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From an Ayurvedic perspective, dental problems are linked to poor bone nourishment and related poor diet, with particular reference to taking excess refined foods which remove minerals from the body while passing through the digestive process. Banyan: The root of Banyan contains astringent properties that can whiten the teeth, and keep the teeth and gum healthy. However, it is also important to follow a proper diet.For those wishing to strengthen teeth, white sugar and white flour must be removed from the diet as well as any other processed, denatured and refined foods. Have food that is rich in Vitamin C such as Amla, citrus food, mangoes, papayas, and kiwi fruit.
Brush your teeth with Neem and Babul twigs, which is an Ayurvedic practice to have strong white teeth. There are various formulas in Ayurveda for strengthening bones and subsequently teeth such as coral and pearl powders. Ayurveda offers various topical applications of oral oils (mostly consisting of bitter antibacterial oils like clove, babul and neem) and most importantly the regular use of tooth powders as opposed to tooth pastes.
AROGYAM PURE HERBS KIT FOR DENTAL CARE : A Complete Herbal kit that contain natural herbs which if used in proper manner,will make your teeth more stronger that can last for longer time.
Ayurveda home remedies revolve around an ancient system of medicine that has its roots in India.

Ayurveda home remedies that are being used with frequency include treatments for the common cold, headaches and migraines, and even sleep disorders. There are many other aspects of Ayurveda that can help take care of people suffering with different ailments. When these natural herbs are used in proper manner, you will have stronger teeth that can last for longer time.
Ayurveda has been used by millions of people for thousands of years not only in India but throughout Southern Asia. There are also Ayurveda home remedies to treat indigestion, constipation, and stomachaches and pains.
Ayurveda looks at where the head hurts and says that there is a coinciding problem elsewhere or that the pain points to another problem. This increases blood flow to the brain and can help stop most forms of headaches (see yogi techniques on this). Those who want to find proven alternative ways to treat themselves and overcome physical problems should try out Ayurveda home remedies. Ayurveda is currently being used in quite a few western countries now since the Ayurveda system of medicine takes a holistic approach.

For example, if the pain is in your eyeball, you may have a pH level that is overly acidic which can cause many systems for your body to become weak.
Ayurveda’s therapies make Ayurveda home remedies very attractive options for those looking for alternative methods to treat ailments. If the pain is on your lower forehead, it may point to an inflammation of the stomach whereas pain in the front middle of the forehead may mean that you have an ulcer. Genobiagon Brechje Houben 5pts ColourWell Lengthening Formula mascara is based on Ayurvedic herbs and 100% natural.
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