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Ayurveda has been documented by our ancestors as being health promotive, preventive, curative and nutritive. The principles of Ayurveda may not be similar to modern medicine, but they are genuine and based on a scientific approach towards disease. Ayurvedic treatment is based on holistic study of individual’s imperfections and imbalances in doshas and a detailed approach towards cure and improvement of symptoms is carried out. Ayurvedic practitioners have formal degree in Ayurveda medicine and then only they can officially and legally practice Ayurveda. There are some side effects associated with Ayurvedic therapy though these may be minimal and rare.
Some side effects that have been reported with the use of Ayurvedic medicines are lead poisoning, nausea, heart burn, aches, acidity, faintness, diarrhea, muscular spasms etc. The dosage form of the Ayurvedic medicine, whether it is herbal powder, herbal jams ghee or oil. A pharmacist by profession,Pooja has research experience in the field of herbal medicine and medicinal chemistry. Just as the parched Earth is receptive of the fresh drops of the monsoons, our body created of the five elements of nature, is receptive towards the treatments of cleansing and rejuvenation during this season. Ayurveda has selectively recognized "varsha ritu" as the "kalam" for receiving panchakarma therapies as the "sharira" is most receptive to medicines during this season and results in maximum benefits.
Karkidakam or the monsoon season his most suitable for the ayurvedic treatment as the human body will be more recipient to all ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Vata: Feet that suffer from Vata problems may be cold, dry, rough, chapped, with deep cuts on the heels and with corns.
Pitta: Feet that suffer from Pitta problems may perspire excessively, be ill-smelling, inflamed, or hot, with dilated capillaries around the malleolus [ankle bones].

Contact dermatitis (sometimes called allergic contact dermatitis) is caused by allergens that come into contact with the skin,. The principle of Ayurveda views the body as constituted of three elements and diseases according to the vitiation of ‘tri-doshas’ namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An Ayurvedic physician aims at adjusting and balancing these doshas using a variety of therapies. It is very important to have knowledge of history and background of Ayurveda for the Ayurveda practitioner because Ayurveda is not just a medical practice, but a way of life. It is an alternative medical science which is totally accepted as a mainstream therapy today.
In other words, side effects are negligible when compared with conventional modern therapy.
They may provoke certain side effects if consumed without a prescription or doctor’s advice. All the Ayurvedic texts have mentioned the expiry date associated with various Ayurvedic medicines.
She has also authored many International and National research and review papers in peer reviewed journals.
I have been reading and educating myself in Ayurveda, your article helped me in knowing about the side effects of spices and herbs.
It is in this seasons due to the moist climate the all the pores in the human body will be open and the ayurvedic medicines are more recipient in the body. During monsoon, the temperature dips and inflames vata and pitta doshas and dense kapha dosha. Therefore, before any treatment, the ayurvedic physician cleans the body of the patient with strong purgatives.

K.P Pathrose Kandamkulathy vaidyasala, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company with GMP certification has created a mark of itself in Kerala. This tasty dish has a special effect in warding off the monsoon fevers.Karkidaka Kanji is made up off different ayurvedic herbs. Called Pada, it draws on the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, aromatherapy, and other natural healing systems. Herbs have chemical constituents in them and these change over time and environmental conditions.
The Karkidaka therapies are a means to keep in check the rampaging Vata, Pitta and Kapha and increase the immune of the body. This specialized treatment is based on the dosha skin types: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha (the three metabolic types in Ayurvedic medicine).
It is a combination of physical, psychological and spiritual therapies in its approach to create overall good health.
Each person has a unique blend of these three doshas and hence Ayurvedic treatment is always based on individual approach towards therapy. It has been effectively used in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, paralysis, arthritis etc. I’d like to know if human body type has anything to do with side effects of consuming herbs and spices? It is based on a system of tri-dosha which classifies all individual constitutions of people, diseases, herbs and other non-herbal remedies and therapies according to whether they are Kapha, Vata or Pitta.

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