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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Hair loss is not a disease, but a sign of insufficient nutrition. Cut Down on Meat: Ayurveda advises Sattvik Diet (A diet devoid of meat) for reducing hair fall. Use Herbal Oils for Scalp Massage: Certain medicated oils like Mahabhringraj oil, Amla oil, and Arnica oil are extremely good for stimulating the follicle cells and thereby increases the hair density. Herb Saw Palmetto: In a recent study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine says that saw palmetto (serenoa repens) may increase hair growth in men. Essential Fatty Acids: Walnuts and Flax seeds are excellent source of the essential fatty acids that improve hair growth. Vitamin B complex: B Complex vitamins especially Biotin (Vitamin B7) and Vitamin B 6 improve hair and scalp health.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C has no direct role to play in controlling hair fall, but it improves collagen production.
According to Ayurveda Pitta imbalance is responsible for hair loss and Ayurveda advises these following diet changes to control hair loss. Seeds, nuts and whole grains that provides the essential fatty acids and wholesome nutrition. Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciencesqualifies for the ‘HHP – Holistic Health Practitioner’ certification by the AADP. Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine Trackqualifies for the ‘DNM – Doctor in Natural Medicine’ certification by the BNMDP. World CongressWorld Congress of Quantum Medicine is a conference featuring world-renowned speakers in health in Honolulu, Hawaii. Quantum World TVQuantum World TV is an online broadcast dedicated to educate, entertain, and enlighten with renowned speakers. World Summit 2015World Summit of Integrative Medicine is a online 7-day event with 49 world-renowned speakers on October 5 to 11, 2015.

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A treatment approach based on problems and priorities that have been established in a previous comprehensive evaluation. Schools of natural and integrative medicine that provide training on holistic systematic evaluations of clients will help to guide healthcare practitioners from many disciplines in prescribing safe, effective, natural and integrative treatments. In a world seeking instant solutions and magic bullets to remedy its increasingly chronic healthcare challenges, it’s hardly surprising that healthcare practitioners of all stripes are following in lemming-like fashion, a conventional model of medicine more focused on alleviating disease symptoms than the symptoms’ underlying causes.
It was considered just as a religious belief until recently, however recent research proves that cutting down on meat can prevent hair loss. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) has numerous health benefits and when it is mixed with extra virgin coconut oil, it nourishes the hair follicles.
It is more pronounced among people who drink tap water (Chlorine and Florine in water prevents iodine absorption by the body), cut down on drinking tap water. Avoid refined foods and instead use brown rice, oats and nutritional yeast for better hair health. Collagen surrounds the hair follicle and as we age the collagen production decreases, so hair fall increases.
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Most of the time healthcare practitioners take for granted that natural products have no side effects, which is completely erroneous. It is important that a client is effectively evaluated before any type of treatment – whether it is natural or pharmaceutical based.

Treatments that will optimize the use of products and therapies in restoring the client to a state of balanced wellness, without overstressing their system.
There is no permanent cure for Male pattern baldness at this point of time (other than slowing the process),  however every other hair fall issue can be tackled by proper nutrition and through certain herbs.
But surprisingly, most of the time the same pattern of therapeutic behavior is just transposed into the natural medicine practice without even preceding it with any kind of evaluation. Not only is this a blind approach with negative consequences, but it can overwhelm the client with the long-term cost of an unsustainable therapy, which is one of the major reasons for non-compliance. In their anxiety to get results faster, they literally swamp their client with products or therapies.
Excessive production of sebum in the scalp might result in 5-alpha reductase and hence result in hair loss.
By changing only a component of the equation by using natural products instead of a pharmaceutical compound, some practitioners assume that everything is fine and there is no need for proper education and training. Too many supplements can overload the client in their ability to detoxify, or create undesirable side effects like a healing crisis, which is a very common consequence of an aggressive therapy. Indian Gooseberry is an excellent source of Vitamin C, in addition to Vitamin C it also posses several agents that control hair fall. Miraculous products and miraculous cures are proposed without any pre-evaluation or differentiation for the clientele.
This study conducted by the Japanese scientists proves beyond doubt that meat consumption is linked to hair fall.
So many times I have seen natural healthcare practitioners suggesting products without doing a proper evaluation.

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