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Nutritional Analysis -At my office this includes dietary recommendations, Page Body Chemistry Balancing, and the use of digestive aids and necessary whole food supplements. Functional Orthodontics is also called orthopedic orthodontics and it involves the widening of the dental arches to their optimal width and also repositioning of the mandible for optimal occlusion. I also wrote Parent Screen as a corollary test to Teen Screen developed by Columbia University. Page developed a set of anthropometric or body measurements to determine the activity of the various endocrine glands. You’ve commented that, “To imply that bipolar is not a chemical problem is just as much a travesty as failure to make the diagnosis.” Can you elaborate or this? Bipolar in my opinion is a chemical imbalance namely a deficiency of oxytocin and vasopressin. Page developed a set of anthropometric measurements of the arms and legs that correspond to various endocrine glands. Furthermore he found that supplementation with micro amounts of posterior pituitary gland corrects these problems. His blood tests were only taken after you have been on a controlled diet for three days and a 12 hour fast. There seems to be a great deal of emphasis on phosphorous and especially calcium in Page’s work. You had a relative who “Almost died due to bipolar and he was only diagnosed with clinical depression.
Most people who are diagnosed with bipolar are prescribed antidepressants, mood stabilizers, anticonvulsants, and anti-psychotic medication. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, is a chronic condition that typically develops in people around teenage and gets worse as they grow older. Green tea is a powerful storehouse of antioxidants and helps in keeping your body healthy and mind agile. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered very helpful in the treatment of bipolar disorder.
Flaxseeds are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for people suffering from bipolar disorder.
Whenever you feel the need, drink water and fruit juices, which will be more beneficial for you. A good massage at bedtime will also help you sleep well, which will prevent your mood swings and reduce depression.
Sleeping well is very important as it reduces the intensity of the symptoms of bipolar disorder, allowing your mind and body to relax.
If you have a bipolar disorder, reducing stress is actually the first step towards its management. Research studies have proved that regular exercise is very beneficial in dealing with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Page's technique about five years ago and have trained physicians, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths and patients from all over the world.
Sometimes removable appliances are used and sometimes fixed bonded brackets are used to final position the teeth. He also studied diabetic patients whose blood sugar was controlled and found the same ratio. In 1975 he wrote an article on the posterior pituitary gland and manic depression and distributed it to his students.
The system gives a very accurate and quick assessment of one's inherited glandular pattern.
With an under active posterior pituitary gland it allows the adrenal cortex to over-function.
Is this implying that a chemical imbalance does exist but the way to correct it is through dietary supplements? These are the chemical secretions from the posterior pituitary gland and they are supplied by giving posterior pituitary glandular product which is a glandular supplement. From the measurements he could make a quick and accurate determination of how the posterior pituitary, anterior pituitary, thyroid, and sex hormones are functioning.

The deficiency of this gland also causes frequency of ion, essential hypertension, spontaneous abortion, and difficulty in becoming pregnant, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, is a factor in alcoholism.
Page and his colleagues found a common link between healthy teeth and degenerative diseases. Today fluoride treatment can mask the decay rate but periodontal disease is always an indicator of body chemistry imbalance. However they are very sensitive tools to aid in determination of the proper supplements and the proper dosages. It has been five years since his episode and he is perfectly fine with no breakthrough episodes and is a sophomore in college.” What do you think caused his bipolar disorder? What are your views on prescription drugs such as Depakote, Seroquel, Topamax, and Wellbutrin? He is survived by his sons Terry and Darren Forbes and their mother Phyllis Forbes, his twin brother Robert and brother Wayne. The common symptoms include extreme mood swings, changes in thought patterns, overactive mind, insomnia, grandiose delusions, hallucinations, impulsiveness, social withdrawal, depression, fatigue, poor concentration, and suicidal thoughts. Symptoms of bipolar disorder vary depending on the stage. The severe mood swings, due to bipolar disorder, tend to delineate an affected person from family, friends, and social life, disrupting relationships and normal daily life completely. At this stage, it is very important to diagnose and treat the disorder properly, which also involves support from family and friends. Studies indicate that regular consumption of flaxseed oil helps in treating depression and mood swings. It promotes the production of certain hormones in your brain and digestive tract, which are beneficial in treating depression and mood swings associated with bipolar disorder.
It is very beneficial for people with bipolar disorder as it helps maintain their emotional well being.
A pet can help relieve your stress and is one of the best natural remedy for people with bipolar disorder.Get a pet and spend leisure time with it every day. Alcohol should be the first thing you want to avoid as it causes many complications in a person with bipolar disorder. Yes, sugar aggravates the condition of your mood swings, which can result into a bout of depression.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Taking low doses of it in an over-the-counter pill has reportedly benefited bipolar individuals. I am working on an internet course for the more distant students and am writing one book on diabetes and another on cancer as related to the Page technique. Many times the teeth are allowed to function in occlusion during the straightening process.
My book is my attempt to simplify Page's work for the general public, The measuring technique is described so each reader can measure himself or herself and determine their own inherited glandular pattern and learn what degenerative diseases they will be susceptible to.
Parent Screen is an objective test of posterior pituitary gland activity that any parent can use with their child. He found that you could fall within the normal ranges on a blood chemistry and still get serious degenerative diseases. Body chemistry balancing should be the first form of treatment and prevention for most diseases. The ratio is never used by endocrinologists today because they are unaware of its importance.
He was only diagnosed as having clinical depression at one of the best psychiatric hospitals in the world. The symptoms of bipolar disorder can easily be managed with the help of natural treatments given here.
Fish oil helps to improve the functioning of your brain and treats mood swings as well as depression.
Take a break between work and do some meditating and deep breathing exercises.Focus your thoughts on things that make you happy and just forget all the worries. All these relaxing techniques will help reduce stress and severity of bipolar disorder symptoms.

Moods swings worsen with consumption of caffeinated foods, such as coffee, chocolates and soda. Wheat, food additives, corn and dairy products are some of the foods which many people with bipolar disorder are allergic to. These books will emphasize the fact that the model of medical treatment has to change not only to reduce healthcare costs but also to make significant advances in the treatment of these and other diseases. The Page system consists of body measurements to determine your inherited glandular pattern and the use of glandular supplements to optimize blood chemistries in order to treat and prevent disease. They can then see the treatment protocol that Page would use and what he looked for when balancing body chemistry. It describes how posterior pituitary gland deficiency is associated with manic depression and how supplementation with this glandular substance cures it. Page found that the proper dosage of posterior pituitary supplement corrects both depression and manic depression. Under-functioning of the posterior pituitary gland causes depression and hypo-mania and extreme under-functioning causes classic manic depression.
These include mania, depression, obesity, arthritis, high and low blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, periodontal disease, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease. It enabled Page to make associations of various glands to each other such as the posterior pituitary opposes the adrenal cortex, the sex hormones can suppress an over active anterior pituitary gland, insulin can suppress an over active thyroid. With glands out of balance there can be excessive calcium relative to phosphorous and the excess gets deposited such as in cataracts and kidney stones.
Plus the medication doesn't take care of the other complications of posterior pituitary gland deficiency such as frequency of ion, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, bone loss problems. They are on a slippery slope.Diabetes, cancer, depression, manic depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and other diseases can be prevented with proper glandular balance, nutrition and diet.
You can make an herbal tea with the powder extract, or use a tincture that is easily available in health stores.Do consult your doctor, as it may cause side effects when taken with other medications. He used the ratio to determine the correct supplements and the correct dosage of each supplement. I checked it on a few of my dental patients who were certified bipolars and it worked, hence the book. Based on his anthropometric measurements he knew what glandular supplements to use to optimize your balance. The ratio is the guide in treatment and it enables the practitioner to make minute adjustments with glandular supplements. Sometimes the phosphorous is high relative to the calcium and calcium is drawn out of the teeth and bones. Hal Huggins DDS know a lot about this and some dentists use it IV when taking out old amalgam fillings. Page found that 88% of women and 39% of men have some deficiency of the posterior pituitary gland.
I might add that the medical community and the psychological community has never once even acknowledged this work and it is a miracle benefit for patients. Several blood tests are used and various supplements are tried until you achieve ideal balance.
Some bipolars seem to be content to collect disability and half--function in this zombie like state. After measuring over 4,000 patients he concluded that the posterior pituitary is under active in cases of depression and manic depression. In addition to general dentistry, he had a keen interest in nutritional analysis and he incorporated that into his dental practice. During this period and subsequently he trained over 275 physicians and dentists in his technique. Unfortunately today most endocrinologists are just trained in the use of synthroid, a synthetic product.

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