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Connecticut has been in the process of energy deregulation for several years and  Ambit Energy is offering savings to their customers.
No Early Termination Fees – No red tape or gotchas in the fine print!  With Ambit Energy you can lock in a low fixed rate without worry of any early termination fees should the need arise to cancel early for any reason.
Competitive Variable and Fixed Rates – Whatever your needs are we have a plan for you. Green Energy Options – Ambit Energy wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Proven Track Record – In business since 2006, Ambit Energy is #1 on Inc.500 for 2010, has a BBB A rating, a member in good standing with the DSA and savings verified by the consumer watchdog group Citizens Utility Board. Fixed Rate Plans – Lock in a low fixed rate for 12 months so you can hedge against rising electricity prices and have the confidence of knowing what to expect every month. Regardless of what company you choose as your supplier, you can always count on the same electric utility to handle your storm outages, emergency services and questions about your electric service.  The reliability, quality and ongoing maintenance of your electricity service will not change at all since it will continue to be monitored by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority.
Every Ambit Energy Rate Flyer shows the current Ambit rates, an incumbent rate and the estimated Ambit savings. Switching over to Ambit Energy in Texas and doing an average rate comparison is very simple.
This Reliant bill shows an average rate of 17.6 cents  per kWh on a billing cycle that used 1,108 kWh. This TXU bill shows an average rate of 14.5 cents  per kWh on a billing cycle that used 843 kWh. If you want to know how to take part in this growth, click on the button above or send me your info. Analogies used are to assist with general understanding of the postings and are only to be examples. If you’ve been approached by an Ambit Energy Consultant, and you are in doubt whether you want to sign up for Ambit electric or gas services, then read on.
I was recently approached by an Ambit consultant suggesting me that I can save money on gas services as Ambit is expanding to California.
A multitude of complains, not only from mistreated consumers, but also from Ambit consultants. So what I’ve been doing is sending in my regular budget amount so that doesn’t happen.
Con Ed & National GRID will still be the ones to deliver your energy, read your meter and bill you.
Now, when I was sitting in front of the computer 1 year ago, just like you are sitting right now, I looked at the facts and weighed the pluses and minuses in my head. Besides the fact that this biased comment made by the sales rep is another sales pitch, there is something else that struck my eyes: “It was easy to see that the common sense thing was to go with Ambit Energy…” Well, let’s talk about common sense.

Promises excellent customer service – hours on the phone, nobody takes responsibility for errors or mistakes, refuse to help, and 106 official Better Business Bureau complains within last year. Regardless of what company you choose as your supplier, you can always count on the same electric utility to handle your storm outages, emergency services and questions about your electric service.  The reliability, quality and ongoing maintenance of your electricity service will not change at all since it will continue to be monitored by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Please take a moment and compare rates, travel rewards and be sure to read about our FREE energy program. Other companies may require a deposit before you can switch but with Ambit this is not even a possibility.
You can relax with Ambit Energy because not only do we keep all of your information completely confidential, but we don’t even run a credit check. With our variable and fixed rates you can breath a little easier, knowing you are getting one of the absolute best rates available. If you are eco-friendly, our green energy options are a simple and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint. If a Customer points out that the incumbent rate we show is higher than what the incumbent advertises, they’re right.
Comparing energy rates, whether it’s electricity or natural gas, is not as simple as just looking at a number. But you do need to know what you are looking at first. The Reliant bill below shows 1,825 kWh of electricity used in a 30-day billing cycle. Based on Estimated Ongoing Running RateAmbit Energy Joins the $1 Billion Dollar Company Club!
When Ambit announced that it had 1 million customers, it was already far surpassing the $1 billion running rate.
Very different than other companies and Excel, the fact that it expands territory by territory means that new growth is from territory expansion and not limited by trying to further penetrate existing territories. O'Grady received his PhD in Mathematical and Statistical Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.
The only guaranteed rate below Con Eds market rate after the 2 month initial period is over. Travel rewards points based on your energy usage that you can exchange for various vacation packages with 2000 free Travel Rewards Points to start. The ability to utilize your referral skills, something we all use daily, to gain more travel rewards.
It was easy to see that the common sense thing was to go with Ambit Energy because it was much better than staying with Con Ed, National Grid or going with another ESCO. Let this energy deregulation issue to pass (which should be done by 2015) and let’s see who can provide us with the best solution. That’s because we show the total rate – including additional fees – so it compares fairly to Ambit’s rates, which are all-inclusive.

The running rate means that amount collected in one month that would equal $1 billion if it was sustained for 12 months. If we are to assume that the average bill is $125, then, when those 1 million customers are up and running and pay their bills, which should be the month of February, revenue for the month would be $125 million. We also know that Excel, which Ambit Energy is modeled on the same structure, did it in 7 ? years. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring existing territories as Texas appears to still be growing rapidly. So my point is, if you sign up as a consultant and sign other people up, be prepared to get angry phone calls from your customers when there is an issue.
All so-called good reviews of Ambit Energy are posted by the Ambit consultants themselves accusing customers of lying and then promoting Ambit’s services. Below, you’ll see where to find the incumbent rate on the rate flyers and the formulas we use to calculate them so, as you talk with Customers, you can explain exactly how switching to Ambit will save them money.
It’s pretty simple, but you do have to know what to look for if you want to do a true apples-to-apples rate comparison. Ambit Energy Texas average rates for this zip code were 9.4 cents per kWh (based on 1,000 kWh used).
Then, let’s examine the significance of being a $1 billion company both at this time and at Ambit Energy’s age. However, when new territories are states like California, Connecticut and Massachusetts, there is no reason to assume that the growth rates that Ambit Energy has in the recent past from 40 to 60 percent could not be sustained and even exceeded in each of the next few years. If I was the type of person that didn’t read his bill, when they do fix the problem, I would have a 5 month supply bill in one shot. What this means, is that Ambit pays your local provider to process billing and servicing your property.
So, Ambit Energy hits 1 billion dollars in annual revenue in approximately the same timing as Google. I don’t think anything more needs to be said than being in the same company as Google’s growth rate is quite an amazing accomplishment. Now, where does the money come from to cover Ambit’s expenses and still promise you lower rates and rewards?
But, you can participate in deregulation with a company that is moving at Google speed at the same age in its existence.

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