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The medical community is more provoked by something other than the health claims of simple vitamin C. FDA has not approved vitamin C as a drug, therefore using it professionally as a treatment can put doctors at risk. Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center have evaluated that, high vitamin C doses given IV with the traditional chemotherapy are helping in causing the death of cancer cells along with minimizing the adverse effects of chemotherapy. On testing this therapy in animals and human cells, researchers have discovered that IV vitamin C combined with conventional chemotherapeutic drugs such as carboplatin and paclitaxel halts the growth of ovarian cancer in the laboratory and reduces the toxicity of chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients. A senior author of the study Qi Chen, PhD Assistant Professor of the Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics Department of KU Medical Center and the Department of Integrative Medicine states that, Its is now discovered that due to the differences in pharmacokinetics, IV vitamin C causes effective cancer cell killing without causing any damage to the normal tissues compared to oral form of vitamin C. A clinical trial conducted by the researchers included 27 patients recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer in stage 3 or 4.
Scientists have also discovered that in the laboratory animals, vitamin C causes the death of cancer cells at doses that can only be achieved by giving vitamin C intravenously without producing any toxic effects of the liver, kidney or spleen.
High-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy is currently being practiced by complementary and alternative care practitioners.
To learn more about Alternative Cancer treatments and therapies for your cancer case, Consult Dr. Finding a clinic is easy when you can employ the expertise of an experienced doctor to get the best possible solution for your case.

5-Flurouracil (5-FU), Leucovorin: 5-FU is the drug in the chemotherapy treatment which aims at killing the cancer cells by inhibiting their multiplication. Avastin: This particular drug stunts the blood supply to the tumor which is present in the colon, thus stopping its growth. Erbitux: This chemotherapy drug binds with the receptors of the cancerous cells and kills them.
The benefits of vitamin C are kept hidden from the public besides the fact that it is effective in the treatment of around 200 different diseases which are proven through research. A study published by the University of Kansas on vitamin C  and its use in patients with ovarian cancer created a great dispute in the medical field.
All of the participants were given conventional treatment with either paclitaxel or carboplatin, a few of them were also given high dose IV vitamin C therapy.
Adem Gunes built the world’s largest database of scientifically tested natural substances with proven effects in cancer. Adem’s professional recommendation helped my husband make a choice for a clinic in Germany. The surgery will eliminate the cancerous cells which would have developed into a tumor in the colon while the chemotherapy will take care of the follow-up treatment in order to extend the survival of the patient suffering from colon cancer. This is administered to patients who have been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer.

This is administered in the advanced stage, and the side-effects include weakness, reduction in magnesium level, fever and appearance of rashes resembling acne. This current thought has provided hope for researchers to get a better understanding of the cellular mechanisms involved in the anticancer effects of vitamin C. His vast experience, advice and guidance in finding the best German Cancer Clinic for me was a God sent. The drugs administered during chemotherapy will kill the cancerous cells thus stopping their multiplication.
Side-effects include weakness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, hair loss, fatigue, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea and bleeding. It was observed that patients are receiving vitamin C experience minimal side effects from the chemotherapy drugs. When this cancer is detected in the first or second stage and treated suitably, the chances of surviving for the next 5 years will be between 75 and 95 percent. Some serious side-effects which can result include heart failure, late or improper healing of wounds and bleeding that can be life threatening.

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