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A hot flash is a feeling where the person has a sudden and intense feeling of heat on the face and also the upper body.
For many years, medical practitioners believe that the colon cancer can only be treated with three basic methods, namely surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chinese herbal remedy is one of the immensely popular treatments in the world amid an endless practice of herbal therapy leading back to the 3rd century BC.
Pain in the neck is a common symptom for those who sit in front of a computer for long hours and type for a considerable amount of time.
The guiding principle of traditional Chinese medicines is the attainment of perfect balance in the human body.
Mutant versions of the p53 tumor suppressor protein can clump together, stopping them from functioning. Researchers have developed a new approach for treating tumors that express mutant versions of the p53 protein, which are present in more than half of all cancers. Approximately 80 percent of ovarian cancers are the high-grade serous subtype, and nearly all tumors of this subtype have mutant forms of p53.
In several different mouse models of high-grade serous ovarian cancer, including one that closely mimics how the cancer behaves in humans, this new therapeutic approach shrank tumors by as much as 90 percent, with no evidence of side effects. An interdisciplinary team of researchers from UCLA believes they may have found a way, at least in some cases, to restore mutant p53’s tumor-suppressor functions. So, adopting an approach developed by study coauthor David Eisenberg to design new therapies for diseases like Alzheimer’s, the researchers set out to see whether they could design a therapy that could stop mutant p53 from clumping together and, in doing so, restore its function. The team first showed that some mutated forms of p53 have sticky spots at specific points on their surface. In animal models of high-grade serous ovarian cancer, treatment with the peptide caused both primary tumors and metastatic tumors to shrink substantially.
One of the research team’s specific goals is to define biomarkers of response to ReACp53, Dr. This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics.
Researchers have discovered gene-targets (biomarkers) that may enable alternative treatments or the potential design of new drugs that target metastasis-promoting tumor genes.
This is the key finding in a study led by researchers from Georgia State University in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and published in journal Oncotarget.
The spread of cancer cells from the initial site of occurrence (primary site) to other secondary tissues is called metastasis, and contributes to poor or limited response of cancer cells to treatments, which results in death. Gynecologic cancer typically originates from the female reproductive organs, and include endometrial and ovarian cancer, among others.
For the study, researchers obtained more than a hundred clinical endometrial cancer specimens and matching serum. The researchers' next steps will involve expansion of the biomarkers identified in this study to other cancer types, especially breast cancer, due to the hormonal input that is a common factor in gynecologic tumors. Confirmation of the biomarkers in other cancer types will facilitate further characterization and validation to provide mechanistic understanding of how and why these specific gene-targets become modulated to accentuate or inhibit tumor metastasis.

Yale Cancer Center researchers have identified a regulator of gene expression that is responsible for the progression of breast cancer and its metastasis to the lung.
Pre-existing inflammation in the lungs may increase the risk that cancers beginning elsewhere will spread to that organ, according to new research from Weill Cornell Medicine.
A gene that is known to suppress the growth and spread of many types of cancer has the opposite effect in some forms of colorectal cancer, University of Missouri School of Medicine researchers have found. A protein that is constantly expressed by cancer cells and quiescent in healthy ones appears to be a solid target for reducing cancer's ability to spread, scientists report. Patients receiving cancer treatment could increase their chance of survival by up to 20% and help stop their cancer from spreading by taking a low-dose of aspirin, new research suggests. There are many different types of epithelial cancer but they are all treated in the same manner. The treatment protocol for ovarian cancer depends on the type of cancer and how much it has spread. Women suffering from pain can take pain medication but they should first consult their healthcare provider. All the way through, its saga it has repeatedly evolved in reaction to varying clinical conditions, and has been proved persistent by explorers in the way of its utilization. The Chinese consider that the human body is regulated by chi that can be interpreted as the force of life.
The approach, the research team believes, could be especially beneficial in women with an aggressive and common subtype of ovarian cancer called high-grade serous.
Patients with this subtype usually aren’t diagnosed until the cancer is advanced, so long-term survival rates are low, with fewer than half of women alive 5 years after diagnosis. But some mutations in the TP53 gene can inactivate the p53 protein, and to date researchers haven’t been able to develop drugs that can successfully reactivate it.
Their approach focuses on cases where mutant p53 clumps together into what are called amyloid aggregates. The peptide had no effect in ovarian cancer models with normal p53 or in models that did not express the protein. In mice that received a control treatment, tumors grew to more than twice their original size. But the data do not rule out other factors that could be responsible as well, she cautioned. For example, cancer cells initially in the lungs can begin to spread to other organs, including the brain and liver. Survival rates are typically very poor for these cancer-types, with limited response to existing therapies.
Using multiplex arrays and a variety of experimental approaches, they analyzed the specimens for gene targets that positively or negatively correlated with metastatic potential of the tumors.
The overall goal will be to test potential biomarker function or development of new drugs that target the identified genes. Most frequently, mortality is the result of metastasisa€”when lung cancer spreads to other parts of the body, such as the brain, bones or liver.

And sometimes, the cancer can spread from the ovary to other organs through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. Non-epithelial ovarian cancer is not so common and includes germ cell cancer, the cells that are responsible for making eggs in the ovary. The bottom line is that most women will experience ovary pain when they have ovarian cancer.
This usually happens when the women want to avoid the adverse side effects of conventional cancer treatment.
When a person gets affected by canker sores, his eating ability is destroyed because the mouth becomes unable to ingest anything as the spices and other things hurt, and the sores become even more painful.
In all these above quoted reasons for pain in the neck, the head is kept in an abnormal position, which causes stiffness in the muscles in the neck.
The only way to survive rheumatoid arthritis and from the pain it causes is to take medications every single day of your life.
Soragni said, so when proteins with these spots come across other p53 proteins with corresponding sticky spots, they join together.
The team is studying the therapy in other tumor types in which p53 is frequently mutated, Dr. Please note that blog posts that are written by individuals from outside the government may be owned by the writer, and graphics may be owned by their creator.
A major reason for poor survival rates is late diagnoses, by which time the cancer cells have spread to secondary sites. Data were translated to reflect the patient's age at diagnosis, disease stage, grade and histology. Ovarian cancer is of two types -- epithelial ovarian cancer and non-epithelial ovarian cancer. But some women have generic symptoms like pain in the lower abdomen and a feeling of being bloated. Due to this stiffness, the blood circulation gets obstructed and the person experiences spasms and free neck movement gets hindered. Soragni said, as well as whether it may be more effective in combination with other therapies.
In such cases, it is necessary to contact the writer, artist, or publisher to obtain permission for reuse.
Even ovary pain depends on certain factors which include the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer and patient's pain threshold.

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