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The EIA is the government agency responsible for the collection and dissemination of energy information. The four categories of electric industry consumers tracked by the EIA are residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation. In addition to being the largest category of consumers, residential consumers generally pay the highest prices. The EIA also provides estimates of average residential monthly consumption and price by state. In 2012, the state with highest average monthly consumption was Louisiana at 1,254 kilowatt hours. Kindly provide me the latest data on the average monthly electricity consumption (KWh) by apartment type. In addition, provide me the average electricity consumption in KWh for one hour for air conditioners by horse power type for windows and split unit type among others. Installing a Solar Water Heating system is regarded as a value added addition to any home or business, directly cutting energy bills and achieving Return of Investment typically between 2 and 5 years.
As a fixed asset integrated onto the building structure, a Solar Heating system pays for itself through the savings that it generates. Our consultants will discuss all of the different equipment and installation configurations with you during their site visit analysis. You can have a state of the art Solar Water Heating system installed immediately, with no deposit required. Our systems are on the ESKOM rebate system, so your rebate will pay off your system even sooner! MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR US TO COME SEE YOU TODAY, AND ASSIST YOU TOWARD A GREENER, MORE COST EFFECTIVE FUTURE! Thanks for visiting!In these times of ever increasing fuel bills, our aim is to provide low cost solutions so that every home can afford what we offer. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
I am trying to factor in my total living expenses, and whereas taxes add greatly to the costs, I am also trying to determine what utility bills costs theses days.
It depends on the house, how well insulated it is, how good the windows are in keeping out drafts and letting out heat. In my 1,000sq ft bungalow my gas bills are in the neighborhood of 300.00+ and I keep the thermostat between 63-66.

Gas prices are not cheap in MI in my experience, even though natural gas is at a 3 year low in terms of prices.
Colin Usher, pictured with his wife, Jenny, designed his eco home to cost as little as possible to run. Mr Usher, who has been an architect for 35 years and is a director at Liverpool-based John McCall Architects, recently won an award for the house which was the winner in the Domestic New Build Category at the 2015 Buildings and Energy Efficiency AwardsThe total cost of the build - including purchasing the land and demolishing the existing property - was A?440,500, which is the going rate for similar four-bedroom properties in the area.
The house is designed to maintain an even temperature year round by using insulated concrete and a hi-tech heat pump that takes in heat from the outside air and uses it to warm the house.
Mr Usher told MailOnline that he was 'very proud of the technical aspects of the house', which he says is more or less hermetically sealed, but uses pumps and a clever design to keep fresh air circulating.
Did you know that one of the best ways to cut your energy bills is to buy a new home?  And with brand new, spacious homes at Ferndale Court in Wingate priced from ?79,995 there has never been a better time to buy.
Gleeson Homes asked buyers to monitor their energy bills over the past 12 months.  The responses show that on average a two bedroom home costs just ?59 per month to heat compared to the average two bed house in the UK which costs in excess of ?130. Plus if you are in rented accommodation your weekly mortgage repayments on a new, 2 bedroom Gleeson home at Ferndale Court could be from as little as ?69 when purchased through the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, which for many is cheaper than their rent.
Christine adds, “We always knew our homes were energy efficient but even we were surprised at the huge savings people were making on their dual fuel bills.  Our fantastic schemes together with our energy efficient homes show it really does pay to buy new”.
Understanding differences in electric consumption and price by state is useful for home builders as energy efficiency is becoming a more desired feature. I made some adjustments to the foundation and exterior of my home, which helped me save with the expenses. Include power drawn in watts when cooling and when not cooling by the types mentioned above.
A Solar Water Heater puts cash back into your pocket by potentially saving up to 40% of energy bills. Usually it only goes up to 66 when I have company or if it is windy and too cold in the bathroom to take a shower.
Sometimes when it's -20 you're gonna pay more than if it's +30.If your funds are that tigh I suggest you get another job or stay where you are. I have been paying under 200.00 a month even in the coldest months and especially last year 2011 when we had the coldest winter I ever remember. Solar panels keep the electricity bills to a minimum.Mr Usher, who has been an architect for 35 years and is a director at Liverpool-based John McCall Architects, recently won an award for the house which was the winner in the Domestic New Build Category at the 2015 Buildings and Energy Efficiency Awards.
The average residential electric bill, by contrast, in New Mexico was $74.62, the lowest in the nation.

Results from the survey are used to estimate the average residential monthly electric bill by state.
I worked with the roofing companies in Honolulu to fix my roofing and utilize materials that would be more durable. The panels can be fitted without removing the radiator and once in place substantially reduce the heat lost through the wall and help to heat the room more quickly. I have 3 oil filled space heaters that are used to heat the bedrooms and the electric cost is around 120.00. My house rates a 34 as far as efficiency, and I was told for a house like mine that is terrific. Your electric, if divided with the landlord, should be based on square footage, and should have been agreed upon when you signed your lease. In the contiguous United States, the South Atlantic region had the highest average monthly electric bill at $122.71, while the Pacific region (California, Oregon, and Washington) had the lowest. According to the EIA, over 80% of the homes in the Northeast rely on heating oil for space heating instead of electricity. A recent NAHB study examining home buyer preferences found that nine out of ten buyers would pay a 2 percent to 3 percent premium for a home with energy-efficient features and permanently lower utility bills. The true value in the Solar Water Heating system lies in how long it lasts after payback, thus investing in a high quality system offers the greatest return. New homes range 24 or so is what I was told, and I do have some storm windows that need to be replaced, and some that have only 1 storm window and 1 screen, where I would need 2 windows and a screen. Homeowners in states with higher electrical prices are more likely to be interested in residential power production, like solar. If you would like to know how much it would cost to make your radiators more efficient just drop us an email with your radiator sizes and we will get back to you with a quote. We hope to see you again!
I have a boiler that needs to be repiped, and according to some sources that should give me a little more gas efficiency when the job is completed.
The hot water is the most efficient heat and if you can find it in a home you are considering, go for it.

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