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More over it is useful in the disease of mucus origin(kaphaja vyadhi) like URTI(upper respiratory track disorder), Asthama.
It also has major role in alleviating the causative factors of the disease like Hyper acidity, Diabetes Mellitus etc. Hence it purifies blood, corrects digestion, restores motility of intestine and improves liver function. Various disease of gastric origin, jaundice, boils and carbuncles, toxicity from causes like food poisoning, eye diseases, genital diseases, arthritis and diabetes are treated well with carefully performed VIRACHANA KARMA.
The lower part of intestines is inaccessible for the above mentioned processes because this area is relatively dry as the water content of digested food material gets absorbed here. The enema reaches to a good length in large intestine, removing all the sticky and toxic adherences without making the slightest irritation to the structures.
Nasya can be administered through nasal route in the form of powder, medicinal juices, oil or decoction.
It is very useful in recurrent rhinorrhoea, common cold, sinusitis, headaches like migraine etc, inflammation of ear, defects of vision, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis.
Moreover this process is conducted by leech(jalouka), this is called Leech therapy which very famous these days. The other methods of blood letting include skin pricks over affected area, vacuum suction using vacuum pump or syringe.
Blood letting allows the impure blood to flow out which will be replaced by the freshly generated blood. It is useful in many inflammatory disease, skin allergies, toxicity, spleen and liver disease, herpes zoster etc.
The selection of method, the drug, kind of preparatory and post procedural care are very influential in the regression of diseases. Among these, the preparatory procedures have a major role in effectiveness of panchakarmas. Reduction in stress and excessive thinking.In essence, it calms the body, mind, and spirit. The simplicity of the therapy cures the disease at the root level and REJUVENATES the person.
Cupping involves the suction of a glass cup, performed by creating a vacuum with a flame before being placed on the body. Cupping has marked circulatory effects on the body and, in particular, improves the circulation of blood within the muscles and joints, removes congested blood and excessive fluid and facilitates the flow of lymph. Cupping influences the body's peripheral nervous system by exerting calming and sedative effects, allowing patients with stress-related conditions in particular to benefit.

During the Cupping treatment, you will feel a deep warming sensation and the skin will turn red, showing that the circulation has been brought to the surface. The human nose is the gateway to the lungs, and its proper functioning is important to our health and well being.
Modern research and time honored practice has shown that properly adopting the technique of lukewarm saline nasal irrigation has proved to be effective treatment for a number of nasal conditions and excellent way to maintain nasal health.
Piles are a common disorder relevant to the digestive system and the anal region of human beings. Divya Arshkalp Vati is an apt remedy to treat and prevent the condition of piles.  People who suffer from this condition more often may get relieved of the same provided it is used properly and regularly under the guidance of experts. Divya Arshkalp Vati allows easy passage of stools via anus so that the sufferer may not feel any pain or inflammation during this process. Divya Arshkalp Vati even prevents chances of recurrence of this condition as it attacks at the root cause of this problem. Divya Arshkalp Vati aids in the process of detoxification or removal of wastes from the body so that the problem of piles may not arise at all. In addition to piles, Divya Arshkalp Vati is also apt in curing other digestive issues such as dysentery and diarrhea. 1-2 tablets of Divya Arshkalp Vati may be taken along with water or buttermilk on an empty stomach twice in a day.  It is to be taken before meals.
People suffering from piles should carry out exercises regularly as it helps in regularizing bowel movements as well as improves blood supply to the rectum and anal region. Do not sit for prolonged time periods in same pose as it is also one of the chief reasons for occurrence of piles. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables as these help in supplying all the essential nutrients to the body for its normal functions.
Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. We are well known for manufacturing, exporting and supplying Herbal Health Powder to our customers. In such conditions, a mixture made of oil, honey salt and decoction, or sometimes oil alone is very effective in the form of basti(enema). They are aimed at bringing the adhesions and impurities from remote locations to the stomach from where they are easily expelled. During a Cupping treatment, the skin's pores are opened which helps to stimulate the flow of Blood, adjust the flow of Qi and remove blockages within the meridians. These actions allow Cupping to remove toxins from local areas, re-supply important nutrients to the cells, draw out inflammation, relieve pain and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

By relaxing contractile tissues such as muscles and tendons, this allows for increased flexibility and range of motion in previously restricted areas of the body. Through effects on the nervous system, Cupping has additional effects over the digestive function by regulating peristaltic movement and the secretion of digestive fluids. During the treatment, specific herbal massage oil applied on the skin prior to Cupping and glide the cups over the skin along the course of the meridians, providing a deep and strong stimulation.
This is most commonly performed on acupuncture points to produce specific effects or on specific areas of pain or rigidity such as on the shoulders and lower back to release tension. It involves the application of a cup on the skin which is then immediately removed and then reapplied again to the local area. After the treatment, you may feel deeply relaxed and energised and experience a feeling of lightness and flexibility in areas of pain and muscle tension.
It is characterized by swelling of a mass of tissues in the anal region due to which the concerned person suffers from pain, irritation, itching and inflammation in the relevant area.
The toxins and morbid matter accumulated in the body needs to be removed first and there after medication is planned in order to cure long standing ailments. Medicated purified butter, medicated oils, cream of curd with jaggery, are some common preparations, used internally for making the impurities loose and mobile. The warming and dispersing actions of Cupping result in a profoundly increased local blood supply to muscles and skin which provides nourishment to the local area and releases tension particularly in areas of muscle rigidity.
This procedure is repeated continuously and is a strong technique particularly useful for loosening up tense muscle. You may also find that your skin complexion gradually improves, becoming firmer and smoother with a new and healthy glow. It is in fact a very discomforting condition of the anus region which makes a person completely restless. We have no intention to hurt anyone, please use this information at your own understanding. Divya Arshkalp Vati is an apt solution to this problem as it aids in relieving all the signs and symptoms concerned with this problem in an apt manner. It is totally safe for all and hence can be used without the fear of any side-effects or health hazards.

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