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The sore throat is irritation, scratchiness and pain in the throat and it can become worse when someone swallow something. When you suffer a sore throat because of bacterial infection, the doctor may prescribe taking the antibiotics.
If your mouth ulcers or canker sores are giving you tough time while eating and talking, you must treat them, of course with home remedies unless they are not older than ten days. Rinse your mouth twice or thrice everyday with this water daily till you get rid of canker sores. You may also make a paste by mixing baking soda with a little water and apply this on your canker sores. You might feel a little uncomfortable initially but onions remedy is good for healing sores as well as relieving yourself of pain.
If you want to relieve yourself of the pain that accompanies canker sores, you can use honey. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball in plum juice and hold this cotton ball against your canker sores for few minutes. You may also add 1 tsp each of myrrh powder, goldenseal powder and cayenne pepper into a cup of water and wash your mouth with this water.
Sage has been used by Native American tradition medicine to cure sores and also as mouth cleanser. Take the piece of sorrel herb and hold it against the canker sores until they become soggy. This is a very quick remedy for canker sore pain though the herb is bitter and you’ll have to tolerate the bitterness.
Most of the traditional medicinal streams of the world consider malnutrition as one of the main causes of canker sores. Have drinks and foods that keep your body cool like coconut water, cucumber, yogurt, fruit juices etc. Do not have acidic and spicy foods that will only increase your pain and discomfort which you already have due to canker sores. Have foods that are richer sources of B vitamins such as whole grains, green leafy vegetables etc. Restrict taking more of citrus fruits, spices, dairy products, animal proteins, salty foods, sweets and oily foods as well as caffeinated beverages. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. If you get an occasional cold sore, hemoform Serum works the best for getting rid of it quickly. In many cases, when the sore throat debuts we are tempted to take anti-inflammatory drugs instead of considering a fast remedy from out kitchen – salt.
Essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint but also honey are part of the recipe for many cough drops you can get from any food store. It is a fact that hot fluids make any cold symptom better but you may not know that fluids in general can help heal a sore throat faster.
You surely know that chicken soup is an old school remedy for common cold but the recent studies also proved that the sodium from the chicken soup can act as an anti-inflammatory in case of a sore throat. This may seem a weird remedy for sore throat but the modern folklore as well as modern studies show that eating marshmallows can help with the pain. A sea salt and lemon throat gargle increases the blood flow to the throat, which helps to dilate the capillaries. Similar to the throat gargle, cayenne pepper stimulates the throat and draws blood to the area, helping to wash away toxins. As with any natural remedy, always check with your doctor before using the suggestions above, especially if you have any medical conditions or are taking medications.

Delialah FalconCharlotte Alternative Medicine ExaminerDelialah Falcon is a freelance health writer and stay-at-home mother to four children.
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Penicillin can be given for 10 days and it is a common treatment of antibiotic which is given to treat strep throat. Bacteria and virus which cause the infection is contagious so you have to try your best to prevent it by following good hygiene practice.
Because canker sores are most painful in the first 3-4 days and go away in about 10 days at the most. If you get mouth ulcers when you are also suffering from constipation or indigestion, make these tasty Ayurvedic drink as your remedy for canker sores.
Water washes away your body toxins, cures constipation, and also releases the water solubles vitamins in your body that you have but your body cannot use them in lack of water.
The good bacteria in yogurt not only heal your mouth ulcers but also prevent them from reoccurring. You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. A large number of bacteria and viruses can cause a large variety of respiratory infections and most of them start with a sore throat.
These have a numbing and cooling effect and can be a great help for a sore throat because they ease the pain and help you swallow better. Fluids help moisturizing the mucous membranes helping the body flush the bacteria and irritants culpable for the sore throat.
It might be painful to swallow but the warmth of the soup will help the decongestion of the throat facilitating the healing process. The marshmallow plant was used for centuries as an alternative remedy for colds, sore throats and cough but in the case of modern marshmallows the gelatin is the actual responsible for making the sore throat better. I am looking for alternative ways to treat the sore throat itself and also to get rid of the painful burning when swallowing. Sore throats are one of the most common symptoms associated with colds, allergies and the flu. Cayenne pepper contains large amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as the complete B complex, making it a powerful antioxidant. The active components in garlic interfere with viruses by invading the virus lining and mixing with the virus' nucleic acids.
If you can withstand the taste, this is a powerful defense that will speed up recovery from sore throats. After attending Dowling College to pursue a degree in English Literature, she continued her education at Clayton College of Natural Health where she studied holistic nutrition and herbology.
When you are allergic to the penicillin, the doctor is going to prescribe another type of alternative antibiotics.
Wash your hands well and often after coughing or sneezing, before eating or after you use the toilet. The modern theory for the causes of canker sores say that deficiency of essential nutrients in the body such as Vitamin B 12, zinc, folic acid and iron is responsible for the appearance of canker sores in your mouth. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes. You can prevent the matter from aggravating itself and also stay away from antibiotics or prescription medicine by using a few simple and affordable sore throat remedies.
The specialists advise to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and use the mixture to gargle a few times a day. You can always add sources of Vitamin C like lemon juice or orange juice to the water you drink to help your throat heal faster.

The marshmallows melt in contact with the saliva and gelatin coats the throat tissues easing the pain. I have been to the doctors twice for a sore throat and after taking a course of antibiotics the first time, I was told the second time it is a viral infection that has to run its course.
Causes of sore throat can be bacterial or viral, and in many instances, a secondary bacterial sore throat may develop after the immune system is weakened by a viral cold.
The garlic properties work to mutate the acids, preventing the virus from multiplying and limiting its viral capabilities. Most of the time the sore throat is caused by the viral infections like flu and cold, but the sore throat which come from the virus can resolve on its own or with the home care therapy.
Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have healthy and all inclusive diet to keep the mouth ulcers at bay. The studies proved that this remedy gets rid of the mucus and helps remove the bacteria irritating your throat. Proper treatment of a sore throat depends on the type of organism responsible for causing it.
In turn, the membranes of the throat are cleared, allowing infection-fighting anitbodies to penetrate the infected region. A strep throat is not a common type of the sore throat which is caused by the bacteria and it may need more treatment by the use antibiotic drugs in order to prevent any complication. An Alternative and herbal products and medicine for the sore throat can be packaged like lozenges, sprays or teas. Also, you should know how to differentiate between canker sores and cold sore or fever blisters. You may initially feel as if your sores are burning when you apply honey on them but after a few seconds only, you’ll be relieved of the pain. Researches have established relation between stress and eruption of ulcers in your body including canker sores. Over time, your body will heal itself, however, in the meantime, the muscle tears is what causes the pain. More severe bacterial infections such as Strep throat (Group A Streptococcus bacteria) need to be treated with antibiotics, so it is important to visit your doctor when a sore throat is persistent or accompanied by fever. The common alternative remedies may include honeysuckle flower, Chinese medicine herbs, marshmallow root, licorice root, sage and slippery elm.
While cold sores more often appear on lips and face, canker sores attack the inside of your mouth. Once it is confirmed that you sore throat is viral, it is safe to begin natural treatment at home. These tiny mouth ulcers with white-gray center and a well defined red border can be there inside your lips, cheeks and sometimes, though rarely, on your tongue. They include, Hot Pepper Rubs, Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Oral Magnesium and Epsom Salts. These treatments can also be used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat bacterial throat infections, to help aid in the healing process and to relieve painful symptoms. It’s essential to recognize these canker sores by differentiating them with cold sores because then only can you apply the right home remedies for them.
As with any illness that requires the use of antibiotics, you should start taking a probiotic formula to balance bacteria levels and restore the beneficial bacteria that are destroyed during antibiotic treatment.

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