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The EIA is the government agency responsible for the collection and dissemination of energy information.
The four categories of electric industry consumers tracked by the EIA are residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation. In addition to being the largest category of consumers, residential consumers generally pay the highest prices. The EIA also provides estimates of average residential monthly consumption and price by state.
In 2012, the state with highest average monthly consumption was Louisiana at 1,254 kilowatt hours.
Kindly provide me the latest data on the average monthly electricity consumption (KWh) by apartment type.
In addition, provide me the average electricity consumption in KWh for one hour for air conditioners by horse power type for windows and split unit type among others. Not all electricity bills are created equal, and today we’d like to commend a local utility company on providing their customers with an exceptionally detailed one.
With their study, ACEEE pointed out the necessity of providing energy trend information and feedback to electricity users, and voiced concern that several utilities were not taking advantage of such a basic and easy way of preventing energy waste.
As you can see by the example bill above, VEC is able to present most of this information on a single page. Users are even able to keep track of their home’s energy trends by a bar graph that plots their historical usage patterns. Furthermore, customers are offered tips and information on energy efficiency and conservation. Most important to us about VEC’s bills, though, are the highlights and tips about energy efficiency and usage awareness that they also provide to their customers. In addition to this paragraph, Volunteer Energy Cooperative goes a step further to promote energy efficiency and includes a monthly flyer with every bill sent, as pictured on the left.

Of the 15 utility bill components that ACEEE highlights in their report, Volunteer Energy Cooperative incorporates 13 of them into their monthly mailings – the only elements that appear to be missing are average daily cost and the type of meter reading used.
Understanding differences in electric consumption and price by state is useful for home builders as energy efficiency is becoming a more desired feature. I made some adjustments to the foundation and exterior of my home, which helped me save with the expenses. Include power drawn in watts when cooling and when not cooling by the types mentioned above. Volunteer Energy Cooperative (VEC) provides information and advice beyond what the average national utility bill presents. The chart shows energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh), allowing customers the opportunity to compare their electricity spending month-to-month, as well as with the previous year. As mentioned earlier, John’s previous post on ACEEE’s study highlighted a couple of the more surprising aspects of the reports results.
Called Powerlines, this newsletter provides further information about energy efficiency opportunities and energy conservation tips. Because this utility is making effective use of their biggest form of communication and providing VEC customers with more in-depth information, they are better prepared to control their energy usage and habits.
We reserve the right to moderate all comments and may exclude any that are spam, abusive, indecent, or off-topic. The average residential electric bill, by contrast, in New Mexico was $74.62, the lowest in the nation.
Results from the survey are used to estimate the average residential monthly electric bill by state. I worked with the roofing companies in Honolulu to fix my roofing and utilize materials that would be more durable. Last November, John Wilson, SACE’s Research Director, shared with you a study about the lack of details that utilities publish on their customer’s bills.

In this bill, we can easily see that our example household had a slightly higher kWh average daily usage in November 2011 then in November 2010. Included in the blog was his surprise that less than 10% of the analyzed bills even referenced or suggested energy efficiency and conservation opportunities.
Powerlines also offers more details and explanations of electricity terms, so that customers can further understand their bills and how to make use of all this information.
We commend VEC for not only sharing a broader picture of their energy impact with their customers, but also for offering important suggestions on how to decrease home energy waste. The opinions expressed by those providing comments do not reflect the official position of SACE. In the contiguous United States, the South Atlantic region had the highest average monthly electric bill at $122.71, while the Pacific region (California, Oregon, and Washington) had the lowest. According to the EIA, over 80% of the homes in the Northeast rely on heating oil for space heating instead of electricity. A recent NAHB study examining home buyer preferences found that nine out of ten buyers would pay a 2 percent to 3 percent premium for a home with energy-efficient features and permanently lower utility bills. Conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the study found that, even though these monthly or quarterly statements are often a utility’s only consistent form of communication with their customers, there is very little useful information actually being shared.
Homeowners in states with higher electrical prices are more likely to be interested in residential power production, like solar. The chart below outlines the several possible elements of a billing statement that ACEEE considers valuable, and shows the percentage of utility bills that actually contain each component.
Looking at the example bill, you can see that there’s a paragraph at the top of each statement which promotes VEC’s free in-home energy evaluation program, and provides contact information for the customer to find out more about the distributor’s energy efficiency programs.

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