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The influenza virus that affects the upper respiratory tract of the person mainly causes flu. Make sure you take a supplement of zinc and vitamin C on a daily basis to boost the body’s immunity against the flu virus.
Garlic has a strong and potent anti-septic and anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce infection and inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.
Have a tea infused with whole spices like cloves, peppercorns, cardamoms, cinnamon, ginger, honey and lime. Lower the fever by taking an aspirin or a paracetamol, which will help to bring down the fever and the corresponding chills. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. The Cold & Flu season is coming upon us…learn how to protect yourself naturally & effectively below! Using my knowledge of both allopathic & alternative medicine to choose the therapies that are most appropriate for YOU!
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Cold season is in full swing here in the United States, so I wanted to discuss what we can do to prevent and treat this annoying and sometimes dangerous illness. With so many overlapping symptoms between them, it is often difficult to immediately know exactly what is making you feel sick.
While they share many symptoms, there are some differences that can help you to figure out which of these is making you feel ill. Chinese medicine believes that there are points at the back of your neck that should be kept an even temperature. The rhinovirus (as well as most upper respiratory infections like the flu) are spread by tiny droplets, sprayed out by sneezing or coughing.
You may not even have been in the room when these surfaces were infected by viral droplets and yet it will be infectious if you touch it. The World Health Organization website has a guide to properly wash your hands in a convenient poster format. Washing your hands regularly, even if you don’t touch anything you think might be contaminated, is very important.
Washing and disinfecting these types of surfaces is particularly important for high traffic areas where a lot of people usually gather (offices, day care centers, schools, etc.).
Some of the most contaminated surfaces are in public places, especially things that nobody ever really cleans or disinfects.
Simple, help your body become more resilient to infection by providing your body with the ingredients to health.
Viral infections, like the cold or flu are difficult to treat because viruses are harder to kill in our bodies than most bacteria. Most Allopathic physicians try to help their patients reduce the symptoms they experience during a cold. The remedies suggested by Integrative Medicine physicians may include supplements, homeopathic remedies, and herbs or plant extracts. First and foremost, antibiotics do not kill viruses and are, therefore, useless as an initial treatment for a cold or any other viral infection.

This condition, in which unhealthy microbes grow relatively unchecked in our intestines, is called dysbiosis. Another huge problem with misusing antibiotics when you are suffering from a viral infection is that antibiotic resistant strains of all kinds of bacteria begin to develop in your body. As I discussed above, antiviral medications are the only kind of anti-microbial that may be helpful if you get a cold or the flu because these drugs are specifically designed to fight viral infections. Morcom is a practitioner of Functional Medicine fusing traditional herbalism with advanced diagnostic testing, his background in modern pharmacology and the newest research in herbs, nutrition and natural medicine. Our remarkable range of Ayurvedic Products is inclusive of Vitality Enhancer, Skino Skin Care Products, Personal Care Products, Gynecological Products, Joint Care Products, Brain Tonic, ENT Medicine, Cardiac Medicine, Antidiabetic Medicine and Anti Cold Medicine. Besides this, the Vitality Enhancer offered by us in capsule form is recommended even for healthy people who want to gain more energy.
Prepared from carefully chosen herbs, the Gynecological Products are highly effective in treatment of various sexual ailments. All the Joint Care Products provide symptomatic relief and also assist in curing certain disorders of the joint. In tizzy we often resort to quick cures offered by Traditional Allopathic Medicines; but little do we know that these medicines come with myriad side effects. We make available a wide assortment of Skin Care Products that includes Skino Capsule, Skino Syrup and Skino Ointment. Since the common cold (the rhinovirus), is the single most infectious disease on the planet, it is not easy to avoid.
Symptoms like congestion, runny nose, sneezing, or sore throat could be because of a cold, but also simple allergies or a more serious viral infection, such as influenza (the flu). In general, if you have a fever and muscle pain, then it’s more likely to be the flu. The virus adheres to the walls of your airways and within 15 minutes of exposure it can start replicating.
Most of us understand that someone sneezing in our face greatly increases our chances of getting sick, but what most people don’t realize is that these droplets also settle everywhere around anyone who has a cold.
While this is a skill we all learn at a young age, most people don’t wash their hands using proper technique, potentially leaving behind bacteria and viruses. Also, you should wash any surfaces (desks, counters, etc.) that might get exposed to the virus laden droplets regularly with soap. Small children especially love to touch things, put them in their mouths, and then touch their faces.
Eat a diet of real food (organic, non-GMO, not packaged, not processed or otherwise adulterated) that provides lots of healthy nutrients. Unfortunately, treating symptoms alone does not help to treat the underlying viral illness. Herbal medicine is the oldest medicine on the planet and has a history that goes back hundreds and even thousands of years.
Unfortunately, many doctors still mistakenly prescribe antibiotics for a simple uncomplicated cold, usually because a patient asks for them. Why would you pay for a treatment or medication that simply doesn’t do anything to cure your illness and may have serious side effects? They indiscriminately kill off bacteria, including the healthy and beneficial bacteria which live in symbiosis with us and that we very much need to stay well. In fact, any time you take antibiotics, resistance starts to develop, whether you are sick or not.
Allopathic medicine only helps to relieve the symptoms but does not really cure the infection. Used for curing diseases and increasing vigor, the Vitality Enhancer is recommended for both the young and the old. Formulated using the choicest ingredients, the Personal Care Products are widely acclaimed for their performance. Tried and tested for performance, the Gynecological Products are useful for combating severe infections and restoring normal sexual health. Besides this, the Joint Care Products are available at market leading rates for the clients. We can easily handle the bulk orders of Brain Tonic as per the requirement of the customers. Cardiac Medicine is useful for easing heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and circulatory conditions. The reason this particular virus is so infectious is because it can mutate quickly, often allowing dozens of variants to develop and co-exist at the same time. Not all people experience the same symptoms, and even two different strains of the same virus can cause different symptoms in people. Distinguishing between a cold and allergies is slightly more difficult, as more of their symptoms overlap.
From the time you get infected to the time you show symptoms (the incubation time) is usually about two days. Humidified air can help to keep your airways moist, preventing the virus from reproducing there. These viral packed droplets end up on surfaces like counters, desks, computer keyboards, children’s toys, and even towels.

Normal soap is just as effective as antibacterial soap at killing microbes, but without the side effects of hormone disruption or antibacterial resistance. Teaching children to regularly wash their hands properly is very important to keep them from getting sick. Even flu vaccines are just the manufacturers best guess of what strain of flu will be around in any particular year, which is hardly reassuring.
On the other hand, Allopathic medicine become essential if serious complications arise from a cold or the flu. We try to do this by either boosting your body’s own immune system to assist you in fighting off the virus yourself or by recommending remedies that have natural anti-viral properties. Unfortunately, while many CAM remedies may be very helpful in the prevention and early treatment of a cold or the flu, they may not fare as well when it comes to treating serious, life threatening complications.
Research clearly demonstrates that we need these good bacteria in order for our bodies to function properly. For example, dysbiosis may prevent us from absorbing the essential nutrients we need because these beneficial bacteria live in our intestines and help us digest our food.
This may becomes a real problem if you later get a serious or life threatening bacterial infection; suddenly, you discover that the bacteria in your body are now resistant to all currently available antibiotics. These viruses are known to mutate making it impossible to identify one single virus, which makes immunization a little ineffective even though there are vaccines.
It will help to open up clogged nasal passages and remove excess mucous, which has collected inside the body.
Moreover, we have never compromised on the quality and effectiveness of Ayurvedic Products. The influenza virus (the flu) also mutates and this is the reason that there is a different flu vaccine every year. Unfortunately, you may not know you are infected because people around you may all seem fine. Anything that keeps your nose and airways warm after exposure will also limit the virus growing, and thus reduce your chances of getting sick. Our grandmothers were probably right when they told us to bundle up with a hat and scarf to prevent a cold.
The virus also remains infectious on these surfaces for a lot longer than we might expect (sometimes days). Finally, make sure to wash your hands before you eat and be careful about how much you touch your face during cold season, especially if you recently touched surfaces in public places.
Anti-viral therapy is a very complex and difficult field and advancements in developing these potential therapies are slow and frustrating.
From antibiotics to emergency medical care in a hospital, Allopathic medicine becomes essential and indispensable when simple infections become life threatening. Some of these remedies may also ease some of the symptoms of a cold, but that is generally not the primary purpose of recommending them. Dysbiosis may also cause long term allergic and immunological problems that can lead to chronic illness (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, etc.).
As our supply of working antibiotics continues to dwindle from increasing anti-microbial resistance, this becomes more dangerous for all of us. The common symptoms of fluare coughing, sore throat, sneezing, high fever, body ache, chills, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite.
We also offer excellent packaging of the Ayurvedic Products gaining maximum customer satisfaction. Vaccine manufacturers are basically trying to guess which influenza variants are most likely to strike this year. The rhinovirus is infectious before people actually show symptoms because the virus can shed (be spread) even before any symptoms are present.
Furthermore, if you warm up your nose and airways at the first sign of a cold, you may be able to fight off the virus immediately preventing full blown symptoms. Find an experienced natural medicine physician with expertise and experience with nutrition and herbal medicine. Ultimately, It may take a completely new technology like the previously mentioned DRACO Virus to easily kill the rhinovirus or influenza viruses in a really effective way. Furthermore, these beneficial bacteria have a hard time growing back as harmful bacteria and other microbes (fungi, viruses, etc.) take their place. The classic flu attack lasts for 10-12 days with a persistent cough, which may last for several days more. Unfortunately, the common cold mutates so often and there are so many different strains that vaccinating against a cold is essentially useless. Ask them to help you by optimizing your nutrition, decreasing your toxic load, and providing you with supplements, herbal preparations, or homeopathic remedies to take at the first sign of a cold. Unfortunately, it may take many years until DRACO passes FDA trials and is approved for human use. While there is no sure shot cure for flu, it can be tackled with the help of these simple home remedies.

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