain illness like for example- back pain, headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, respiratory problems, etc. Massage therapy helps to relax and gives an additional boost required moving on in the busy schedule of life.
Naturopathy is regarded as one type of complementary medicine that includes various types of treatment techniques involving no surgeries or drugs. Naturopathy is one kind of Alternative Medicine technique which involves a different kind of physical treatment practices. The firm of belief of naturopathy is that the human body has the power of healing within its self.
Natural remedies help body’s power of healing to grow and fight against various diseases.
In medical science, it is believed that there are specific reflex points on the feet, hand and ears, which correspond to specific system and organs in body. Chinese medicine is a form of ancient Alternative Medicine which includes various kinds of traditional methods of healing like acupuncture, herbalism, healthy food habits, etc.
Chiropractic is an old form of Alternative Medicine that was developed by Daniel David Palmer. Electrohomeopathy as the name suggests is a combination of electro that is a kind of electric bioenergy obtained from plants that also has some curing qualities and homeopathy which is an alternative form of medicine. Feng shui is an ancient art which is done by making changes to their living environment that brings harmony and good health in their lives. Gem therapy is a kind of healing treatment that involves precious stones as curing objects. Holistic medicine is the art of treating a person’s whole constitution of the body, mind and spirit with proper care.
Hydrotherapy is also a form of Alternative Medicine that involves the use of water in different forms to cure a person’s illness. When it comes to curing sick person through allopathic medicines, side effects are additional. It is a form of study which examines the colour, pattern or shape of a person’s iris to determine any disease in the body. Kinesiology, a well known form of Alternative Medicine, is widely known as human kinetics.
Medical astrology is a form of Alternative Medicine that is also known as iatromathemetics.
Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy is the treatment of impaired or disabled people.
It is an alternative form of treatment that is based on the concept that a pyramid’s unique shape helps it to tap energy that surrounds a living being. It is a power found in some individuals through which they can identify certain energies that encompass life form or energy fields in particular places.
Teletherapy is a form of complementary medicine also known as radiotherapy and it is usually used to treat various forms of cancer. It is a traditional form of Alternative Medicine that has been present since a very long time.
It is also a well known form of Alternative Medicine that is practiced in Middle East or south Asian countries. Total cost of attendance is the sum of published tuition and required fees (lower of in-district or in-state), books and supplies, and the weighted average for room and board and other expenses.
These include: Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant), Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Subsidized Direct or FFEL Stafford Loan, and Unsubsidized Direct or FFEL Stafford Loan. It tracks the progress of students who began their studies as full-time, first-time degree- or certificate-seeking students to see if they complete a degree or other award such as a certificate within 150% of "normal time" for completing the program in which they are enrolled. Students who have already attended another postsecondary institution, or who began their studies on a part-time basis, are not tracked for this rate. No matter what specialty you are going to be an expert in, it is important to find the best possible school to obtain that certification or degree from. They offer up a Master’s degree in Oriental medicine as well as certifications in acupuncture, clinical training, herbology and Western medicine. Students will learn massage therapy as well as hydrotherapy training, preparing them for the National Certification Exam. Everglades University offers up the Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in alternative medicine.

The entire program for massage therapy lasts 46 hours and students will receive training in hydrotherapy, massage law, prevention of medical errors, pathology, kinesiology, therapeutic massage, sports massage and legal and ethical business practices. Check to determine which organizations the programs are accredited in order to ensure that they are nationally recognized. Regular massage on the acupressure points on the meridians helps to remove the blockage that helps in more blood circulation and flexibility of the body. In fact, now various types of devices are found in the market, which helps in creating pressure at particular acupressure points. The traditional Chinese treatment techniques mainly revolve round this therapy; hence, its practice is widespread. The stimulation is done by various methods like physical pressure applied to the points, by thin needles, heat or laser light.
In this method, one uses parts of plants, like leaves or bark to make some essential oils which help to reduce mental stress, improve person’s mood, helps to keep good health, etc. For example, tea tree has antibacterial components; lavender oil has healing effects on wounds cuts or burns. This therapy is of great potential; hence, this method is now being adopted by various industries. This treatment has no definite side effects and is often categorised as homeopathic medicine. One can get suggestion from practitioner to prepare their remedy for treating their particular condition. Biochemic medicine is composed of 12 principal tissue salts which are also known as cell salt, mineral salt or Schuessler Cell Salts.
Through this technique of treatment, the amount of salt is restored in the body that cures the disease gradually. If the balance between inorganic and organic substance is disturbed it hampers cell formation that leads to weak health that is easily attacked by various illnesses. When modern treatment facilities were not yet discovered, people depended on the nature for searching various cures to different diseases. This form of traditional treatment has been carried on since ages, today scientists and practitioners are going deep into the roots to find out more remedies to be acquired from plants.
One can also enjoy massages to keep themselves healthy as massaging has many health benefits other than curing various illnesses. People must take proper suggestion from doctors and practitioners before choosing the correct massage therapy.
It is a category of treatment that uses no drugs or surgical methods to achieve positive health results. By consuming proper diet and leading, healthy lifestyle will help in maintaining good health and will not require any modern treatment.
In this process, appropriate pressure is applied on these pressure points on the feet using thumbs and other fingers, to give a relaxing feeling and a healing effect to various body parts. Reiki or 'lying on of hands' is a treatment process that enhances a positive energy within and around you.
These forms of treatments have been developed more than 2000 years ago by ancient Chinese people.
The concept on which this form of treatment is based is on the general health of our nervous system.
In this form, practitioners use a pendulum or a rod to reach our dark insides and search the spiritual intuitions.
For example, some of the methods that include in hydrotherapy are Russian baths, salt water bath, ice packs, steam bath, etc. It was developed by Anton Mesmer, who used various hypnotic techniques to acquire everything from the source of light.
But various indigenous medicines are there that can cure ailments without rendering any side effect.
The concept on which it works is that every organ present in the body is connected to the iris, practitioners of iridology have found out 90 specific areas and 180 zones in the body that can pour out a lot of information about patient's health conditions. In this system of treatment, practitioners found a strong association between human health and diseases with sun, moon, planets and the twelve significant astrological signs. In osteopathy, it is believed that a person can stay fit and healthy if their muscles, bones; ligament or tissues are healthy enough to function smoothly. It helps in making people become more flexible, improve functional ability and lead a good healthy life.
People who are suffering from mental conditions like anxiety, stress, can be cured by proper counselling. The emergence of radiesthesia can be traced back thousand years ago in ancient Greece or Egypt.
He designed a radionic machine which is said to diagnose any disease with the help of a wave that is similar to radioactive waves. This therapy includes pressing at particular points in the body by applying pressure with fingers. In this treatment certain rays like gamma ray; x-ray radiations are used on the focused area where the tumor exists.
This medicinal practice involves a very complicated process of diagnosis by involving critical techniques like pulse analysis, improvement in diet, improvement in behaviour, etc. For those Title IV recipients, net price is reported by income category and includes students who received federal aid even if none of that aid was provided in the form of grants. At this institution, 16 percent of entering students were counted as "full-time, first-time" in 2011.
The academics center on Western biomedical sciences as well as Oriental medicine technologies for the perfect blend of integrative medicine. Also available from this location is the Colon Therapy Program, which is a 100-hour course that complements the Massage Therapy Program very well. Petersburg, Boca Beauty & Massage Academy in Boca Raton, and the Florida Academy of Massage & Skincare.
Because there are many smaller alternative health schools, you are going to want to make sure the school has the type of training you are looking for, whether it is total alternative health or integrative medicine. Studies show that acupressure helps in fighting nausea, stomach ache, headaches, lower back pain, etc. Researchers experiment with different plants and its parts to find the usefulness in them. The flower that contains curing elements is diluted with a solution of brandy and water in the ratio of 50:50. For an overall wellbeing and peace of mind, Reiki has its effects on the body, mind as well as spirit. In Yoga Therapy, it is believed that meditation can deliver you from all kinds of pain and suffering. In Chinese medicine procedure, practitioner’s belief that a body is a whole of interrelated vital energy and physical matters which helps in adopting Alternative Medicine practices. Specialist of Chromotherapy claims that they can use the power of light to balance the lacking energy in a person’s body whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.
A pendulum is a metal object which is attached to a string; it has sufficient weight that enables it to swing without any external force.
This form of treatment involves conventional methods and traditional therapies for curing various diseases and illnesses. Hydrotherapy is also known as hydropathy, it falls into the general category of naturopathy or physiotherapy methods of treatment. The system of integrating this indigenous medicine into the use of allopathic medicines is extremely helpful in treating diseases. In this type of Alternative Medicine process, an iris chart is created where the iris is divided into different zones that connect with different parts of the body. It is based on the studies of physiological, psychological and mechanical mechanism in the human body. The procedure is carried on by proper examination of the body and diagnosis of the condition present in the body.
People who feel little distracted from works or normal lifestyle can seek councillors’ helps to start again a happy life. Pyramid healers use small pyramids to gather the healing powers surrounding a person to treat fatigue, depressions, tension or even common cough and cold. A number of examples are found in their scriptures and paintings where the use of pendulums or dowsing rods is explained. The medicine that is used in this treatments are made out of natural herbs, therapies include acupressure, acupuncture, etc. This medicine system was popularised by the teachings of Hippocrates and Galen, a roman physician. While Title IV status defines the cohort of student for which the data are reported, the definition of net price remains the same total cost of attendance minus grant aid. Each of these is a great choice for men and women who would like to learn alternative forms of treatment for health conditions. The basic concept, on which the theory of acupressure is based, is that the body energy flows through meridians present in the body and by putting accurate physical pressure onto different points of the body the blockages are cleared which are present in the meridian. Thus, it’s crucial to acquire the proper knowledge before applying any of these methods. This diluted solution reaches a stage where the energy or vibrational power of the flower can be applied on the patient.

The central concept in which traditional Chinese medicine is based, is that our body has certain channels known as meridian through which our vital energy’s flow. Chromotherapy falls into the category of light therapy, for example ultra violet treatment which is a scientifically accepted form of treatment. It is believed that every object that surround us, for example, the place we live in, the hills around us, even a landmark on the road or other natural features like river or lake has a great effect in our lives. While performing any holistic treatment methods, an individual is seen as a whole entity other than just determining a particular disease.
It includes a wide range of therapies and treatments which use the physical properties of water for healing. It helps people to quit habits like chain smoking or cravings for alcohol consumption; apart from that hypnotherapist face various other problems daily. In the language of iridologist, an eye works as the window to observe the state of health.
People who have learned the art of kinesiology can practice on their own, do research works, or work in any fitness organisation, join medical clinics for rehabilitations or any industry where the need of such specialisation are required. The entire concept is not treated under scientific basis; most of it is regarded as superstition or pseudoscience because there is no scientific explanation of this concept. This form of Alternative Medicine has become very popular in different parts of the world. A councillor studies human behaviour and their attributes to diagnose a person’s problem and suggests them various therapies that are helpful in gaining positive results.
The process of conducting this healing treatment is different in various areas, some healers use scented herbs as they helps to relax one’s mind whereas some use scented candles that serve the same purpose. A Radiesthesia practitioner claims that their mental or physical ability helps them to identify feelings, coloured auras that surround human being. The rays are used through various ray machine like gamma knife, linear accelerator or cobalt ray machine. Although acupuncture is used for treating pain, but it is not efficient in curing every type of pain. It is a natural healing art that is used to complement severe medical treatments and delay the need for appropriate medical treatment. This is an extremely powerful technique that can be practiced along with other treatments. But, this practice is also dependent on a disciplined diet, dynamic as well as static body postures; so that your body, mind and soul come to a perfect balance.
Avicenna recognised the importance of colours in diagnosing and curing various human diseases. A question set is prepared which is asked to the patient who answers by saying only by a yes or no.
The positioning of these features can make a person healthier and wealthier or totally opposite. The process and methods have changed gradually with time, with the latest technology; practitioners can find out the root point of problems and treat the exact areas with precious stones. It is considered among holistic practitioners that any imbalance in the body’s physical, spiritual or environmental concerns makes way for diseases to take place. Different water treatments like water jets or mineral baths has shown an increase in blood circulation and cure of various diseases. Hypnotherapy falls under the form of hypnosis which makes changes in a person’s subconscious mind which brings change in their thoughts, attitudes or personality.
Iridology helps in determining patient present health conditions, learn about past illnesses, and find about future chances of a disease that may take place.
This kind of study helps in various fields like orthopaedics, sports psychology, rehabilitation, etc. It is a form of astrology or future prediction, looking upon a person birth chart, medical astrologers point out the areas in which the client can get hurt or fall in trouble. Osteopathy is an excellent way of treating neck pain, limb pain, and all other musculoskeletal conditions, but very few evidence is found where it proves as effective as in musculoskeletal conditions. In fact, one can freely practice this technique by acquiring proper licence and certificate. It doesn’t include any medicinal help or surgical methods, just by few natural techniques and regular sessions of counselling a person can get rid of their mental problems.
Although in both the cases a patient is brought to an environment where sunlight is available in abundance. With the help of this power they find out water sources beneath ground levels, find mine locations during the war, etc. According to the radionics concept, a person has certain energies flowing around their body at particular frequency that defines their health. Shiatsu practitioner believes that certain vital energies flow through our body that helps in healing. With the help of the latest technology, therapists can control the diameter of the beam to be applied on the patient.
Treating the malfunctions and internal problems can be best achieved through a disciplined practice of yoga. Chiropractic is proved to be efficient in curing back pain and lower back pain by adjusting the spinal vertebra back into regular positions. Through this way, one learns about a patient's inner thoughts and whatever exists in their subconscious minds.
The traditional Chinese belief that by repositioning some objects in your surroundings you can bring change into your life.
Gems can be worn at particular body parts or can be directly applied by gem lamp therapy which is quite useful. There are different forms of hypnotherapy like Traditional Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy developed by Milton H.
As it is tested over time, one can blindly rely on this medicine and opt for this mode of treatment as a useful alternative.
Iridology is performed with the help of a magnifying glass, microscope or special cameras with flashlight to study the whole iris and its various features. In kinesiology, practitioners specially study the movements of a person; track their brain activities, along with behaviour or responses.
Physiotherapist recommends special exercises or gives particular therapies after examining the cause of the problem. By applying proper pressure at certain points, allows these vital energies of the body to flow smoothly which will help the body to cure diseases itself.
By applying it accurately causes less damage to the noncancerous cells and body parts or organ that surrounds the cancer cells or tumor.
It follows the Buddhist principle that illness is mainly caused due to three reasons-ignorance, aversion and attachment. Unani practitioners are known as hakims who practice this form which is based on four humours-phlegm, blood, yellow bile and black bile. This form of medicine is popular in United States and Australia where it is practices with the proper licence.
Augustus Pleasanton also studied colour therapy and found out that various colour can help cure human diseases. This form of treatment has been very successful in many cases, for example, people have successfully found out vital information by reading ones inner mind. As its origin, its potency and the particular repetition amount are specific, it is very appropriate to use. It is very effective in conditions like shoulder pain, arthritis, joint pains, back pain, fractures, etc.
Radionic device helps to cure this sickness by applying proper balance in the energy frequencies.
This form of Alternative Medicine has been criticised by many and till date no proper evidence is found which proves its effectiveness.
There are several types of Teletherapy, which is used for better results in any human body.
According to the unani concept, a proper diagnosis of the disease is crucial to find its proper cure. It is also believed in holistic treatments that love and care are the most-effective ways to treat any disease. Any illness makes disruptions into energy fields that help to move the pendulum placed over the patient’s head. It is believed that illness takes place when the power of body to maintain good health is disturbed. It is a great way to find out what is lying beneath your subconscious mind and identify the subtle energies which exist. A holistic practitioner’s main objective is to guide a person towards leading healthy lifestyle, maintain the proper diet and achieve sound state of mind. Counselling has been very effective in treating marriage problems, stress, anger, eating disorders, different phobias, sadness, loss, addictions, etc. This electromagnetic field which surrounds us helps to detect harmful radiation also helps animals to find water and locate their owners who are very far from them.

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