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Generally speaking, conventional medicine has a good handle on how to treat thyroid disorders. Before considering the avenue of alternative medicine, it would be important to consult with your doctor. Prior research has determined that the thyroid gland functions optimally in those with a diet rich in iodine, magnesium and protein.
There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the treatment of thyroid conditions using naturopathy. After consulting with your doctor, you may want to consider naturopathy as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, your usual method of treatment. Acupuncture may also serve as a supplement to conventional medicine in the treatment of thyroid disorders. An overall healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising, can help you manage thyroid disease.
What do you do when you either don’t want the medication or the medication balances your blood tests, but it leaves you feeling crummy? Our holistic medicine practice includes diagnosis and management of various health conditions by a board certified family practice physician.
Holistic medicine involves treating a person as a whole being through the most useful but least invasive therapies whenever possible. Myth #1: The TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) blood test is the only way to diagnose hypothyroidism or low thyroid.
The “Third Generation Ultrasensitive TSH” is the modern standard for thyroid testing.  Unfortunately it is not only imperfect and unproven, but there are well-known types of hypothyroidism for which the TSH test is irrelevant. Myth #2: Normalizing the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) blood test is the best way to treat hypothyroidism.
Fact: Many studies have shown that adjusting thyroid doses to make the TSH blood test normal leaves many patients with symptoms of low thyroid.
My conclusion: We should focus on reversing the low thyroid condition while avoiding side effects or signs of thyroid excess. Myth #3: Thyroid treatment that reduces the TSH to below the normal range (“TSH suppression”) has been shown to be harmful, causing atrial fibrillation (a heart rhythm abnormality) and bone thinning. Before the TSH test was invented, generations of patients flourished on doses of thyroid medicine that routinely suppress the TSH.
Myth #4: Natural thyroid extracts are dangerous because they are not regulated and not consistent in dose. My conclusion: There is no evidence that natural thyroid extracts such as Armour Thyroid are unsafe or any more dangerous than synthetic thyroid treatments. My conclusion: Suppression of thyroid function—which can occur during treatment—is only temporary and will not create a permanent dependency. Hyper- and hypo-thyroidism are usually routinely managed with medications that are designed to restore the body’s hormone balance. However, below you can find some general information about alternative therapies and medicines you may consider as conservative measures for the treatment of thyroid disease.

In addition, vitamins A, B and C have also been shown to have positive effects on the thyroid. The resulting improvement in circulation of the blood and the reduction in muscle tension have been known to provide improvement in metabolic function.
In America, some states have authorised naturopaths to treat thyroid patients; others do not.
Current research suggests that by stimulating areas of the body with fine needles you can elicit a response in another area. Alternative therapies are not likely to become the treatment of choice, but in some cases may be used in conjunction with your thyroid medication. None of the content in this site should be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment nor for legal or financial services. An integrative approach is used which combines the best of traditional and alternative medical care. For many years, doctors effectively diagnosed and treated hypothyroidism without the TSH test or any tests at all. For example, TSH testing is not useful when hypothyroidism is caused by dysfunction of the pituitary gland or of the hypothalamus (part of the brain,) or when hypothyroidism is caused by “tissue resistance” to the effects of thyroid hormone. To most accurately identify hypothyroidism, I am convinced that it is best to start with the approach that has worked for over a century: Listen to the patient and look for evidence of low thyroid function. When the TSH is normal but the patient continues to have low thyroid symptoms, it is often reasonable to try to reverse the hypothyroid state by increasing the thyroid dose and monitoring carefully for improvement and as well as possible side effects. Some say that thyroid treatment that reduces the TSH to below the normal range causes bone thinning and atrial fibrillation.
To this day, patients with thyroid cancer who are given doses to intentionally suppress the TSH do very well on this regimen. A century of medical experience and scientific evidence indicate that giving a patient enough thyroid hormone to make them well is a reasonable and safe approach.
Pharmacopeia.5   Synthetic thyroid extracts, such as levothyroxine contain only T4 and are also FDA approved. In fact, my experience is that natural thyroid extracts are much more effective at restoring normal metabolism and, therefore, very likely better for one’s health. Contemporary medications are rigorously tested and determined to be safe and effective before being made available. Keep in mind that alternative therapies are not a substitute for evidence based conventional therapies. Individuals with thyroid disease should avoid caffeine and foods containing high doses of selenium, which can negatively influence the functioning of the thyroid.
However, these are not generally viable in the long term and conventional medicines may still be required.
In states where it is permitted, a naturopath may provide herbal preparations that are based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).
In recent times, there has been overwhelming evidence that suggests this idea is a valid and effective treatment method for a variety of conditions including thyroid disease.

If you are considering trying alternative therapies for thyroid disease ensure that you consult with your doctor, to ensure personalised and comprehensive care.
It is thought that the best benefit alternative medicine has to offer is the concept that the  thyroid is not on an island. It is recommended that taking these things before bed so that you can wake up in the morning have a good bowel movement.  Other foods that can help relieve constipation include raisins, prunes, and the often forgotten beets. If the patient appears hypothyroid, I order blood tests — including the TSH — but I also check basal body temperature,1 and check urine thyroid hormone levels.2  Then I interpret all test results in the context of the individual patient’s condition. Blood tests, urine tests and body temperatures all provide additional information, but no one test should be blindly followed.
This leaves little room for the consideration of alternative therapies, although they may have been researched and determined to be safe and effective. However, it is important to note that it is often difficult to control thyroid conditions by diet alone and conventional medicines may still be required. However, like with diet and manipulative therapies, it is common that acupuncture be complementary to medications. The traditional treatment is all about the thyroid but did you know that healthy thyroid function is dependent upon several steps that take place  in other parts of your body?  The chart on the left is little complicated but that’s the point. To achieve this optimal health, thorough medical visits are provided along with personalized recommendation plans based on nutrition, supplements, and emotional support. Since then, a parade of tests has been developed.  Each was considered the “right” way to make the diagnosis until it proved to be too unreliable and was discarded.
Toft reviewed some of the evidence showing that the modern TSH-centered approach was ineffective. However, there is little information in the literature and research to suggest this is effective, although the preparations may ease the stress you are feeling due to symptoms of thyroid disease.
Because your thyroid a hormone, it is connected in its activity to your other hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
This means things irregular cycles, pms, and erectile dysfunction can actually spill over to cause thyroid problems! You must not ignore the things you feel because it may be a symptom of a greater pain for you.
The shift in texture is thanks to a slowed metabolism, which can reduce sweating.Your hair and nails may feel dry and brittle, as well. A lack of thyroid hormone interrupts your hair growth cycle, which results in hair loss, sometimes even outside of your eyebrows.“Lots of my patients come in and tell me that their hairdresser sent them,” says Dr. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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