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QP21 Dalimara Quantum Pendant Elephant Hinduism OM AUM, Quantum Pendant, Fusion Excel, Bio Disc, Scalar Energy Pendant, Powerbalance, iRenew, (QP).
Raphael– The Archangel of Healing - Raphael, the “shining one who heals”, is often shown holding a bottle of medicine. It is a very powerful combination of universal healing energies which enhance the process you are working with. The Dove of Shekinah can help to clear negative energies, and help move Spirits forward on their journey. More information on this powerful symbol and how to use it can be found in my book 'Divine Intervention'.'Divine Intervention'. I'd been looking for this kind of pendant in a looonngg time and I got what is beyond my expectation. The information provided at Dalimara is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.

The information presented herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This Dalimara Shekinah Miracle Pendant generates powerful 5000 negative ions energy, Scalar Energy and engraved with ancient powerful symbols. Gabriel rules the Moon, West, Water and the Cherubim and serves on the Fourth or White Ray. He is the guardian of the Tree of Life in Eden, Raphael rules the Sun, the East and Air and serves on the Fifth or Green Ray. EESystem is on the leading edge of Bio- Energetic Medicine and integrates quantum physics, science, and body-mind-spirit health. Gabriel is the governor of Eden and is often described as a female angel with a lily in her hand. Although a seraph, Raphael is also mentioned as being a member of the cherubim, dominions and powers.

Calen Rayne presents contemplative brush paintings, singing bowl, energy medicine, vibrational healing and energy healing and sound therapy. Michael to describe the cutting-edge technology that seems to assist in this process of reversing aging - even while you sleep. We invite you to try EESystem for yourself at one of our EESystem Global Network Affiliates.
He is often described in wondrous form with armour and swords, and is known as a dragon-slayer.

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