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Cidofovir, is a nucleoside-derived antiviral that is active against a variety of DNA Viruses including Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Adenovirus, HPV, Herpes Virus, and Orthopox viruses. In both examples above, intracellular Cidofovir is converted to it's active form , Cidofovir Diphosphate , by intracellular protein kinases. Brincidofovir, the drug to the right, is orally active and was administered to Thomas Eric Duncan as an anti-Ebola therapy.
Now what's interesting is that Cidofovir has zero published test data showing that it has high affinity for RdRp.
So suffice to say, just looking at the public data, it does not look promising that Cidofovir or Brincidofovir would be active against Ebola. Any nucleoside-type antivirals likely must be administered soon after onset of symptoms, or they probably will not be effective in containing disease mortality. Most likely Duncan received Brincidofovir too late, even if the drug is effective in vivo. A bit technical, but in summary: Favipiravir (T-705) is the best treatment option available. If I understood it correctly, a dosage of doxycycline in the latter stages could mitigate some of the toxic effects, perhaps slightly improving the survival rate. What side effects does favipiravir have, as compared to the ‘next-best’ one that is approved?
After a SHTF escalation, I’m pretty sure these drugs would be rather harder to obtain in quantity. The drug was developed in 1998, and is owned by Fujifilm, which holds the patent on it for another few years. If I were in a position where I would be dealing with a lot people who were at somewhat high risk for being infected with Ebola, or were in a job where I had enter and work in a hospital where Ebola patients were being treated, I would be attempting to obtain a sufficient supply of Lamivudine so that I could begin dosing myself with at least 200mg per day.
This would be intended as a prophylactic measure to prevent the Ebola virus from being able to gain a foothold in my body.
Discretized frequencies of pan-genotypic consensus positions in the NS3, NS5A, and NS5B proteins. Abstract Treatment with pan-genotypic direct-acting antivirals, targeting different viral proteins, is the best option for clearing hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in chronically infected patients.
Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. By Jeremy GerardPublished January 12, 2016 Deadline David Margulies, who played the Mayor of New York in the "Ghostbusters" films and Tony Soprano’s classy lawyer Neil Mink, died Monday afternoon in New York City after a long illness. Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, has died despite being administered the experimental nucleoside-type antiviral pro-drug Brincidofovir.
I guess I would recommend to any Ebola preppers out there to obtain an adequate supply of Lamivudine and doxycycline and keep it stored in the fridge. Many quack veterinarians, especially in NE Mississippi, are using Tamiflu against Parvo and claiming results. I would suggest that all of the troops and support personnel being deployed in West Africa also receive preemptive and continuing doses of Lamivudine to continue until a week after they leave the affected area.
I would think that taking something relatively cheap like Zicam or any zinc spray and a zinc supplement might offer initial protection as well.

However, if you want to maximize your chances for survival, it would probably be best to start dosing with Lamivudine immediately after developing a fever, before you’ve even been tested for Ebola. It is generally very well tolerated, and thousands of people take it every day for months or years. A maximum-likelihood tree of HCV genotypes 1–7 was built using the GTR gamma model of substitution and the robustness of the tree was evaluated using 1000 bootstrap replicates. A sliding window of 300 nucleotide positions with a step size of one nucleotide position was used. The distribution of positions that shared a consensus amino acid across genotypes 1–6, aligned against the reference sequence H77, is shown for HCV proteins NS3, NS5A, and NS5B.
However, the diversity of the HCV genome is a major obstacle for the development of antiviral drugs, vaccines, and genotyping assays. Genetic Diversity and Selective Pressure in Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes 1–6: Significance for Direct-Acting Antiviral Treatment and Drug Resistance. Image copyright PA Image caption BBC soap EastEnders was one of the double winners at the ceremony.
Suggested dosage is : a 65kg human probably needs to be administered (at minimum) 750 mg of Famipiravir twice per day to treat Ebola Virus Disease Lamivudine is probably the next best choice, and it is FDA approved (for HIV and Hepititis B) and off-patent so it is both widely available and fairly cheap. Bootstrap values above 70% are indicated at each main lineage, and the evolutionary distance scale bar indicates the number of nucleotide substitutions per site along each lineage. A limited number of positions of the full-genome were identified as positively selected positions. In this large-scale analysis, genome-wide diversity and selective pressure was mapped, focusing on positions important for treatment, drug resistance, and resistance testing. He was 78 years old and recently finished filming his role as Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel in the upcoming ABC miniseries "Madoff" with Richard Dreyfuss, scheduled to air February 3.
It most certainly can be used under the compassionate use exemption for experimental drugs. A dataset of 1415 full-genome sequences, including genotypes 1–6 from the Los Alamos database, was analyzed.
Margulies was a memorable character actor with a camera-ready visage combining soft-edged jowliness and intense eyes that could change from flintily serious to the-joke’s-on-you charm in a flicker. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The soap's star Danny Dyer could not believe it when he was named the winner of best drama performance. This is in the same range as HIV RT drug Lamivudine (IC50: 180 uM for Lamivudine-TP against Measles RdRp).
Most important is that starting treatment as early as possible is CRITICAL for maximizing survival rates. Positions with different consensus amino acids are colored white and positions with no sequence data or a deletion are indicated in blue. In 44% of all full-genome positions, the consensus amino acid was different for at least one genotype.
Duncan in Dallas, TX (Brincidofovir).The first thing to know is remember Brincidofovir and Cidofovir were developed to work against dsDNA Viruses, though Ebola is a negative-sense ssRNA virus.
Even if the viral replication were slowed or stopped, there is still circulatory system and organ damage to deal with -- not to mention being over 14 days into a severe Ebola infection.

Waiting until a positive blood test for Ebola to start treatment instead of starting a 21-day treatment regimen at the first sign of a high-risk fever would probably double the mortality rate.
Focusing on positions sharing the same consensus amino acid in all genotypes revealed that only 15% was defined as pan-genotypic highly conserved (?99% amino acid identity) and an additional 24% as pan-genotypic conserved (?95%). Perhaps the accumulation of high levels of the active drug in PBMCs during conditions of high cellular stress? I do not think that brincidofovir was a good choice to try, since it was developed to be a DNA virus inhibitor, and is not approved for clinical use anywhere in the world.
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Britain's Got Talent winner Jules Dwyer and her stunt dogs Matisse and Chase walked the red carpet ahead of the ceremony, while Matisse also helped announce the best comedy winner.
Image copyright PA Image caption Downton Abbey won best drama for the fourth time in five years. NS5B variant 556G, known to confer resistance to non-nucleoside inhibitor dasabuvir, was observed in 8.4% of the HCV1b strains.
Given the large HCV genetic diversity, sequencing efforts for resistance testing purposes may need to be genotype-specific or geographically tailored. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption BBC drama Doctor Foster was another double winner, winning best new drama and best drama performance for its star, Suranne Jones (right). Furthermore, the metalloproteinase gene MMP3 was one of 7 genes associated with lethality that was induced by the double mutant but not by the virus carrying the VP24 mutation. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Billy Connolly was presented with a special recognition award in honour of his 50-year career. Metalloproteinases control chemokine activity (14, 34, 37, 43) and can regulate inflammation by controlling the activity of chemokines (13, 28), and MMP3-deficient mice are prone to severe inflammation "Molecular signature associated with [Ebola] lethality.
Biological network analysis determined by Ingenuity Pathways Analysis to identify functional relationships between the differentially regulated inflammatory genes associated with lethality.
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Great British Bake Off won best challenge programme.
This analysis highlights five different subsets of genes that showed a direct functional relationship.
Although presenters Mel and Sue were not at the ceremony, judge Paul Hollywood praised them as "the glue that holds us together inside the tent". These genes are involved in chemotaxis (green), apoptosis (yellow), acute-phase signaling (orange), cytotoxicity of leukocytes (blue), and leukocyte extravasation (purple).
Image copyright PA Image caption Ant and Dec showed off their 15th consecutive best presenter awards to Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan as he took a selfie. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Holly Willoughby said she was surprised This Morning won best live magazine programme when she collected the award. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Tess Daly thanked the public for voting Strictly Come Dancing best talent programme.

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