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Guess what is the deadliest disease in the world that is collapsing the life quality of millions of people around the world. Most of the time, doctors usually advise for the conventional methodologies – medication or surgery. Angioplasty and stenting: It is true that angioplasty can be completed in 2 hours with mild sedation through local anesthesia. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: It is a very major surgery that is employed to treat when multiples arteries gets narrowed. It is also true that many patients would like to avoid angioplasty bypass surgery for various reasons.
Doctors of Poona Preventive Cardiology Center have provided chelation therapy in Pune for several patients who are apprehensive of surgery and hence wanted to avoid angioplasty, bypass at any cost. Chelation therapy is fast gaining its due popularity and without any doubt, it is a better proposition than undergoing bypass surgery in most of the cases.
This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block, heart treatment without angioplast bypass, Preventive Cardiology treatment in pune on April 29, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil. Coronary artery disease is slowly engulfing the lives of people across all ages and walks of life.
Prior to knowing about ESMR, it is pertinent to understand the circumstances that lead to coronary artery disease.
ESMR Therapy in Pune, also known as Non Invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis Therapy (Ni–CATh) is a new way of treatment that utilizes the potential of extracorporeal shockwave technology to enable myocardial revascularization. While angioplasty and bypass surgery widens the artery passage or provides alternate path for blood flow respectively, ESMR improves the supply of oxygenated blood to the damaged portion of heart by angiogenesis (formation of new natural blood vessels). Although ESMR is a relatively new technology in India for treating heart diseases, it has been in practice for several decades for the treatment of kidney stones. If we do not take stern actions, unfortunately India would soon attain the title – heart disease capital of the world. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, arthritis treatment in Pune, Chelation Therapy, high blood pressure, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, ESMR treatment in Pune, heart treatment without angioplast bypass, Preventive Cardiology treatment in pune on April 8, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil. Dietary Cholesterol limit: In the past, the upper limit of dietary cholesterol was fixed at 300 milligram per day, which roughly translated into two eggs.
Basis for relaxation: Nobody is arguing the facts that serum cholesterol and higher serum LDL are some of the risk factor associated cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Saturated and Trans fats: DGAC has categorically said that saturated and Trans fats do raise the LDL limits and enhance the risk of CVD and hence both these fat types are stamped as the “nutrient of concern for overconsumption”. But the main problem is that most of the cholesterol rich foods contain high levels of saturated fats too. It should be clearly understood that body produces its own cholesterol and it does not need the external supply of it through dietary foods. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, avoid angioplasty, heart blockage treatment without surgery, heart treatment without angioplast bypass on February 12, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil. The modern world with superior technological innovations and massive industrialization has provided us with numerous facilities that have lessened our burden of day-to-day life chores.
In this connection, let us see how we can prevent heart surgery and the facts and fictions associated with chelation therapy. Usually in case of clogged arteries, the suggested line of treatment is either bypass surgery or angioplasty. What is preventing the unfortunate people having heart problems from availing chelation therapy? Except in certain cases for which heart surgeries are required, all other cases can be treated through safe administration of chelation therapy by expert doctors at PPCC. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, heart treatment without angioplast bypass, Preventive Cardiology treatment in pune on January 29, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil. In chelation therapy, the chelating agents bind with the toxic metals or minerals like calcium (accumulated in arteries) and are subsequently excreted from the body. The removal of toxic metals and calcium (plaques in arteries) produces appreciable results by restoring the cardio-vascular health. Usually chelation therapies are conducted in several sessions with each sitting occupying around 90 minutes. The doctors of Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre have been successfully providing chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune and revolutionizing the medical world through their alternative line of treatment.
This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy, heart treatment without angioplast bypass, Preventive Cardiology treatment in pune on January 22, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil.
When we hear the term Heart Attack, many of us think it to be a problem associated only with men. When the coronary arteries that supply oxygen rich blood to heart becomes thick because of cholesterol, fat and other substances called plaque, the supply of blood gets blocked and the heart struggles to get oxygen supply. As we have already mentioned, the symptoms of heart attack in women need not be necessarily to be same as that of men. If a woman experiences sudden shortness of breath without any reason or intense activity, it may be a sign of heart attack. Several factors like obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, poor diet, and ill habits like smoking and alcohol may be contributing towards the heart disease and they ought to be immediately controlled.  With the availability of chelation therapy, a comprehensive non-invasive for coronary heart disease treatment, the quality of life can be increased without any surgery. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged chelation, chelation therapy, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block on January 15, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil.
Coronary heart disease and stroke occurs when blood flow gets restricted due to the plaque build up in the walls of arteries.
Fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber rich food, nuts and food that are high in omega3 fatty acids are generally good for heart. Nevertheless, in the unfortunate event of heart blockage, it is not necessary to undergo bypass surgery or angioplasty. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, heart treatment without angioplast bypass on January 8, 2016 by Dr.pramod_patil. Although the medical fraternities are still debating the actual role of inflammation of heart in attacks or strokes, they all accept in unison for the fact – it is present in both the cases.
It is of foremost importance to learn the types of inflammatory heart diseases before learning the precautions and their treatment procedures. The thickening and stiffening of artery walls due to the deposition of fatty acids called plaques leads to atherosclerosis. Myocardium, the heart muscle carries out the job of contracting and relaxing to pump and receive the blood throughout the body. Proper immunization against Myocarditis causing agents such as Rubella, Tetanus, Diphtheria. Considering the lifestyle, stress, and unhealthy food habits, atherosclerosis poses a great threat to the present day generation. Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), a non-invasive procedure increases the blood flow through alternate paths and paves way to reduce angina.
In a collateral circulation, tiny blood vessels get formed and detours the blocked arteries. The alternative line of treatment EECP is a boon to a patient who does not wish or qualify for invasive procedures. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Chelation Therapy, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block, heart treatment without angioplast bypass on September 26, 2015 by Dr.pramod_patil.
This article is based on a research published in the American Journal of Hypertension which shows a direct link between eating food away from home and high blood pressure.
High blood pressure also known as hypertension has serious implications an individual’s health. When a person is suffering from high blood pressure, the force of blood pushing up against the walls of the blood vessels is greater making it difficult for the heart to pump blood. According to research in the US nearly 2 million children and 70 million adults are affected by high blood pressure. The researches further highlighted that compared to without hypertension or pre-hypertension, students with hypertension or pre-hypertension who eat out more often would end up having a higher BMI, have lower levels of physical activity and also be current smokers. Eating just one extra meal out per week is associated with a 6% increase in risk for pre-hypertension or high blood pressure. Next, the team will further embark on a related study which will help them to examine and explore the potential interventions that will help to prevent hypertension among young adults in Singapore. Medical News (MNT) reports on a series of studies conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois which investigate the benefits of making food more porous at a micro structural level which will help to protect against hypertension. MNT further reports that according to a research published in the Journal of the American College of CardiologyAsian-Americans are at a greater riskheart diseaseand hemorrhagic stroke than the Americans or non-Hispanic.
Doctors at Poona Preventive Cardiology center in Pune avoid angioplasty bypass by providing the best heart treatment without angioplasty bypass. Ensure that your food is be prepared with less salt and should not contain MSG or added salt-containing ingredients. It is ideal to limit condiments that are high in salt like pickles, ketchup, mustard and sauces. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, arthritis treatment in Pune, Chelation Therapy, Dieting Tips, high blood pressure and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block, heart treatment without angioplast bypass on April 21, 2015 by Dr.pramod_patil.
High cholesterol also known as hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia and dyslipidemia is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. Drugs that increase LDL cholesterol and decrease HDL cholesterol (progestin, anabolic steroids and corticosteroids).
Most of the above factors can be easily changed to restrict increase in high cholesterol levels. This entry was posted in alternative treatment for heart blockage, Dieting Tips, preventive cardiology, Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block, heart treatment without angioplast bypass, Preventive Cardiology treatment in pune on April 14, 2015 by Dr.pramod_patil. Heart Disease is one of the most widespread causes of death in the United States and one of the most preventable diseases. Heart disease can refer to a number of heart conditions, which may include angina, arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, and coronary artery disease.
Angina is pain in chest due to reduced blood flow through the arteries and weakening of the heart, and there are four types of angina. The most common heart condition in the United States is coronary artery disease (CAD), which consists of plaque and cholesterol build-up in the arteries, resulting in a narrowing of the arteries and reduced blood flow.
A physician can determine a person’s risk for CAD by checking blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and asking about family history of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is a completely preventable and treatable problem. Los Angeles Heart Disease specialist, Dr. Patients that have been diagnosed with heart disease, suspect they may have a problem, or just want to make sure they can prevent any chance of developing a cardiovascular problem please call 323-498-2774 to schedule a FREE WELLNESS PHONE CONSULTATION! Dr.
Patient Testimonials"I have been coming with Dr Mathur for a few months now and I already feel better, have more energy and sleep better. Patients can now overcome mental and physical exhaust to live happier, healthier lives through the clinic’s regenerative Wellness Program.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a treatable condition, and patients can get back to living a vital active life after their bodies are returned to a healthy state. Personalized treatment programs, detoxification, and stress reduction may all help patients with IBD to restore healthy digestive functioning and reduce the effects of IBD. This chronic viral infection can be overcome with rebuilding the body’s immune system and natural defenses so that the body can successfully fight off the virus and restore optimal levels of health.
The negative effects of Hashimoto’s can be reversed through balancing the thyroid gland and improving the body’s overall health through the Wellness Program’s specialized protocols.
Specialized therapies can reduce the effects of arterial plaque build-up, which can prevent heart disease and improve overall cardiovascular health. Viral hepatitis can become chronic and lead to liver disease, but specialized therapies can help to improve the immune system, detoxify the liver, and help the body fight a hepatitis infection. While Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease, the symptoms of this disease can be improved with therapies can support immune function and overall health.
Reduced dopamine levels can lead to the many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease; however, detoxifying the body, improving nutrition levels, and balancing the body’s systems can slow the effects of Parkinson’s. Several of the clinic’s specialized therapies can help patients with RA to reduce swelling, increase joint range of motion, and decrease pain levels. Thyroid imbalances can be corrected to help men and women improve metabolic functions, maintain a healthy weight, and increase energy levels. Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre (PPCC) is a speciality clinic offering optimal treatment to people suffering from coronary diseases.

In this therapy chelating agents like EDTA or Ethylene Diamine Tetra-acetic Acid is used , which is infused through intravenous. Enhance antioxidant activity by reducing the production of free radicals and also prevent their destructive influence and also reduce atherosclerotic plaque. Improve production of cellular energy by removing the ions, reducing local toxic substances and improving the production and function of the enzymes (whose activity gets inhibited due to calcium deposits in the walls of the arteries). Reduce stickiness of blood by removing the calcium present in the membrane of the platelet and thus improving its function and also inhibit over coagulation. Normalize Cholesterol levels in blood by increasing the HDL (good cholesterol) or high density lipoproteins and reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) or low density lipoproteins.
Yes, at PPCC we also include EECP or Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) therapy wherein you can avoid angioplasty bypass.
ECP works by increasing the blood flow to the heart during its rest phase (Diastole) during which the coronary arteries receive their blood supply. We have a team trained specialists and nurses who will make you feel at ease throughout the treatment process and you can also go home or even go to work immediately after each treatment. Our objective is to provide the best preventive treatment for coronary disease which is cost effective and beneficial to our patients. This entry was posted in Treatment for Coronary Disease and tagged alternative treatment for heart blockage, avoid angioplasty bypass, chelation, chelation therapy for heart disease in pune, EECP treatment for heart block, heart treatment without angioplast bypass on March 4, 2015 by Dr.pramod_patil. As long as the block gets cleared by life style changes and medications like beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and nitroglycerine, it is fine.
But angioplasty cannot be employed if the coronary artery is very small or the blockage is complete that the balloon cannot cross it. CABG can be carried out if the patient agrees for deployment of artificial heart-lung machine for blood circulation, usage of general anesthesia, a weeklong stay at hospital, and a recovery period of atleast 3 months. The treatment is through IV that contains the medical solution such as EDTA in di-sodium form to dissolve the fatty acids. The maximum effect of chelation therapy can be clearly observed after 20 sessions, with each session lasting for 3 hours. In layman terms, it can be best described as usage of shock waves to enhance the blood supply to heart muscles.
In other words, it precisely does the job of by-pass surgery without letting the knife touch any part of your body. Also the other merits associated with ESMR hugely outweigh the conventional treatment options. Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre is very much delighted to offer ESMR treatment in Pune for the benefit of patients, who are otherwise frustrated with surgery options. But the good news is that by reducing the risk factors, you can drastically cut down the chances. The relaxation of this upper limit is based on the strong recommendations of American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology.
The real questions were whether consumption of high cholesterol food leads to higher LDL or lowering the intake of dietary cholesterol reduces LDL.
It is also proven that the decrease in intake of Trans and saturated fats lessens the chances of CVD.
Under any circumstances, it should not be construed that consumption of cholesterol rich food will nullify the ill effects of saturated fats. As conditions such as obesity, age, and genetics contribute in elevating the cholesterol levels, it is always advisable to limit the dietary cholesterol and avoid angioplasty, bypass surgery, and associated complications. It is an effective non-invasive treatment and a far superior alternative for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. But with chelation therapy available as alternative treatment for heart blockage, it has been a big relief for all the heart patients. No doubt, unprecedented growth of industries and automobiles has offered many comforts for our daily activities. It helps in improving the functioning of heart, liver, kidney and increase the blood circulation to heart and brain. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), a synthetic chelating agent is introduced into the blood stream through injection.
Systematic chelation therapy is prescribed to minimize the quantum of toxic metals in the blood stream. This salient feature of removing the calcium plaques has made the chelation therapy to be recognized as alternative treatment for heart blockage. The best feature of chelation therapy is that the chelating agent not only travels through the blocked areas but in all routes of arteries. As it is IV based treatment, the patient can read books or listen to music during the course of treatment! If any sort of abnormal pain that starts in a milder tone and gradually gets intensified in areas like jaw, back, shoulder and both the arms are felt it is always advisable to inform your doctor immediately. But these signs and a severe pressure in the abdomen area may very well be a signal of heart attack. It is absolutely possible to avoid bypass surgery at Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre (PPCC) by highly successful alternative treatment for heart blockage like chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune.  With lifestyle changes and diet management plan by PPCC, the coronary heart disease can be prevented.
To maintain a healthy weight, to lower cholesterol levels, to maintain blood sugar level and lower blood pressure levels, more physical activity is recommended. It is important to stop the habit immediately for a healthy heart as tobacco damages the arteries. Reduce stress by way of meditation and other activities you are personally interested in to keep you occupied and relieve from stress. Before learning about the inflammatory heart disease, we should know in the first place, what is inflammation?
Inflation of pericardium is called Pericarditis and it is caused by bacterial, viral or fungi infections, autoimmune diseases and various other reasons. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetics, and high blood pressure are some of the main root causes. What more, EECP treatment for heart block is approved by United States Food and Drugs Administration (USFDA), a stringent regulative authority. Formation of collateral circulation is a very slow process and its rate is not common for everyone. Post EECP, an unhealthy lifestyle is bound to spoil the newly formed vessels too; hence it is absolutely necessary to follow healthy life style habits, reduce obesity, and consume balanced heart friendly diet.
In fact, doctors of Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre (PPCC), Pune have successfully performed EECP for the patients who were still feeling the angina even after several invasive procedures. It is considered to be one of the main risk factors that attributes to death caused due to cardiovascular diseases. In India too with a change in lifestyle, more people eat away from home and are at a greater risk of hypertension. Tazeen Jafar, from the Health Services and Systems Program at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore it is the first study to show a link between eating out and high blood pressure. They are of the opinion that the well being of an individual mainly depends on their habits and choice of lifestyle.
Normal cholesterol levels it is an essential substance for the normal functioning of the body. High levels of LDL lead to a build-up of cholesterol in the arteries which leads to the narrowing and blockage of arteries, called atherosclerosis.
Due to lack of physical activity LDL or bad cholesterol tends to increase and HDL or good cholesterol decreases. Anju Mathur focuses on prevention and Holistic modalities to help patient avoid the devastating effects of heart disease. CAD can lead to heart failure because the heart can’t pump blood normally, and arrhythmia, which is an irregular heartbeat. Doctors can also perform tests like an EKG, stress test, and chest x-rays to determine if a patient has CAD. Mathur is an expert in the isolation and treatment of the risk factors related to cardiovascular disease. In Dr.
Dr Lenny Da Costa Consultant- Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and anti-aging specialist answers queries put forth by people regarding preventive treatment for coronary diseases.
People are under great stress and are thus prone to a number of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and much more. The infused EDTA travels through the bloodstream and grabs minerals and metals like lead, iron, calcium, aluminum, copper, cadmium and mercury. In fact it considered to be the safest among all medical procedures which can help to prevent coronary disease. We offer a comprehensive preventive treatment for coronary diseases thereby helping our patients to have a healthy and happy lifestyle.
This is caused due to the deposition of fatty substance or cholesterol on the inner walls of arteries, which in turn block or restricts the flow of blood. But is it necessary to undergo angioplasty or coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) that is loaded with risks. Moreover, the chances of restenosis, the artery getting narrowed again, is quite high at 40%.
Ofcourse, the course of treatment is decided only after physical assessments that include blood tests, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Exercise Tolerance Test (EET), Echocardiography, and Stress Echocardiography.
Yes, alternative therapies are very much available and the good news is that it is absolutely non-invasive and safe. When these arteries gets narrowed due to the buildup of plaques, the flow conditions get disturbed and the heart muscles (myocardium) slowly starves of oxygen rich blood. These shock waves have nothing to do with electricity but refer to low intensity sound waves that are more or less similar to the ultra sound frequencies. As the shock wave generator is specifically designed for the treatment of heart disease, it can efficiently focus any point in the heart muscle. The dietary cholesterol limits had been thought as the controlling factor for raising LDL cholesterol limits and increasing the risks associated with heart diseases.
As added benefits of chelation therapy, improvement in memory and mental ability, decrease in fatigue and tiredness and finally the increase in energy levels are noticed in majority of the patients.
If not for the effectiveness, there is no other reason for lakhs of people to have benefitted by the chelation therapy. A great relief from leg muscle cramps, weight management and reduced blood pressure are other benefits of this therapy.
It should be noted that the chelating agent or chelator used for the treatment varies according to the metal. Those people who are in risk group with regard to age, genetics, medical history and those who have experienced signs of heart disease are advised to visit PPCC, the exemplary centre for non-invasive alternate treatment.
When the supply of blood to the brain is blocked, the cells in the starts to die due to insufficient blood and finally results in stroke. BMI index helps to identify whether a person is obese or his weight is in the healthy range. Say no to packed fruit juices loaded with sugar (instead drink fresh juices), pastries, pizza, cakes, cookies and all other unhealthy food choices.
Expert doctors of Poona Preventive Cardiology Center (PPCC) provide excellent treatment options such as chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune effectively repair the damage caused to the arteries. Inflammation is nothing but a reaction of the body in which tissue swells around an injury or an infection. Due to this inflammation, efficient pumping of blood gets disturbed and causes breathlessness and irregular beats. A balanced diet coupled with good exercise regime and healthy lifestyle is the best precaution to be adopted.
In many instance, in spite of these medications, problems such chest pain or burning sensation still persists and causes extreme discomfort.
A regular follow up with the doctor to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes is also highly recommended. No wonder, this alternative line of treatment is fast gaining popularity and creating a better quality of life. People with hypertension or high blood pressure face other risks too like stroke, aneurysm and kidney failure. When you eat meals away from home, it will lead to higher intake of salt, saturated fat and also calories.

This should ensure that the manufacturers lower the overall level of salt content in their foods. Eating out will lead to increased blood pressure causing heart attacks and other heart problems. But, if there is a high cholesterol level in the blood it can pose a great threat to your health. This leads to the formation of plaque which eventually restricts the flow of blood and may also lead to heart attack.
Losing your excess weight will do wonders for your health and also improve your appearance. Anju Mathur of Angel Longevity Medical Center offers an Alternative Functional Medical approach to treating and preventing cardiovascular disease to patients in the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley area of Studio City California. The most common arrhythmias include bradycardia, which is a slower heart rate or tachycardia, which is a faster heart rate. The first sign of CAD is usually a heart attack, which occurs when plaque totally blocks blood flow of an artery in the heart, or a plaque deposit breaks off and blocks a coronary artery. Unfortunately, the first sign of CAD for most is a heart attack, but there are other symptoms of CAD that may also be signs of an impending heart attack. Anju Mathur’s Wellness Program, one of her treatment protocols may include Chelation Therapy, which is known to have great success in improving heart disease. Anju Mathur’s Back to Wellness Program, one of her treatment protocols may include Chelation Therapy, which is known to have great success in improving heart disease because it removes heavy metal toxicity and can prevent calcification of the arteries. It binds them and eventually removes them from the bloodstream and delivers them to the kidneys. The body thus responds by drawing from the calcium deposits that are present in the plaque.
This treatment can be given to patients who have already undergone angioplasty or bypass surgery and help them optimize their health.
In this procedure some pressure systems are wrapped around the body parts which have extra blood storage helping an increased flow of blood to heart during Diastole or the rest phase.
Subsequently, heart muscles get deprived of oxygen in the blood and results in angina or chest pain. Before analyzing the alternatives, let us see what cannot be rectified through angioplasty and CABG.
If necessary Angiogram, CT angiography and Nuclear Isotope Imaging are also carried out to carefully assess the condition and arrive at best possible line of treatment. Eventually, it starts deteriorating and triggers several heart problems such an angina, heart attack, or stroke.
The angiogenesis is triggered by these shock waves and there by improve the blood supply to the heart. Firstly, Cholesterol plays a crucial role in brain development, cell building, and the production of Vitamin D. Also due to the changes in life styles, there has been an alarming rise in the cardiovascular diseases.
Arteries, the blood carriers, get narrowed down due to plaques, a complex deposition of cholesterol and calcium. In fact doctors in PPCC have successfully cured several patients through chelating therapy who have recurred heart diseases even after undergoing Angioplasty and Bypass.
We are being constantly exposed to toxic chemicals and heavy metals in our day to day life. The success story of chelation therapy dates back almost a century back during which it is was successfully deployed in Germany for removing lead from the blood stream of painters. EDTA is generally employed as a non-specific chelating agent to remove calcium, iron, lead and several other metals.
But the normal symptoms faced by men during an attack need not be necessarily faced by women. An uncomfortable squeezing pain or feeling of heaviness over the chest is also experienced by women.  This feeling of pressure or fullness may last for few minutes and recur again.
There are few uncontrollable factors such as genetics, age and ethnicity that can increase the risk factors associated with heart disease and stroke.
Cholesterol is the major contributing factor for a heart disease, so it is important to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL). The bottom line is to reduce intake of calories and increase the burning of calories through exercises.
It is best not to drink alcohol or in the unavoidable circumstances, never to go beyond limited units. This usually speeds up the process of healing, but the trouble starts when it sometimes back fires and damages the healthy tissues. Drugs can provide relief only to certain extent and all other invasive procedures such as bypass surgery, angioplasty, and stent placement have several risk factors associated with it. Evidence suggests that EECP stimulates the release of nitric oxide and thereby induces the formation of collateral vessels in the coronary artery tree. To further investigate the ill effects of eating out and its association with high blood pressure or hypertension, the researchers surveyed about 501 young adults who attended university in Singapore in the age group of 18 to 40 years. Eating out excessively will have multiple adverse effects on your body wherein high blood pressure tops the list. To remove blockages Poona Preventive Cardiac Centre (PPCC) offers the EECP treatment for heart block. Mathur will do an in depth analysis of the patient’s dietary, exercise, social, and work habits, and she will also perform sophisticated tests in order to get a complete picture of a patient’s health.
Variant angina happens without warning, and it occurs with a spasm or tightening of the coronary artery. These two types of arrhythmia’s may be benign; however, some supraventricular arrhythmia’s can be life threatening. Another beneficial therapy may be Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, which supplements deficient hormones. Please call us at (323) 498-2774 for a free 15 minute phone consultation with a health counselor, or if it's after hours, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within one business day. The removal of calcium from the plaque leads to the re-absorption of plaque and the restoration of the normal status of the arteries. Hence the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) has categorically said that cholesterol is no more a nutrient of concern if consumed in excess. Secondly, none of the research pin points to the elevation of heart disease risks due to dietary cholesterol. In fact, it has achieved the dubious distinction of number one killer disease across the globe.
When EDTA or suitable chelating agent is provided through intravenous infusion, the plaques get detached from the artery walls and come out of the body through excretory system. Few recent studies even suggest that chelation therapy combats degenerative diseases and slows down the aging process. Pollution and other lifestyles play a major role in accumulation of heavy toxic metals in our body. Overdose of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium causes free-radical damages and these are effectively treated by the chelation therapy. So it is utmost necessary for to have high awareness level about heart attack in women and its symptoms. But it is definitely possible to reduce other risk factors and avoid heart diseases by altering or tweaking certain lifestyle habits. Aerobics, swimming, cycling or simple walking can do a lot of good to your body and for blood circulation. When bacterial, or viral or fungi infections occur in the heart or plaques get deposited in the artery walls, the immune system fights back and in the process, causes inflammation of heart.
The effect of EECP starts to surface only after completing half of the therapeutic sessions. This study is the first to show the association between eating out and increased risk of high blood pressure.
Individuals whose job entails excess travel on work might find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Microvascular angina is more severe, lasts longer, and occurs in the arterial blood vessels. Supraventricular tachycardia is characterized with any irregular heartbeat that occurs above the ventricles. This therapy can potentially prevent heart disease because certain hormones allow blood to flow smoothly through the arteries and veins. It is necessary to care for your heart to enjoy seamless moments of joy and fun with your loved ones. ESMR has revolutionized the treatment of heart diseases and presents a new lease of life even for end stage heart disease patients. Additionally, all the heavy metal toxins are also grabbed by the chelating agent and come out of our body system. Without any doubt, it can be assured that chelation therapy is the most effective detoxifying treatment.
What we eat, drink, and breathe contains several heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, copper, iron, cadmium, aluminium and barium. Poona Preventive Cardiology Center, the leading clinic for providing heart treatment without angioplasty, bypass, shares symptoms of heart attack in women. Poona prevention cardiology centre, the leading clinic for heart treatment without angioplasty, bypass explains simple and healthy steps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. A healthy diet option also matters a lot in the maintenance of lower bad cholesterol levels.
Doctors at Poona Preventive Cardiology Centre, explains that though inflammatory heart diseases are quite dangerous, they can be effectively treated. Having said all these aspects, it is quite natural for the following questions to arise in your mind. The doctors feel that it is very important to know the causes of high cholesterol as it will give you an insight into things that you need to avoid and the lifestyle changes that needs to be incorporated to stay healthy. Mathur is highly skilled in knowing which tests to select in evaluating the cardiovascular system and how to choose therapies for patients with a high risk of cardiovascular disease.  Dr. Phospholipid Exchange Therapy may also reduce the risk for heart disease because it can remove toxins at a cellular level, which can help detoxify the blood and reduce arterial build up of plaques. Food items such as eggs, shrimps, and lobsters that are high in cholesterol but lean in saturated fats are good for health. With each session of around 3 hours, it requires multiple sittings, depending upon the severity of the problem, to get completely cured. Overloading of these heavy metals in our body disrupt the functioning of several parts including that of cardio vascular system. An atrial flutter occurs when a large number of faster heartbeats occur, and then the heart rate returns to normal, which can be dangerous. Many patients have successfully used these therapies in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. Chelation therapy works on a brilliant medical scheme – it removes the fatty deposits along the walls of arteries and restores the blood flow back to normalcy. Poona Preventive Cardiology Center, one of the pioneers in providing heart blockage treatment without surgery explains in detail about this new dietary relaxation and answers the associated questions. Yes, says the expert doctor Poona Preventive Cardiology Center (PPCC), renowned for Chelation therapy and EECP treatment in Pune.
Her individualized healing programs are designed to help men and women with long term and chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease to improve their overall health and prevent the development of cardiovascular disease. Atrial fibrillation occurs when the atrium beats rapidly, which is more common in older people and those that have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. He further adds that chelation therapy would do wonders in our body and completely detoxify the plaques that have been narrowing the arteries.

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