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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Because of it’s negative charge the zeolite molecule will attract heavy metals and pesticide molecules and hold on to them and remove them from the body via the toilet. Then put a little more water in the glass because there will be some Zeolite still in the glass. Liquid Zeolite will capture and remove these viral particles from the assembly line leaving incomplete or nonviable viruses which will die off. Therefore I recommend that you continue to drink the zeolites after the 30 day detox but at a lower dose 15 drops x twice per day.
To get rid of the herpes – get rid of the virus Liquid Zeolite will reduce viral load.
If you are trying to remove a virus it is important to have zeolite molecules circulating in your blood all the time for the best chance of capturing the viral parts when they release from the host cell. Healing Natural Oils offers an effective treatment for herpes with two different products that are currently available. The H-Away product is topically applied directly to the outbreak, and gets rid of a herpes simplex outbreak within several days. Unlike drugs, this completely natural herpes treatment consists of pure essential oil formulas, and are directly applied to the condition. It seemed like a life time a life time of putting up with the cold sores that would break out on my lips every year.

The Result It was about six months or so after I had completed the detox and I felt like something was missing in my life something that had caused me to cover my mouth when close to people or not being able to kiss my kids through fear of infection. Your toxin levels will be low by the end of the detox period so continuing with a smaller dose will make sure the zeolites have done their job.
Two months at full detox dose and then continue to drink the zeolites after the detox period at a lower dose 10 or 15 drops twice per day. Once the heavy metal concentrations have been reduced the Zeolite will then capture viral particles.
Your toxin levels will be low by the Herpes Simplex Eye Infection Treatment end of the detox period so continuing with a smaller dose will make sure the zeolites have done their job. Zeolites stay in the body for six to eight hours and then leave via the toilet so drinking zeolites twice a day will give you a better chance of removing the virus. There is an effective herpes treament available!The first simplex is called HSV1 and is the most common. The H-Prevention product is also topically applied, and works on controlling future outbreaks. By directly applying these treatments for herpes to the affected area, it bypasses the internal organs, and works directly to combat the condition at the source. Viruses replicate by first making with the help of our cells viral particles and then assembling those particles into complete viruses. If you are using zeolites to remove the hsv2 virus then a two month detox period will give you the best chance of removing the virus.

This simplex attacks the oral region, and is most commonly known as a cold sore or oral herpes. The great thing about this treatment is that is completely natural, and effective in eliminating outbreaks and symptoms, as well as preventing future outbreaks from occurring.
These oils work with one’s immune system to eliminate outbreaks and to stop future outbreaks. Herpes Simplex Eye Infection Treatment to get rid of the herpes – get rid of the virus Liquid Zeolite will reduce viral load. Outbreaks can occur around the lips, inside the mouth, on the tongue, and of course in the genital region. I went to my Naturopath and he Herpes Simplex Eye Infection Treatment recommended that I give Liquid Zeolite a try because it is a clean totally natural mineral that will leave nothing behind in my body in fact it is totally eliminated from the body after 6 to 8 hours. A Herpes Treatment for outbreaks is possible, this includes a herpes treatment for both genital and oral herpes (HSV1 and HSV2).

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