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These painkillers can also cause newborns to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and lead to preterm birth.
Here are some great tips from Lori Bregman's The Mindful Mom-to-Be.Carpal Tunnel SyndromeThis can be a real pain for many pregnant women at one point or another during pregnancy.
Bregman suggests putting ice on your wrists for 10 minutes and then soaking in hot water with Epsom salts for 10 minutes.
Sleep with them on while keeping your hands slightly elevated on a pillow.Varicose VeinsWhile generally not painful, varicose veins could cause discomfort. Some things to try: exercise, which will get your blood and circulation moving, a leg massage using upward strokes, and leg elevation. Another soothing way to stimulate circulation is by applying a cool compress soaked in witch hazel with a few drops of rosemary oil.HemorrhoidsMost common during the third trimester of pregnancy, hemorroids develop from the pressure of your growing uterus and increased blood flow.
Chilled witch hazel pads with vitamin E oil will help to heal the swelling and inflammation when applied externally.

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