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Online high schools are a great alternative for students and families who want more flexibility, customization and self-directed education. For the adult learner, earning a diploma versus getting your GED can be far more rewarding.
The following online high schools were chosen based on their exemplary successes in providing a high quality, easy to use educational platform for everyone choosing to continue their high school studies via the online route. By allowing students to start most any day of the year, there is no reason to not start YOUR journey and get that diploma! Payment Plans Available: Several financial options are available but you must contact the school for these options. Payment Plans Available: Payment plans are available with all three of the above mentioned programs and are generally spread out over three months. Tuition and Fees: According to their website, you must contact Park City Independent to obtain tuition information. An impressive fact is that, Mizzou Online is the only fully online high school that is within a nationally ranked College of Education, which is consistently ranked among the top education colleges in the U.S. Tuition and Fees: Liberty University courses are taught in 16 week or 8 week online formats.
You’re pretty sure about heading into the linguistics field, whether you are pursuing a career in translation, programming, natural language processing, or teaching.
On the secular college side, you may have noticed that many of the top ten linguistics programs are concentrated in California and the Northeastern states. Then, for each pair of top-ranked non-Christian programs, we highlight the Christian college or colleges in the same region that award a bachelor’s degree in linguistics.
Ohio State, with its main campus in Columbus, is one of the largest public universities in the nation (almost 50,000 undergraduates).
The Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago boasts one of the oldest programs in the nation, with beginnings in the mid-1930’s. Founded in 1887 in southwest Ohio as a Baptist institution, Cedarville has been recognized by The Princeton Review and US News & World Report as one of the best universities in the Midwest. Bethel (founded 1871) is an evangelical Christian university welcoming students each year from over 65 different church denominations.
Founded in 1941, Cornerstone is a non-denominational Christian liberal arts university with a total enrollment of 3,000.
The study of the Bible remains at the core of the curriculum at Moody, founded in Chicago in 1886 by evangelist D. Every year about 50,000 graduates and undergraduates study at the University of Florida’s 2,000-acre campus in north central Florida. As a private, Christian liberal arts undergraduate and graduate institution, Carson-Newman wants students to learn to serve God by serving others.
Union, a private, evangelical Christian liberal arts institution, was named a 2015 best-value private college by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Berkeley is the flagship institution of the University of California public system and calls itself the world’s premier public university (around 36,000 students).
Seattle Pacific was founded in 1891 as a Free Methodist institution, and the University has remained true to Methodist spiritual priorities, as seen in the their vision, “Engaging the Culture, Changing the World.” The main campus is located just ten minutes from downtown Seattle, where the beauty of waterways, mountains, and trees is a part of everyday life for SPU students. The U of A was founded at its beautiful Tucson location in 1885, and is known for its Wildcats sports programs in basketball, football, and baseball. The University of Texas at Austin, with about 51,000 students, is one of the largest universities in the country. An hour and a half from U of T at Austin is Baylor University, the oldest institution of higher learning in Texas (founded 1845).
The study of linguistics at Harvard, as with Penn, dates back to the earliest stages of the discipline of modern linguistics (1941). Driving out of the Boston area and up the coast leads one to Gordon College, founded in 1889.
Two major national publications took a look in new articles this week at the value of a college education, and both came to the same clear conclusion: A college degree is well worth the investment of time and money. The articles come at a time when some are buzzing online and on talk TV about whether times have changed, and whether a college degree still offers the same promise of a better future as it did in days past.
But in the New York Times, David Leonhardt finds that for today’s graduates, a college degree is worth even more than it was in days past. Meanwhile, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson shares several fascinating charts and graphs making the same case: Lifetime earnings and employment stability increase as your education does.
Keep up with the latest WGU news and information and stay connected with other WGU students and alumni. WGU is an accredited online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. We're emailing you the app fee waiver code and otherinformation about getting your degree from WGU.
From teens to adults wishing to complete their high school graduation requirements, high quality online high schools are increasingly available with many extra benefits not found in a traditional brick and mortar option. Most of the schools listed below allow transferred in credits from other schools but have a minimum amount of credits required from their school in order to graduate.

The school has maintained accreditation standards since November 2005, and happens to be the first online Christian school to receive accreditation. Laurel Springs offers several payment plans, of 25%, 40%, or 50% down, with monthly payments. Courses such as Advanced Placement and Chemistry or Earth Science are situated at a slightly higher rate per course. But you’re not so sure whether to opt for the Christian college experience or a non-Christian one. But a different picture emerges when we expand the search and, working our way down the typical rankings, only allow in our pool the first two top linguistics programs for each of five US regions – Midwest, Southeast, West, Southwest, and Northeast. Altogether across the nation there are ten Christian colleges which are members or affiliate members of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities and offer linguistics as a major: five in the Midwest, two in the Southeast, and one in each of the West, Southwest, and Northeast regions.
Prospective linguistics students can get acquainted with the program by attending the Summer Institute in Language for Young Scholars. Their undergraduate curriculum features a strong emphasis on linguistic theory, but requires students to have a language background that will provide empirical content to their training.
Christ-centered study spans 100 subject areas, of which the newest degree program is the bachelor’s degree in linguistics. Its total enrollment of 6,500 makes Bethel one of the five largest schools among members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. Students are offered a Christ-centered education to “Build a Life that Matters.” With its main campus less that 5 miles from Grand Rapids, the second-largest city in Michigan, cultural and industry opportunities for Cornerstone students abound.
The University has a high-ranking and substantial linguistics department, with 200 undergraduate students, 50 graduate students, and 24 faculty. Washington Monthly ranked Carson-Newman as #7 in the nation in 2013 for Community Service Participation and Hours Served. More than 4,200 students enjoy an 11:1 student to faculty ratio on Union’s campus in Jackson (population 100,000). Linguistics at Berkeley, founded in 1953, claims roots back to 1901, when its original vocation was documenting unwritten local languages. Linguistics and Cultural Studies majors at SPU will obtain not only a solid theoretical base in the nature and function of language, but also study aspects of at least three different cultures, a combination lending itself to careers in translation, research, or teaching. Given its location in the heart of the Southwest, the linguistics department has unique study opportunities relating to Native American languages, including interaction with Navajo, Southern Ute, and O’odham faculty members. Its high-ranking linguistics program is enthusiastic about undergraduate students getting involved in research projects, including such areas as child language acquisition, sign language, and digital archiving of indigenous languages. Though students come to Baylor from all different religious backgrounds, one of the principal hallmarks of a Baylor education is the integration of intellectual excellence with unambiguous Christian commitment. Known for its interdisciplinary approach, some of the department’s research areas include historic linguistics, computational linguistics, and American Sign Language. The department is centrally located at the heart of the campus in Harvard Yard, but also encourages students to leave the nest by cross-registering for linguistics courses at MIT. Over 40 Christian denominations are represented at Gordon, a liberal arts institution developing thoughtful Christian leaders. A bachelor’s degree, he writes, is even measurably valuable for workers who are in jobs that don’t require the degree. And when looked at as an investment, a college degree is more valuable than gold, real estate, or stocks and bonds, he writes. With the responsibilities and time constraints adults have in their lives, an online option can be very appealing, satisfying, and affordable. This article aims to help students like you forge ahead in the decision-making process by highlighting 20 U.S.
Other features of the department include the interdisciplinary Buckeye Language Network and the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.
Other features of department life include the Chicago Linguistic Society (the oldest student-run linguistics organization in the nation), offering its annual conference, as well as the annual Linguistic Summer Institute open to undergrads, graduates, and faculty from around the world.
Students in the program study core topics in linguistics, as well as modern languages and the usual array of biblical courses for which Cedarville is known.
A unique feature of the linguistics major at Bethel is that students take three years of courses at Bethel’s campus, plus two summers at the Summer Institute of Linguistics at the University of North Dakota (SIL-UND).
Affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America, Calvin has been training students to be agents of renewal in the world since 1876, and has a current student population of 4,000.
And on the financial side, Cornerstone was rated among the 50 Most Affordable Christian Colleges in the U.S. Students who are particularly interested in teaching English as a second language with the benefit of a strong understanding of linguistic principles would benefit from an undergraduate education at UF, where the English Language Institute has always been an important part of the program. The student population of 2,000 enjoys their campus location, nestled between two lakes in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. Applied Linguistics majors will take 34 credit hours of classes in linguistics, including 9-12 hours cross-registered at another institution. Among the bachelor’s level majors are Linguistics, Computer Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Linguistics and Anthropology, and Linguistics and French, to name only one of the many modern languages that can be studied in connection with linguistic theory. The department has kept this emphasis on the importance of field linguistics for the advancement of the discipline, in addition to offering undergraduates a strong theoretical base.

Undergraduates have gone on to work in fields such as cognitive science, anthropology, and second language acquisition.
The Undergraduate Linguistic Society provides a regular venue for discussion of journal articles and career planning. In the linguistics major you will take classes such as Intermediate Logic, Cognitive Psychology, and Philosophy of Language in order to understand what language is and how humans are able to use it. Regular events create vibrant interaction between faculty and students: the Linguistics Speaker Series, the Penn Linguistics Colloquium, as well as various lunch hour presentations.
Advantages of Harvard’s program include their rich learning resources in ancient and modern languages, a balance of theoretical and empirical approaches, and an emphasis on the complementarity of the diachronic and synchronic study of language. Students will benefit from the vibrant higher education communities for which the Boston area is known.
And unlike traditional high schools, students can make sure to get adequate sleep each night, rather than rushing around in the morning.
Where competition was stiff across different rankings for a given region, the nod went to the older program. For students looking even further down the road, note that the department’s graduate program has issued over 150 doctorates in its history, with a very high placement rate.
Cedarville is located less than an hour from Ohio State University and the city of Columbus. Because of their integration with SIL, Bethel linguistics students will have a strong understanding of field linguistics among the world’s indigenous languages.
True to its interdisciplinary emphasis, the linguistics major requires courses in linguistic theory (syntax, phonetics) as well as several courses in literature. Students majoring in Applied Linguistics are specifically trained to carry out fieldwork among speakers of minority languages in order to develop mother-tongue literacy and produce written materials. Linguistics at Maryland combines a strong theoretical base with innovative research in language acquisition, computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics.
Carson-Newman is one of only two Southeast members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities to offer a bachelor’s in linguistics. Students will enjoy rubbing shoulders with French and Spanish majors in the Department of Language. Facilities include laboratories for phonetics and computational linguistics that are set apart for undergraduate use. Students looking for a smaller department (about 100 majors and 13 faculty) will appreciate the individual attention offered at Berkeley Linguistics.
Undergrads have the option of working towards an accelerated MS in Human Language Technology. Baylor features Living-Learning Centers where students of similar interests are housed together.
The Penn Working Papers in Linguistics allows a steady outlet for the department’s research pursuits. In the linguistics department, this may involve students attending lectures at MIT or other area schools, or guest lecturers coming to the Gordon campus.
Students can also be more selective about their social life, maximizing positive interactions and minimizing the negative. Students looking for an undergraduate internship in linguistics will appreciate this emphasis at Calvin.
The linguistics major at Cornerstone offers internships or partnerships with missions agencies, Bible translation organizations, and international schools where majors can teach English as a foreign language. This means that students learn to analyze sound systems in order to create alphabets for languages that are previously unwritten. U of M has been at the forefront of a language science research community that spans ten research centers and involves 200 researchers across the nation. Because the linguistics major is taught from an interdisciplinary perspective, students have a good deal of flexibility in choosing courses beyond their linguistics core, such as Foreign Languages, Communication, or Psychology.
And through its general education program, department faculty teach key ideas in linguistics to thousands of other undergraduates majors every year. The Global Community Living-Learning Center offers linguistics students the chance to live in a linguistically diverse environment while studying at Baylor. The faith-based approach that Gordon brings to linguistics allows students to consider such areas as the intersection between the biblical languages and scriptural revelation, as well as the influence of the Christian value of service on the practice of field linguistics in missionary contexts. And perhaps most importantly, customized online learning eliminates situations where the student is frustrated by the pace of learning.
Ministry career opportunities in Applied Linguistics abound, including literacy work, translation, language survey, and TESOL.
Finding an online high school that is dedicated to the advancement of your particular child’s education can be priceless.

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