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Manage Mac OS X Energy Saver settings to ensure you get the best performance and extend your Mac's battery life. The new MacBook range are all thoroughbreds when it comes to combining battery life with efficiency. However, with this guide to Mac OS X Energy Saver settings you’ll protect every ounce of MacBook battery life. You can adjust a lot of settings that ensure that a MacBook doesn’t take more juice than it needs. Be careful to close down energy hungry apps, such as games, when you have finished with them and your Mac will switch back to the regular CPU processor.
If you deselect the Automatic Graphics Switching option the Mac will run constantly on the faster GPU processor. On some older Macs you may see Better Battery life and Higher Performance radio buttons instead. The first of two sliders determines how long without interaction before the Mac puts itself in sleep mode. A good idea if you’re looking to save power on a Mac that is kept in a static location, such as work, is to set up an Energy Saver Schedule.
A lot of the tips here on Energy Saver can be used to extend the battery life on a MacBook. Use the brightness setting buttons (or the slider in System Preferences > Displays) to dim the display. Earlier this year, Apple released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report announcing it was increasing the number of environmental audits it conducted on its supply chain by 50 percent while upgrading several issues from less serious breaches to unacceptable violations. Apple CEO Tim Cook made news at February’s shareholders meeting when he shot down a proposal from a representative from the National Center for Public Policy Research that would have required the company to disclose its expenses for its environmental efforts.
Finally, Greenpeace, the same organization that conducted the study released today, praised Apple for hiring former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson to lead its environmental efforts. Jackson can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector by helping the company use its influence to push electric utilities and governments to provide the clean energy that both Apple and America need right now.
I wonder how many readers misunderstand that as ‘buildings 100% powered by renewable energy’? Further, a building dependent (solely) upon solar energy, gets its energy ONLY when the sun shines.
I’m sure powered only by renewable energy is what they are striving for, but that is not what they are saying they are currently doing. If Apple used ONLY solar power at their NC Data Centre they’d shout it from the rooftops. Is that the same Tim Cook who proclaims the company has a ‘Social Conscience’, yet uses every mechanism legally available to avoid paying taxes in the countries that provide Apple with significant profits? The system according to Apple’s Philip Schiller is more energy efficient and should use a small percent of the energy used in the home.

Earlier today, we noted that Apple had received official approval for its 20-megawatt solar farm across the street from its data center in Maiden, North Carolina. At the North Carolina site, the previously-annnounced 20-megawatt solar farm is being joined by a second farm of equal size a few miles away. Greenpeace last month bashed Apple using estimates it claimed showed that only 10% of the North Carolina data center's power would be from renewable sources. This is a lot of trouble to go through just to make sure my reminder to buy cat food is synced across my devices. They could have added a bottle opener to my iPhone and it would have been a more useful feature upgrade than this.
So you're criticizing Apple for thinking beyond simply making money and actually having a positive influence on the people and earth as a whole. You do realize that there's entire (for-profit) businesses built around laying solar panels on any structure they can, then selling the power to the building owner (at standard grid rates, mind you)?
Also understand that with a large installation like this, Apple would be buying wholesale power off the grid. Former Grey Group chief creative officer and New York president Tor Myhren has officially joined Apple and has been added to the company's Executive Profiles webpage.
Drake's latest album made its global streaming debut on Apple Music last night and is now available to buy on iTunes.
Despite their diminutive size, and large displays, the MacBook Airs offer a thriving battery life of over twelve hours. When you are not using your Mac (tapping on the keys or mouse) it will slightly dim the display. However, there are also lots of tricks and tips that can be used to extend the life of a MacBook. One phrase, the one Apple uses, implies that they use 100% renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.), but there is a possibility they are also using some non-renewable resources along with it. Once upon a time when you need a powerful computer you would go out and buy the biggest mother board, a big case to fit it in and a big PSU (Power Supply Unit) to run it all; thankfully this is not the practice anymore.
The power supply is internal eliminating the need for an external power adapter, reducing system volume and keeping cable cutter to a minimum.
The Mac Mini said Apple reduces power consumption by an incredible 25 percent to less than 10W when idle, less than half the power required by competing systems. Also for graphics hungry applications or games is the NVIDIA GeForce 320M integrated graphics processor. Getting to grips with Energy Saver is vital for all Mac power users, because you can ensure that your Mac uses the right amount of power, keep it running for longer, and  maximise performance. If you have one of these Macs (typically a MacBook Pro) then you‘ll see this Automatic Graphics Switching option. The Mac waits without any interaction from you (mouse clicks or keyboard presses) the puts itself to sleep.

This doesn't seem to matter so much on newer Mac, with Flash SSD, but if you’re using a MacBook with a traditional hard drive (with a spinning platter) you should ensure this is switched on. Facebook and Google both averaged well in the same categories, while Amazon, Microsoft, and Twitter all scored poor to dismal ratings in each category.
As opposed to the other phrase, which you seem to be pointing out that Apple isn’t saying, implies that a building uses only 100% renewable energy. Thanks to Moors Law, Apple is able to give us a high performance computer in the form of the Mac Mini. With 48 processing cores it is the fastest integrated graphics processor on the market today.
Now they want to take them away and take away jobs from Americans!" This kind of short term thinking, about who gets paid when and where with no concern for the environment and pollution is part of the reason almost all our modern conveniences will come back to kill us in the end. Keep Automatic Graphics Switching ticked, and your Mac will run on the energy efficient CPU graphics until an app demands more horsepower. Typically this should be less than the Computer Sleep settings (because in Computer Sleep mode the display is also off). This causes a small drain on the MacBook, and you can turn it off if you don’t really use the Mac on your network. Again, if you’re doing work that requires you to look at the screen for a while without input, such as text checking or playing video, then you might want to remove the tick from here. Keep poisoning the air, soil and sea just so that you can get another paycheck, but one day we'll be in a full-on crisis mode and nobody will want to admit they contributed to this mess.
This is fine, but you may find that this is too short when watching a movie, for example, so you might want to quickly switch the setting to Never to save you from having to tap the mouse to keep the computer awake. Now tick the Sleep option (this can be changed to Restart or Shut Down) and set daily schedule and time.
If you’re doing work that requires you to look, but not interact so much with your Mac, then you may find the two minutes setting becomes irksome.
A 100-acre, 20-megawatt installation on the same site as our data center will produce 42 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy annually.
Move the slider to the right to increase it (note that this will impact on your battery life, however). When our bio-gas-powered 5-megawatt fuel cell installation comes online later this year, it will provide more than 40 million kWh of renewable energy annually. This means Apple will be producing enough onsite renewable energy a€” 124 million kWh a€” to power the equivalent of 10,874 homes.Apple's efforts in renewable energy will also extend to its other data center facilities, as the company previously disclosed that its upcoming Prineville, Oregon data center will be powered by 100% renewable energy.

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