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Engineered Stretch Mesh in the Energy Boost ESM 2 provides a natural feel while allowing a breathable environment for the foot. The Techfit or the synthetic overlays offer security for the runner as they work in tandem with the lacing system. Runners generally welcomed the moisture wicking capability of the fabrics found in the tongue and collar.
Stability is generated by the TORSION system, a unit in the mid-sole that cradles the mid foot.
The Energy Boost mid-sole absorbs impact and then converts it into usable energy for the runner with every step.
The AdiWEAR outsole provides grip and durability for a much better control over the surfaces. A few noted that the outsole unit deserved more rubber to fully protect the unit from wear and abrasion. The Energy Boost ESM 2 from Adidas offers a lot of service and protection to those who need it. Unlike the minimalist shoes of several competitors, these have a lightweight, breathable feel, but with all the stability and style you need. The durable ‘ADIWEAR’ outsole has decent spread and multi-directional traction, which we found worked just as well in wet weather conditions; always a bonus to find a shoe that’s going to be useful year-round. The Adidas Energy Boost ESM is the latest addition to the innovative Boost line of Adidas, considered to be the best running shoes the German multinational company can offer. Are they for you?PriceWhile prices differ from each region, the Adidas Energy Boost ESM costs an average of $130, a very good price to pay for such an amazing pair. Arch support and pronation controlThe Adidas Energy Boost ESM is a pair of neutral running shoes, striking a perfect balance between flexibility and stability without compromising performance at all. TerrainThe Energy Boost ESM is very ideal when it comes to running on road, gravel, and track.
DurabilityWith the AdiWEAR Technology, you can be assured that the pair you are buying is durable and trustworthy. WeightThis lightweight pair is ideal for speed running, but can also be used for normal training.
Heel-to-toe dropThe heel to toe drop of the Energy Boost ESM for men measures 10.5 mm while for women, it measures 10 mm. Elements of the Adidas Energy Boost ESMOutsoleThe outer sole of this pair ensures a decent grip on the terrain and more importantly, pushes you forward with the intricate design of its sole.
The Energy Boost ESM also equipped the Torsion System, which supports and maintains foot arch integrity by allowing the forefoot and rear foot to move independently.
MidsoleWith the revolutionary Boost technology that allows it to offer a balance of soft comfort and responsive energy, the Energy Boost ESM is something that should be one of the top choices when buying speed running shoes. Also equipped with the Formotion technology, it provides a very wonderful adaptability to its environment, causing its midsole to feel a bit softer during hot temperatures and harder during cold weathers. UpperThis is what the Adidas Energy Boost ESM boasts about - its engineered stretch mesh, which is a very improved version of the Lycra mesh most of the older shoes are very proud about. The technical construction of the Adidas Energy Boost ESMIt is not uncommon for people to take things at their face value.
The Adidas Energy Boost ESM, much like most of Adidas’ running shoes, does not compromise its technical assets with appearance.
The innovative Boost technology, which allows for the re-energized feel of your feet when running, and the Torsion system which makes the pair more adaptable and comfortable, makes the sole of the Energy Boost ESM something to seriously consider especially when you’re a long distance runner.
The Formotion technology also affords this pair the very good reviews it’s been receiving since its release.
Finally and most importantly, the ESM technology really makes it the best pair Adidas has to offer when it comes to speed running shoes.
Men’s and women’s Adidas Energy Boost ESMHeel cushioningThe heel cushioning of the Energy Boost ESM is made to its maximum, consequently giving maximum comfort as well. Forefoot cushioningUnlike the heel cushioning, the levels of cushioning in the forefoot differ from the men’s version to the women’s version. StiffnessBeing a neutral, speed running pair, the stiffness in the men’s and women’s version differ.
Similar running shoesThe Adidas Energy Boost ESM is similar to quite a number of shoes including the Mizuno Wave Inspire, Nike Lunar Glide+, and the New Balance 870 – all very good speed running shoes.
SummaryThe Adidas Energy Boost ESM is one very awesome pair of shoes with only the best technologies applied to it – Boost midsoles, ESM and Techfit upper, Formotion technology and the oh-so-awesome Torsion system.
This pair of stability running shoes is recommended for road, gravel or track running and is discouraged for use in trail, off trail and mountain runs. The Energy Boost ESM continues to be a popular choice among runners, and is seemingly maintaining and will maintain the same identity until a newer addition to the Energy Boost line is released.
Being part of the Boost collection, the Energy Boost 2 ESM offers the same revolutionary Boost cushioning which Adidas described as the perfect combination between soft comfort and responsive energy. The Energy Boost 2 ESM is also proud of its heavy cushioning, allowing runners to experience great ease when running even very long distances.
Adidas Energy Boost ESM 2 has the features and designs intended both for men and women who are athletic and in need of a heavily cushioned versatile shoe for different types of foot activities. This shoe is also designed for optimum balance and performance to endure different types of terrains and surfaces.
The Adidas Energy Boost ESM 2 is also ideal to wear during normal training, playing, and running. When you look at the design of the Adidas Energy Boost ESM 2, you may even say that all the best quality and shoe technology were put together to come out with such an aesthetic and innovative neutral running shoe. Your foot will notice its most comfortable upper that is created to be breathable and well ventilated.
The bouncy shoe you love is made even better with the ESM material, the Adidas Energy Boost ESM 1 offers you the most premium in boost with a rich supply of the energy needed in running.

The major feature of this shoe is not just the Energy-Boost Technology, but the ESM or Engineered Stretch Mesh material for its upper. The TORSION System is also used in this shoe, which is a bar form that helps the foot to move in a balanced and free way. The outsole is designed with the highly durable rubber that can endure traction on road, track, and gravel terrains. The Adidas Energy boost ESM 1 running shoe is your best option if you want the bounce and the rich supply of energy for running.
With the upper that is made more breathable and well ventilated, it also has the ESM or the Engineered Stretch Mesh in 4-way stretch, making the fit of the shoe perfect for the form and shape of your foot. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These men's all-terrain running shoes are built for wet conditions and treacherous terrain. Weight Loss Diet Pills Fat Burners For Men & Women(Work Quicker Than Raspberry Ketones, Colon Cleanse, T5, T6, Detox Tablets), Slimming Supplement, Lose Weight Fast, Best Pre-Workout Energy Boost + DIET PLAN!
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Compared to other shoes within its price range, the Energy Boost ESM is ahead with its intricate technology and oh-so-amazing comfort.
It is made for those who have generally neutral pronation and is a good pair for speed training. Its design and technology gives it optimum performance on these terrains, but it isn’t really made for trail and off trail surfaces. How each part, from the sole to the upper, shows promising lifetime is something unique to this pair as compared to other shoes, although proper care should also be observed. This is exactly the most astounding addition to the boost line - perfect fit and sizing through the engineered stretch mesh technology couple with the already amazing Techfit technology.
This reaffirms the shoe’s commitment to the comfort of whoever who wears it, giving it a less barefoot-like feeling, but is very comfortably cushioned in all its parts. Although the grip isn’t as strong as that of other Adidas shoes, its performance is optimized by adding more pumped up power thus resulting to better speeds. Couple with the Techfit technology, the Energy Boost ESM allows for good ventilation and proper fit, making its upper one of the best in the running world. Although the Energy Boost ESM is one sexy beast, appearance should not be the sole basis on why one should purchase a pair of shoes. Somehow, Adidas has their way of making shoes with optimum performance while making its way to the runway. Being adaptable to temperature changes, this pair is considered a temperature-resistant pair – something that is not common to running shoes.
With the intricate and top-of-the-line technology applied in this marvelous pair, it is no wonder that people are in so much hype about it even before it was released.
The women have it more flexible having a 4 out of 10 score as compared to men who have it harder, having a 7 out of 10 score. With a score of 7 out of 10 in flexibility in both versions, the pair is sure to give you a smooth and comfortable run. The Energy Boost falls short on the flexibility though, as the three similar running shoes all score 3 out of 10 or lower.
The Energy Boost ESM ensures top-of-the-art comfort and balance, and definitely aesthetics. It is important this be taken into consideration as this may damage not only the shoes but your feet as well. Also with an external heel clip for heel fit and comfort, and a specifically designed sole to help you move forward, the Energy Boost 2 ESM is definitely worth all the hype.
Featuring a full cushioning system, yet lightweight, Adidas aims to give the foot the comfort it needs to perform better in the field or in the road. Its outer sole is ideal for road, gravel, and track, not just in running, but also in playing. So does its midsole designed with such a heavy cushioning system at such a lightweight property. With some similar features present in the Energy line of shoes by Adidas, this shoe also has some newer shoe technologies to appreciate.

This is a 4-way stretch mesh type that can provide ventilation while keeping the shoe breathable and comfortable during the run. The Boost foam added in the midsole of this shoe and it features the Boost foam capsules that facilitate the bounce in the sole in every stride. This system provides additional stability for runners to endure and accomplish long distance running. This is the type of outsole that is made from highly durable and non-marking rubber that is great on traction. Sports minded men and women will find this shoe very beneficial in any running purposes because of its Energy-Boost technology. Being equipped with the AdiWear system, this shoe has all the needed durability suitable for long distances.
This is the shoe that leaves all the other running shoe when it comes to comfort and support.
More than just the bounce and the energy you get from this shoe to run and perform well on road, this shoe is also a favorite among many runners because of its fit and secure wrap, as well as its comfortable and durable materials. Being a light-weight pair of shoes, it is ideal for speed running while also useable for normal training. The Energy Boost ESM is not made to face too rough of a terrain and could be worn out when used for so. This heel height allows for more cushioning inside and can result to a cozier and fulfilling running experience.
This also indicates that there is a certain level of cushioning in the forefoot, again, to ensure optimum comfort when running. The Adidas Energy Boost ESM not only aims for a balance of safety and flexibility, it also highlights the need for a comfortable and pleasing run.
There are a lot of factors that should be considered as well, including and most especially the technical construction of the pair that you really want to buy. Online shops and outlets offer a wide range of discounts, although with its popularity and performance, the price doesn’t really go so low.
This is probably because it is assumed that men have heavier feet and therefore require more cushioning to maintain the same level of comfort for both sexes. However, the greatest advantage of the Energy Boost ESM to all of these is probably the very state-of-the-art technology applied to it, which makes it rightful to be called one of the best speed running shoes there is.
Designed for neutral runners providing the right amount of cushion and support for neutral pronators, this shoe has become a favorite of many athletes who do running seriously. It can endure slightly rough and rocky surfaces as well without breaking the sole, and because of the cushioning that is heavily designed, the underfoot is protected against sharp rocks and stones. If you need a shoe that you can use in different foot activities, this shoe will never fail you. The style and the features of this shoe make every runner to want this, not just for running, but also for other purposes. And who can ignore the superior design of its outer sole that provides energy return in every stride, boosting up your determination to go the distance.
Working with it is the TechFit Technology in the upper, which is intended to keep the shoe snug fit as it offers the correct way of compressing the foot to secure it during competition or hard trainings. Being designed with full boost feature, it is like running with a full tank of energy and bounce.
Because of this system, it is easier to take a ride, long distance or short, without causing the outsole to wear out easily. Its features and designs work perfectly well for neutral pronators, and with just the right amount of cushioning at the right places, this is the shoe that is very comfortable to wear, even on casual walk and run. Because of this design, this shoe is ideal to use for normal trainings, regular routines, and even for long distance performances.
Performance-wise, every neutral runner will find this shoe very excellent in features and functions.
If you are into running, or you do different physical and sports activities, it is your advantage if you will consider this shoe and its great features when you choose your shoe. With the latest shoe technology infused in the perfect pair, one can only expect to achieve optimum running performance while enjoying the coziness of a heavily-cushioned shoe. The sole and structure might also just cause you to hurt yourself if you don’t use it in the terrain that this remarkable pair is made for. Buying running shoes should be an informed decision, because it might cause grave consequences if taken lightly. The Energy Boost 2 ESM boasts its Engineered Stretch Mesh combined with the Techfit technology to give fit your feet perfectly just like a sock does, and at the same time gives way for adequate ventilation and reduces discomfort upon wearing and during action. It has the superior cushioning system imaginable and Adidas emphasized its functionality with the energy boost, giving runners an option for a more energetic ride. With all these features and designs, every runner who needs comfort, protection, support, and style will love this shoe. The cushioning system in its lightweight package is soft and comfortable enough, and it is combined with foam capsules that are responsible for the bounce and springy effect all throughout the run.
From its sole all the way to the upper, you will notice how it is very comfortable and durable, and that its lightness makes running even more wonderful to experience.
Football players recommend this shoe for pre-season training, as it is indeed a close to perfect running shoe. The foam capsules in the midsole serve as the spring that bounce you on and off when you run.

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