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Cancellations: If you must cancel an appointment, please inform us by phone or email at least 24-hours in advance of your appointment time (48-hours is appreciated), avoiding any inconvenience and allowing someone else to take advantage of that appointment time. DISCLAIMER: These services are not provided by a recognized medical practitioner in Canada. According to Ayurveda, the human body constitutes five elements which are represented by three doshas.
Pouring of fluids like medicated oil, medicated milk, medicated buttermilk, decoction, water, etc. Testimonials"I feel very positive and improvement in my general well being in just one month. The term Ayurveda takes us back to the ancient history of India where people used to prepare medicines using various herbs in the nature in order to cure any types of disease. Low weight results in low immune system of the body and hence has the tendency to catch various infectious diseases and many more. Having the right amount of weight according to your age and height is very important for the proper functioning and development of mind and brain. Ayurvedic medicines are mild in nature and hence they don’t have side effects as they are produced using some natural ingredients presents in nature.
2) Ashwagandhavaleha: this is a form of avaleha which can be consumed with warm water or milk and hence result in weight gain. 3) Annonna Squamosa: this is the scientific name of custard apple which is considered to increase body weight if consumed religiously. 5) Vasant Kusumakar Ras: it comes in the form of tablets being a very popular Ayurvedic medicine. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Ranjit Rai determines the imbalance of vatta, pitta and kapha by examining pulse, tongue and eyes.
Being underweight gives rise to the various problems like osteoporosis and blood vessels problems. So today we are going to discuss Ayurvedic medicines which can prove extremely beneficial in gaining weight. They do not possess harmful chemicals and hence may result in a good healthy weight gain of the body. It is an excellent supplement as it increases memory, lightens the complexion, and makes the body immune and proper weight gain.
Ayurvedic Medicine is recognized by the World Health Organization as a complete system of natural medicine with a history of thousands of years of traditional use in India.
We will reply to your request as soon as possible, but it could take up to several business days.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. I actually sleep at night and for the first time in 25 years feel rested, relaxed and energized."-- Lynn TardiffSte. It is also known as Indian Ginseng due to the multifaceted benefits this medicine provides. It provides the methods to maintain health by addressing all aspects of life: environmental, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read. After a detailed discussion he uses many kinds of suggestions including (but not limited to) diet and lifestyle changes, meditation, exercise, abhyanga (ayurvedic oil massage), ayurvedic remedies, yoga and panchkarma. This therapy is helpful in stress care, haircare, relaxation, rejuvination and spiritual healing. See, we often think that an obese person has a larger disadvantage over underweight person. It helps in the strengthening of the immunity system at the same time in strengthening the muscles of the bones as well. It is ideal to be consumed with a high calorie diet in order to see best results within 4 weeks. A medical practitioner should be consulted for the dosage of this medicine on a regular basis.
The fundamental principles of all those aspects lie within the field of pure consciousness. But facts tell us that even a person with a very low weight tends to be unhealthy and weak. Consciousness contains within it the underlying intelligence that is responsible for perfect functioning of our body, mind and heart. Ayurvedic formulas use medicinal plants and minerals, and they work together with the other suggestions like diet and lifestyle changes in a natural way on the whole body, and give a sense of well-being as a whole, rather than to just relieve some of the symptoms of a particular ailment.
One tends to feel hungrier as a result and hence indulge in more eating which results in weight gain. According to Ayurveda diseases arise whenever the bodya€™s inner intelligence is covered or hidden.
Smoking, alcohol abuse, pollution, processed foods, as well as overeating, lack of exercise, fears, and anxieties all contribute to the overload of allostatic systems that maintain balance in our physiology.Modern health care is well aware that we can only stop the epidemic of chronic disease through lifestyle changes.
It is only difficult because people try to change their lifestyle on the level of behavior. Behavior is based on thinking and thinking is based on the bodya€™s inner intelligence or consciousness.

Thus it is more effective to enliven this subtlest level which will increase a more health-supporting lifestyle, naturally.
All the modalities of Ayurveda, and the Ayurvedic doctor have one goal, to awaken and support the bodies own innate intelligence. Disease is simply defined as a lack of flow of intelligence or a breakdown in communication between the inner field of pure intelligence or consciousness, the reservoir of health, and the diseased area of the body, mind or heart.The Ayurvedic doctor is not satisfied with the absence of disease but seeks to coach the patient to the state of bliss, which is defined as the state of perfect health according to the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Sunita Chaudhari (BAMS, M.Phil) is a renowned Ayurveda practitioner, a qualified Yoga Instructor from the renowned Kaivalyadham University in India and has been teaching Ayurveda and yoga for more than 20 years. The ancient Indian medicine has evolved and has been a center of attraction among researchers for its therapeutic qualities curing cancer treatment on a scientifically proven research background.Lets have a look at few of the herbs for Cancer treatment1.
TriphalaTriphala is an herbal formulation used in the Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda for the treatment of various ailments. It consists of three medicinal plants: Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula, and Terminalia belerica.
It is also used for treating anemia, jaundice, constipation, asthma, fever, chronic ulcers, inflammation, obesity and to strengthen the immune system against infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, and AIDS. Ashwagandha :A popular Ayurvedic medicinal substance derived from the root and berry of the plant. Extracts of the root also increase the number of red and white blood cells and platelets in the blood.
Studies in laboratories have shown that extracts of ashwagandha kill some cancer cells and enhance some immune cells. It is thought that the structure of Ashwagandha extracts may damage the cancer cells ability to generate the energy it needs to reproduce.3. Green tea (Camellia sinensis):Green Tea has been shown to reduce the incidence of a variety of cancers, including the most impossible to cure, pancreatic cancer, and also to prevent stomach, colon, and breast and lung cancer. This conclusion was based upon a study of the population of China which showed that as tea consumption increased, cancer rates sharply decreased. A study in Japan showed green tea to reduce the likelihood of metastasis in patients with breast cancer and overall improved prognosis. Still, the main action of green tea appears to be preventative and its effects in patients with cancer are largely unknown.4. Madagascan Periwinkle (Vinca Roseus):Itis a herb from which anti-cancer drugs have been produced. The young leaves contain two phytochemicals used to produce the drugs vinblastine and vincristine.

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