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Medical marijuana has been rated the most effective alternative treatment for relieving chronic pain, according to the results of a new survey that also gave high marks to massage and chiropractic therapy.
The most widely used non-drug alternative treatment – vitamins and supplements – was rated the least effective by pain patients. The online survey of over 2,400 women in chronic pain was conducted by National Pain Report and For Grace, a non-profit devoted to better care and wellness for women in pain.
Given a choice of 11 different alternative therapies, many women said they had tried several treatments in the past year. Over 70% used vitamins and supplements, followed by exercise (66%), massage (49%), prayer (49%) and physical therapy (45%).
Many women said they had tried non-drug therapies not on the list, including swimming, heating pads, diet changes, TENS units, aromatherapy and Chinese exercises such as Tai Chi.
But while there was plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to try new treatments, many women said they were discouraged by the cost and the fact that many alternative therapies are not covered by insurance.
Many women said they were curious about medical marijuana, but were afraid to try it because cannabis is illegal in the countries and states where they live. While marijuana was one of the least used alternative therapies, it quickly rose to the top when women were asked about the effectiveness of treatments they had tried. Physical therapy and exercise — two treatments often recommended by physicians – were only effective about a third of the time, about the same as prayer, yoga and hypnosis.
Advocates of medical marijuana were delighted by the survey results – and the fact that so many pain patients were even talking about cannabis. A previous survey by National Pain Report found that marijuana was more effective at relieving symptoms of fibromyalgia than any of the three prescription drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat the disorder. Anyway, it is not hard to control your dosage with cannabis — which is why a lot of pain patients smoke or vape it. There are plenty of pain patients who will prefer the controlled dosage produced by Big Pharma and prescribed by doctors. I am glad to be off of those strong drugs that ruin your liver and eventually your kidneys. The description of the cannabis used in this vaporizer reminds me of Sativex — which I think will not prove to help as many people as it could because it lacks THC strength.
But cannabis works differently, in that the psychoactive effect doesn’t come with the same negative side effects that opioids have, including the mechanisms of addiction. Johnna Stahl, What are your thoughts on the development in Israel of a hand help medical marijuana device that allows physicians to fine tune the dosage to as small as 1 mg, as reported in the Wall Street Journal ? Of course the ones who are using that study to make cannabis look bad don’t have any actual experience with this plant (as I have proven here). You know, I don’t just pick on those who spread negative (and inaccurate) information about cannabis.
Anyone who chooses cannabis should be knowledgeable about its effects, benefits, and risks, as well as keep up to date on the medical science. BL, if you are not aware of how compromised the NIDA is, then there may be no hope that you will see reason.
And the plant has been consumed by people throughout history; and yet, we are all still here. And since THC was discovered in Israel in the 1950s, there’s actually been a ton of research done, just mostly in other countries. We could also add the tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence, but I guess all this is not good enough for some people.
It’s usually those who have never experimented with cannabis who run around spreading these lies and rumors.
Cannabis is a plant; a flower which contains cannabinoids which affect the body through the nervous systems synapses. Which is why it’s so important for pain patients to have as many options for treatment as possible, and medical marijuana should be one of those options. I don’t think people will abuse cannabis as they would other drugs, as it is less addictive than legal drugs like caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. It’s important to know the risks before taking any drug, but it is also important not to spread rumors and baseless fears. Medical cannabis represents hope for pain patients, something that is especially hard to find in this patient population. I had the good fortune to be able to use medical marijuana in CA before moving back to Chicago. It seems to me that before people are given guidance as to the best available evidence-informed treatment, more attention needs to be given to answering the question – What is Fibromyalgia?
Unfortunately, this is not a scientific study so it carries little to no weight in the medical community. Most of the people who suffer from asthma depend on medications like Asthalin whenever an asthma attack seems imminent.
All the three herbs have a property that widens the air passageway almost immediately depending on the way it is being used. Yoga is a complete physical and mental regimen that progresses towards a healthy body and mind. Postures like Pranayam, Shavasana, Pavanmuktasana, Anuloma Vinloma and Sukhasana are specifically recommended for people suffering from asthma.
Though the opinions of medical community are mixed on the efficacy of this technique but many people around the world have reported that this therapy has helped them in bettering the control over their breathing.
This therapy involves pricking very tiny needles into certain specific points of the body to relieve various maladies. Various simple home remedies can prove to be effective and inexpensive treatment for asthma. Treatment of cancerous cells in the cervix for instance, is dependent on several factors namely, whether you want to have children in the future, the size and the risk factors associated with the cells and the preferences of the patient.
Alternate Procedures For Determining And Treating Cancerous Cells Low Grade Cancerous Cells These cells are local to one particular organ, are mild and can be easily treated with LEEP procedures or cauterization.
Regular checkups in the form of pelvic exams, mammographies, x-rays and PAP smears are mandatory.
Hysterectomy In severe cases of cancer cells in the cervix or uterus, a complete hysterectomy may be carried out.
Biopsies Biopsies are repeatedly done to ascertain the degree and intensity of the cancerous cells. Cyrocautery In this procedure, a steel instrument is cooled by immersion into liquid nitrogen to a sub zero temperature. Laser Ablation In this procedure, the laser is applied to the affected cells and the laser beams destroy the cells. Testing For Cancerous Cells Regular biopsies, x-rays and PAP smears help to diagnose the presence of cancerous cells. LEEP LEEP is nothing but Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure in which a thin electrically charged fire is placed into the cervix to bring damage to the affected cells.
Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body? The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners. Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
Most chronic asthma patients turn to alternative or complementary treatments since they are less invasive and have fewer side effects than the traditional conventional or allopathic medicine. If the patient is tired of using inhalers and other steroid medications that have potential side effects, use of herbs and vitamins can help reduce the symptoms of the disease considerably.
Vitamin supplements such as C, A, D, B6 and B12 when taken on a regular basis provides powerful anti-oxidants to the body. Sukhasana (Easy pose), Shoulder Lifts, Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), Kapalbhati pranayama, (breathing technique) and Anuloma Viloma pranayama (breathing technique) are very useful to overcome an asthmatic symptom or attack. There is inconclusive evidence that shows that acupuncture can help ease the asthmatic symptoms. Acupuncture sometimes is combined with certain breathing techniques which promote strengthening of the lungs. Biofeedback uses electronic feedback messages to an individual enabling him or her to control the body functions that would normally happen automatically. Pneumographic biofeedback helps patients to adjust the breathing pattern which lowers their heart rate. Chronic pain—pain that lingers—may not respond well to traditional treatment options, so you may want to try complementary and alternative medicines (CAM). Complementary and alternative treatments can either complement (used in conjunction with) or be an alternative to traditional "Western" medicine—hence the CAM name. According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, acupuncture is very effective in treating neck pain1.

A German study also recently found that acupuncture was more effective than traditional non-surgical treatment options (physical therapy, medication, and exercise) for low back pain. Developed in China, acupuncture uses very fine needles—and no medication—to treat your pain.
The August 23, 2008, edition of the British Medical Journal had an article about the Alexander technique3.
For more details on the study and how the Alexander technique works, you can read the article Alexander Technique for Chronic Back Pain.
Since there are so many types of chronic pain, it's difficult to list all possible herbal remedies or supplements that may help reduce your particular kind of pain.
Massage is a good way to relax your body, which can be tense from dealing with a strain of chronic pain. Our minds are powerful things, and mind-body therapies can help you learn how to use your mind to control your perception of pain and other symptoms. Mind-body therapies can teach you how to pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. Haake M, Muller H-H, Schade-Brittinger C, Basler H, Schafer H, Maier C, Endres H, Trampisch H, Albrecht Molsberger A.
Little P, Webley F, Beattie A, Evans M, Middelton K,Barnett J, Lewith G, Ballard K, Oxford F, Smith P, Yardley L, Hollingshurst S, Sharp D. Sign up to receive free updates on back pain treatments, research, and doctor-reviewed spine health information. This information is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient.
When our pancreas do not produce enough insulin, a hormone which converts sugar to energy, glucose starts building up in our blood instead of entering the cells. But today natural alternative treatments for treating diabetes are becoming popular, which includes plant foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and therapies like acupuncture and guided imagery as they have little or no side effects and promises to lower the risks related to diabetes. Blueberry leaves contain a compound known as myrtillin which is considered very effective in lowering the level of blood sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre reduces blood sugar level by stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin naturally and also reduces your cravings for sugar. Bilberry leaf extracts repairs and rejuvenates damaged cells and encourages growth of healthy cells.
Asian ginseng, used widely in traditional Chinese medicine, is known to have properties that can lower blood sugar. Fenugreek seed powder is effective not only in lowering blood glucose level but also improves cholesterol level. Consumption of cinnamon regularly can reduce the health risks associated with diabetes and make the cells more responsive to insulin by blocking the formation of free radicals. Milk thistle, which is rich in antioxidants, works effectively in defending the body against diabetes-related complications like kidney damage.
Garlic and onion are also beneficial for diabetics as both contain allicin and flavonoids that have the ability to decrease blood sugar level. Vitamin D supplement is recommended for type 2 diabetes combined with calcium as only sunlight exposure and vitamin D available from food sources may not fulfill the requirement of vitamin D in a diabetic patient.
Vitamin C is needed to stabilize the blood sugar level and preventing diabetes related complications.
Minerals like magnesium help to improve blood sugar level by decreasing insulin resistance. Alternative therapies like acupuncture are also used to provide relief to diabetic patients from chronic pain. Exercise is crucial for people with diabetes for keeping various bodily systems and organs healthy, maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels and a healthy body weight.
Aerobic exercise like running, walking, cycling or swimming will help to metabolize stored sugar and convert them into energy.
None of those treatments worked to eliminate the pain, but exercise and massage do help to ease the pain somewhat,” wrote another.
Even if I could get a prescription, it’s too expensive for me,” wrote another woman who suffers from osteoarthritis and back pain.
I’ve never used recreational drugs in my life, but I really want to find out if there is an alternative to opiates for dealing with TN (trigeminal neuralgia) pain or spinal pain,” said another woman. However medical marijuana is not available in the state of Kentucky,” said a woman who has fibromyalgia, back pain, osteoarthritis and an autoimmune disease. All of the other methods helped for an hour, but pain always returned, often worse than before,” wrote a woman who has fibromyalgia, back pain and neuropathy. Helps some with sleep,” said a woman who suffers from osteoarthritis, back pain, and neuropathy.
I don’t want to be arrested,” wrote a woman who has fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, back pain, and neurorapthy.
Without it the pain keeps me from exercising, causing me to gain weight which causes me to be in more pain,” wrote a woman who has fibromyalgia, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.
I think that these numbers are great, but if you were to ask someone face-to-face if that was a viable treatment, I don’t think they’d give you the same response.
Because cannabis has been illegal for so long, few studies have been done about its effectiveness and safety. Connecticut made medical mj legal, 2 years ago, but only this week are we able to buy it in an actual pharmacy.
I wonder if the medical community had more control over the amount of THC a patient received and how often, if that would encourage more drs to actually prescribe it. The inhaler requires a fraction of the cannabis normally prescribed on a monthly basis, and it puts the drug into a form that’s more difficult to resell on the black market for a profit, Mr.
What they and other federal agencies think and decide is important because that is what these laws are based on.
But, if you are so worried about the potentiality of mental illness, maybe you should see a professional and get to the root of your fear.
I look forward to this November when I can ask my physician to prescribe this life changing substance.
Even in the states Medical Marijuana is legal in, it appears that cost stands between many on disability and access to it. In this condition the bronchial tubes that passes the oxygen to lungs, narrow down severely leading to instant obstruction in the air passageway. However, since it is largely a permanent condition, many people are exploring and turning to alternative treatments for it. However, you must consult your physician if you are on any medication as some of them may interfere with the functioning of drugs. This attack is compounded by the anxiety and yoga calms the nerves and helps in controlling panic attacks and anxiety.
It is basically a therapy that involves controlling the breathing by increasing or slowing down its rate.
The theory underlying this therapy assumes hyperventilation to be the root cause of asthma and therefore suggests relaxation and deep breathing techniques for relieving the symptoms of asthma. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Early detection of cancerous cells helps to arrest the spread of cancer to the other parts of the body and offers a good prognosis for cancer treatment.
While chemotherapy is offered in the normal course of treatment, there are some alternative procedures for the treatment of cancer. Most cancer cells are destroyed by freezing, cauterization (burning) or through lasers as deemed fit.
If the cancerous cells were restricted to only the part that was destroyed, then only repeat follow-ups are done.
Colposcopy is a procedure, which allows the doctor to see right into your cervix for any abnormalities. It can be quite scary for people to know that they have a cancerous cells but this is not something to fear as most cancerous cells  can be effectively treated if detected early on.
It is believed that complementary or alternative treatment not just gives relief to asthmatic patient, but also prevents further illness and ensures a better and healthier lifestyle.
One should visit the concerned specialist or a doctor before proceeding to taking the path of alternate treatment. With regular practice of yoga, an asthmatic patient can certainly obtain the best overall health benefits. Studies indicate that people who underwent biofeedback technique are seen to reduce the intake of steroid medication significantly. This showed considerable improvement in the reduction of lung inflammation and indicated steady improvement in the patient’s pulmonary function.
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CAM is a term used for practices and therapies that aren't considered part of conventional medicine right now.
The study's findings were published in the September 24, 2007, edition of Archives of Internal Medicine2.
Practitioners believe that you have an energy force called your Chi (it can also be spelled Qi, but both forms are pronounced "chee"). Based on your symptoms and exact diagnosis, a practitioner will insert the needles; you'll most likely have multiple needles inserted during one session.
The article reported on a study that found the Alexander technique was the best way to reduce chronic low back pain, when compared with exercise and massage. There may be side effects that you're unaware of—an herbal remedy could interfere with a prescribed medicine you're taking, for example. Your best option is to talk to someone very familiar with the various herbal remedies and how they work.
Randomised trial of acupuncture compared with conventional massage and "sham" laser acupuncture for treatment of chronic neck pain. German Acupuncture Trials (GERAC) for Chronic Low Back Pain: Randomized, Multicenter, Blinded, Parallel-Group Trial With 3 Groups.
Randomised controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for chronic and recurrent back pain. Learn what chiropractic treatment options are available to help you manage your chronic pain. As body struggles to metabolize sugar, the cells remain deprived of energy. If high glucose level continues to persist, complications can arise and damage organs like eyes, kidneys, heart and nerves.
By focusing on controlling the blood glucose level, you can protect yourself from diabetes related health problems. Conventional treatment for diabetes typically entails oral medication, insulin injections, monitoring the blood sugar levels, healthy eating and exercise. However, these remedies should only be taken after consulting your physician as some of the herbs can counter-interact with regular medicines that you may be taking. When oxygen reaches tissues and blood vessels, it reduces the risks of serious diabetic ailments like retinopathy, infection or limb amputation. But be sure to consult your physician if you are on diabetic medication as it can contradict with medication you are taking. This nutritional supplement can be obtained from foods like whole grains, spinach sunflower seeds and meat. Regular exercise will keep the joints flexible and decrease the risk of diabetes related health risks.
None of them helped long term,” wrote a woman who has fibromyalgia and four other chronic pain conditions. It does no good to read about surveys and studies if they can’t be used to change laws. This article might be in the favor of Medical or legal Marijuana but is still spouting the propaganda that was created by big business and big brother. We also need to remember that Marijuana is a drug and it can be addicting as well as abused. The main herbs that are used by asthma patients for relieving the symptoms like breathlessness are Eucalyptus, menthol oil and basil.
The best way to use them is to add them to heated water and inhaling the steam that may carry the vapors laden with these herbs or their oil. Every yoga posture tends to pay a lot of importance to the way a person breathes while practicing the poses.
Therefore, this form of exercise is best suited for chronic asthma patients as it does not include intake of any substance and is safe. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedial therapy that needs supervision of a qualified acupuncturist.In case of asthma, the needles are punctured in the lung channel to resume and maintain a healthy flow of air. Both of these herbs can discourage congestion in the lungs.Add a spoon of honey in steaming bowl of water.
Such a course of action is also recommended if the woman has very severe lesions or the lesions have affected the cells of the cervix in which case a hysterectomy may be the only option. If there is uncertainty about the presence of pre cancerous cells then other treatment modalities may be followed. Many cancers like cervical cancer occur due to an infection by the HPV virus so it makes sense to test for the presence of the virus in the human body. Treatment of the cells at an early stage with thse alternative procedures prevents the possibility of developing full-blown cancer. Complementary treatments include herbal remedies, breathing techniques and other exercises that are safe for the patient. Eastern parts of the world have traditional herbs that are long used and accepted as medicine. It is also quite essential that the patient continues to take the prescribed medicine in consultation with a specialist or a doctor.
Patients reported that they were more satisfied with acupuncture than with traditional spinal injections. The practitioner will target precise points in your body's meridians, and the needles will be left in for 20-40 minutes. Through relaxation training and other techniques, you learn how to control your body's physiological reactions that can exacerbate your chronic pain.
Non-insulin dependant diabetes can be treated with herbs alone, but that too after consulting your physician. Vitamin E improves glycemic control and can be obtained from almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds etc.
Zinc is equally important for producing and storing insulin and can be obtained from food sources such as eggs, walnuts, oysters, lamb and chicken. Exercise releases endorphins that help to boost the immune system and combat fatigue, stress and anxiety that are associated with diabetes. Monitoring the blood glucose level before and after meals and at various time of the day is necessary.
How about lets stop helping out the liars and thieves and the control freaks and get rid of this propaganda once and for all !!
Those who do have access to Medical Marijuana need to act responsibly to set a good example.
You can also place a cotton ball with 2-3 drops of oil near your pillow in the night in cases where you might feel that an asthma attack will take place.
Regular practice of yoga lends a better control and depth in the usual breathing which can do a world of good.
Inhaling the vapors is known to help as honey contains essential oils that open up the blocked air passageway.
A sample of your uterine lining or endometrium may also be sent to check for presence of lesions anywhere else in the body.
Like any other treatments, though, they may not work for everyone in the same way, so you may need to try several CAM therapies as you figure out what works best for your pain and life.
Therefore, you need to free up your body's Chi channels, which practitioners call your meridians. It's been suggested that acupuncture needles cause your body to release certain neurochemicals, such as endorphins or serotonin, and they help in the healing process. You can learn to lower your body temperature, slow your heart rate, and calm tense muscles, among other things. With all these precautions and remedies, you can live a normal life like any other person, even if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.
In some people, points on kidney and stomach may also be pricked as this therpay believes that certain asthmatic symptoms can arise on account of kidney and stomach issues.
Eating and adding onions to your food preparation along with food rich in omega 3 fatty acids is also known to reduce the effects of irritants and inflammation in the air passage walls and bronchi.
Pranayama are specific breathing techniques which focus on the right type of breathing for good health. When the points specific to Asthma gets corrected, the patient experiences reduction in the symptoms.
These herbs work in conjunct with this procedure thereby reducing phlegm production, coughing and various nasal allergies. This requires series of such applications for about 10 – 12 weeks to achieve best results.

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