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Share9100Researchers have been trying to determine ways to prevent the complications in the breast cancer survivors to reduce the occurrence of a relapse. However, these treatments also affect the healthy cells, which results in an increase in the risk of leukemia in the future, the researchers said.
The possible factors that are believed to contribute to the risk of secondary malignancy are the family history of cancer and an inherited gene mutation. The research involved a follow-up of 88 breast cancer survivors who were treated for breast cancer and developed leukemia at a later stage. About 20 percent of the women in this study group had an inherited gene mutation, which can increase the risk of breast cancer. This will help the oncologists to have a patient-specific conversation about the potential risks of radiation and chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. It may be difficult to determine the exact role of breast cancer treatment in the development of leukemia. American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Cancer Society have issued guidelines for improving the survival rates of breast cancer patients. They do not need additional lab tests or imaging unless there are significant symptoms suggesting that a malignancy may have returned. With regular follow-up and monitoring, the occurrence of complications following breast cancer treatment is expected to decline. If you or someone dear have been diagnosed with cancer and you want to know more about the available complementary cancer treatments for your diagnosis, contact Dr Adem today.
Finding a clinic is easy when you can employ the expertise of an experienced doctor to get the best possible solution for your case. The information provided in YourHealth is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as personal medical advice or recommendation. No Comments Breast cancer, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, account for about 26% of all new cancer cases in women, making it, by far, the most prevalent cancer in women with one-in-eight women getting breast cancer in her lifetime. Medical nutrition therapy is an important part of alternative treatment that can be effectively used to treat symptoms of testicular cancer. In the case of testicular cancer, therapeutic approach is individualized from patient to patient, depending on factors like health, immune system, body fat, medical history and stage. With its wonderful curative powers, naturopathic medicine is another important alternative treatment for all signs of testicular cancer.
The breast cancer treatments that include radiation therapy and chemotherapy target the malignant cells in the breast tissues and destroy them. They are conducting studies to determine the factors that may cause an increased risk of leukemia after breast cancer treatment. It was found that the women had a family history of cancer, which suggested a genetic susceptibility to develop cancer like leukemia.

It will also help to understand whether any specific treatment causes a higher risk based on the inherited genetic make-up of a woman,” said Dr. Hence, it is important that the breast cancer patients are uniquely positioned so that the true frequency and the causative factors of subsequent leukemia can be ascertained. The breast cancer survivors are advised to undergo routine physical exams and mammograms to check for any new tumor.
This will increase the life expectancy of breast cancer survivors and also improve their quality of life. Adem Gunes built the world’s largest database of scientifically tested natural substances with proven effects in cancer. Adem’s professional recommendation helped my husband make a choice for a clinic in Germany.
YourHealth disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information. Using nutrition therapy does not necessarily mean that the patient should cut down or stop the course of treatment already in place. However, dietary supplements which are usually prescribed to the testicular cancer patients include fruits, vegetables, yoghurts, legumes, whole grains, poultry and fish.
Often, this management plan also recommends psychological treatment, behavioral changes and neurological intervention like surgery for reducing the pain. This method of treatment concentrates on the whole body of the patient, rather focusing on the affected region.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. His vast experience, advice and guidance in finding the best German Cancer Clinic for me was a God sent. Like any of the other forms of cancer, testicular cancer surfaces when abnormal cells start originating inside a healthy tissue of the testis and spread later on.
Alongside the general course of treatment, nutrition therapy is applied by making dietary changes to the eating habits of the patient.
Nutritional therapy mostly centers around adequate supply of vitamins E and C, beta carotene, selenium and eicosapentaenoic acid (omega-3 fatty acid enriched with 20 carbon atoms). During the treatment of testicular cancer, this therapy mostly targets the soul, mind and emotions.
Traditional therapies for breast cancer continue to improve the prognosis of breast cancer, but alternative treatments for breast cancer also exist.Early Detection of Breast CancerWhile “cancer” is always a scary word, with appropriate treatment, the five year survival rate is 85%. Testicular cancer is not as common as other forms of the disease such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer or breast cancer. Dietary changes that are allowed as part of this therapy help the patient in fighting the disease, reducing the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and improving overall health.

Constant discomfort induced by pain hinders the recovery process as it usually leads to exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.
Naturopathy medicine combines a range of alternative therapies like nutritional changes, physical exercise, herbal supplementation, deep tissue massage, mediation, stress management, acupuncture and counseling.
Early detection is key to having the most successful outcomes for breast self-examinations and annual gynecological physicals are critical.
Yet, it is curable as it responds well to traditional treatments like surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Before pain management is made to work, the pain of the testicular cancer patient is measured to assess the location and intensity of the pain. These therapies prove very effective in motivating the patients physically and psychologically and promoting overall wellbeing.
Apart from traditional methods, testicular cancer symptoms can also be cured with the help of certain alternative treatments.
The measurement also helps evaluate the efficiency of the pain management processes applied previously. These therapies work in tandem with contemporary clinical approaches like radiation, chemotherapy or removal of the tumor or the testis surgically. Early breast cancer is highly treatable and patients have a high chance of cure as long as they seek timely and proper treatment. For a complete list of options, please see here.Breast Cancer Complementary and Alternative TreatmentsComplimentary to Western medicine, though, may be alternative breast cancer treatments. Some doctors feel that nutritional supplementation and herbal remedies may be important while others feel that certain supplements may interfere with traditional cancer treatments. It carries the risk of uncontrolled cancer which will result in unchecked cancer growth and the opportunity for the cancer to spread. Culture versus medicine "I don't have exact statistics but the fact that 40 per cent of women are diagnosed when their cancer is in advanced stages is an indication. Speak to your physician to find a regimen that is right for you.Nutritional deficiencies may be present in those going through best cancer treatment. I would say about 15 per cent of my patients come to me only after opting for traditional or alternative healing. If this interests you, a naturopath can help you select the herbs that are right for you (in conjunction with your oncologist (cancer doctor)).Homeopaths try to take into account your individual symptoms and situation when designing an alternative treatment plan just for you.

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